Songwriters Across Texas

Songwriters Across Texas Radio Show is an offshoot of Songwriters Across Texas Television Show which began in 2012.  Pitt Garrett wrote some songs with encouragement from Boomer Castleman and LeeAnn Atherton and his best friend since 4th grade, Lynn Taylor.  When he entered three of his songs into a contest and had two in the top 20 and did not get even an honorable mention, he decided to try to market his songs.  Calling and emailing publishing houses where he was told that they had their own writers and accepted no new music from the outside, he realized the situation the songwriters were in, he and his wife, Vickie  invested of their time and funds to start this television show to allow artists to be seen and heard.  Due to the limited time allowed by the television show, Songwriters Across Texas Radio Show was born and they are able to play more music from artists who are not being heard via other channels.  “Get The Music Out” This is about the Texas Songwriter: A show about why they are in the business  of touching lives through the creative process. Listen to them as they share the  heartfelt songs that they have written. Please tune in to the show if you are in the area on the  CW Austin (KNVA) at 11:30am on Sunday mornings, listen here for the music on Tuesdays at 2pm.

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