10 Pack 3M VHB Strong Sticky Adhesive Replacement Kit Parts for Socket Mount,Colorwe 1.38 Inch Circle Double Sided Tape for Phone Case and Collapsible Grips Socket Base,6pcs Alcohol Prep Pads


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10 Pack 3M VHB Strong Sticky Adhesive Replacement Kit Parts for Socket Mount,Colorwe 1.38 Inch Circle Double Sided Tape for Phone Case and Collapsible Grips Socket Base,6pcs Alcohol Prep Pads Description

This set of sticky adhesive replacement accessories pack is exclusively designed for socket mounts base. ·When you find your socket is falling off,what would you do?Buy another new one?· No! you don’t need to. Colorwe 3M Sticky AdhesiveCan solve your problem, you should try! ·Our sticky Adhesive is 40% stronger than ordinary primer,High Temperature and low temperature resistance, and will not fall off easily. ·1.38 inch(35mm) Double Sided Tapes stickey adhesive fit perfect socket base&back.·Best socket cover replacement parts ever for Phone Collapsible Grip & Stand back. 【Socket base adhesive sticky replacement pad】10 pack of Strong 3M VHB adhesive pad is perfect for replacing the socket base adhesive pad. Use the Colorwe spare adhesive pad to reconnect the phone case and the socket, saving the trouble of purchasing 【Genuine adhesive pad】Adopts 3M VHB original authentic material, which is stronger than ordinary adhesive pad and more resistant to high temperature. Use Circle Double Sided Tape adhesive replacement pad to firmly connect the socket with the phone case. 【Use of Alcohol Prep Pads】The Alcohol wipe provided is used to clean the contact surface of 3M adhesive before installation. Please ensure that the contact surface of the adhesive is thoroughly cleaned and dried before applying new adhesive. 【Important Notes】Easy to install, use a thin wire to peel off the old adhesive, then thoroughly clean and dry with an alcohol wipe. Use a new adhesive stick to the socket base and press it down repeatedly to make the adhesive surface fully contact. 24 Hours to use after installation for best results. Adhesive does not adapt to soft silicone phone case. 【What can you get】10 Packs of 35mm replacement adhesive ask to buy!nd 6 packs of alcohol preparation pads. 30-day unconditional money back guarantee and 18 months worry-free warranty guarantee, friendly customer service. No risk to buy! 3M VHB Adhesive circles. Very sticky, work good on glass. Used with suction cups that wouldn’t stay to hold device to car windshield. A good solution to my problem. Would recommend. works well for when suction cups won’t hold for other portable devices/objects. clean cup and surface with alcohol wipe, dry with lint free toweling, then apply adhesive disc to suction cup firmly, then stick in place. Worked nicely for my application. Satisfied with product. Had trouble with the sticker s that came with a pop socket. Brand new and wouldn’t hold at all. Actually asked for a replacement from pop socket and still no luck. Tried these as a replacement and they worked perfectly. The directions say to let it sit for 24 hours and I would recommend that as well. Great value. Just need to figure out what to do with the other 9 stickers..;) I tried this on one of my pop sockets, and after a few days, it came apart. I decided to replace the already replaced adhesive strip, but this time, I sanded the surface of the pop socket and the back of the phone, where they adhesive would be attached, and it was a much better attachment. Extreamly handy. These are great too Received and as described for pop socket. Fast shipping My phone holder and Garmin kept losing their suction power to the pad on the dash. I used one of these on each and it works just great. No falling off while I am driving! This product is exactly what I was looking for. I had purchased some more magnets after I upgraded my phone. The sticky pads didn’t stick at all ( they weren’t 3M …) these these little bad boys are very stick and work a treat. My phone and now hang on the magnet with out stopping off. So glad to use my socket that came with case but somehow I stuck it to a protective layer I didnt know on case and after failing to find the ability to order a new one I Amazon shopped for replacements pads. Works like a charm…so glad I have backups for all my other one’s attached to other cases I didn’t want to lose use if by removing! Awesome product and Im one happy buyer.

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