A Guy Is Severely Injured When an Elevator Suddenly Shoots Up 31 Floors

It’s common to worry about an elevator suddenly falling DOWN while you’re inside.  I’m not sure anyone’s ever worried about an elevator doing the opposite, and shooting UP.  But now you can.

There’s a video on YouTube of a guy named Jose Acevedo.  He got into an elevator in a new apartment complex in Santiago, Chile on Friday . . . and before the doors could even close, it started FLYING upwards.

He was frantically pressing buttons to get it to stop, but it didn’t work.  The elevator shot up 31 floors in 15 seconds, and CRASHED into the ceiling.

What’s even scarier is that the doors were OPEN the whole time . . . so in the security video footage, you can see the floors flying by while Jose hits the buttons.

Emergency crews got Jose out . . . but he’s still in the hospital with leg and head injuries.  And he may not be able to WALK again because the crash damaged his spine.


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