16 Gauge Multi-Color Primary Wire 6 Pack Combo 100 ft per Roll Stranded Copper Clad Aluminum for Low Voltage Automotive Hook-up Car Speaker Audio Amplifier Remote Wiring


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16 Gauge Multi-Color Primary Wire 6 Pack Combo 100 ft per Roll Stranded Copper Clad Aluminum for Low Voltage Automotive Hook-up Car Speaker Audio Amplifier Remote Wiring Description

Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) wires do not follow the American Wire Gauge standard (AWG). AWG is developed for electrical resistance classification of Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) wires. High current application specifying AWG standard assumes the wire is OFC. Same conductor area CCA has higher resistance than OFC making AWG classification invalid. CCA wires are developed for low current applications (e. g. passing signals). As a rule of thumb, reduce CCA gauge size by 2 to achieve similar electrical resistance as OFC wires. For selection of OFC wires using AWG standards, visit www.amazon.com/GSPOWER Make sure this fitsby entering your model number. 16 Ga | 6 Rolls | 100’/roll | Color: Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, White, Purple Stranded Copper Clad Aluminum | Insulated in PVC | Rated to 105C, 6 to 80 volt For 12 V Automotive Audio Radio Speaker, Home Theater, LED light, Model Train WARNING: Not for Wet & Harsh Environment (e.g. Boat, Sprinkler Valve). Copper Clad Aluminum is NOT Corrosion Resistant Nice assortment of colors and length but don’t plan on using it any place it might see moisture. Had these wires hooked into a waterproof heat shrink style terminal connection and after 6 months the led bar failed to light. Upon inspection the power wire (these wires) were extremely hot and they more than exceed the required gauge for the light so something was wrong. Examination of the connection and it literally fell off in hand showing massive white corrosion dust. Trimming back the wire I had to go beyond the external run to under the hood to find wire not corroded. Junk, I ripped it all out and replaced with another brand. Inside the cabin it’s fine. I noticed others mentioned you should not use this product on external applications. I can see why that might be a problem as the insulation on these wires is “softer” than what you’d expect out of say…engine bay, external accessories, or other areas of the car where rubbing or distress could occur.The insulation material / gauge of wire / quality of copper is excellent for the price and this product allowed me to create a new wiring loom for my Range Rover Classic. I would not use this wiring if exposed to the elements, high temps, applications where the wires might be rubbed (under carpet), or in or around the engine bay.Great product for the price. I’ll be ordering more/other gauges most likely! Thank you Great value and professional appearing using multiple colors for following circuits. I use this for building race and repairing classic street cars. Nice lightweight CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum) saves pounds of weight over Solid Strand Copper and dissipates heat rapidly. I was impressed by the price and quick shipping but the quality is horrible. Used this wire to re-wire my equipment trailer. Within 6 months I started to have problems with lights not working on my trailer. Found the wires were severly corroding inside the wire insulation. Tried replacing the wire again and it corroded again. Removed all the wiring and found it everywhere. Very poor quality. Don’t waste your time using this on exterior projects. I got tired of buying primary wire at the auto parts store so I bought this ‘set’. This wire looks to be the same quality as what is in the smaller, more costly packs at the store. It’s also super-handy to have a color choice besides red and black. Really glad I bought this wire and I’m using it a lot more than I would have guessed. This is one of the best deals on wire I’ve ever seen this wire is just as strong as any other wire and it shipped really fast when I needed it thank you !! Used this wiring in our overland dual battery install for the remote switch and will be using for all of our interior switches. Awesome amount of wire for the money. Check out some of our wiring just search “brady adventures cab switch” on youtube and check out the in cab switch wiring video. Very happy with the wire, I used it to install some LED lighting on my truck, seems to work great, will have to see how it holds up to the elements, I covered it in black plastic wire loom that I purchased from amazon to help protect it against engine heat exposure. I would recommend for up to 10 amps at 12 volts, I would go to a heavier gauge wire if your application calls for more then that.

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