2 New Kicker 43DSC69304 D-Series 6×9 360 Watt 3-Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers


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2 New Kicker 43DSC69304 D-Series 6×9 360 Watt 3-Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers Description

DS-Series Speakers The KICKER DS coaxial fits nearly any vehicle door for an enormous improvement over factory sound. With stiff polypropylene cones and ribbed, UV-treated foam surrounds these drivers give you the realism and power you’ve always wanted. Read more Drop It In Don’t drill holes in your door. KICKER DS-Series speakers will fit nearly every vehicle on the road today, right out of the box. Read more Magnets Matter The high-sensitivity DS motor is made to deliver increased volume, whether you use a factory head unit or high power KICKER DX Amplifier. Read more Awesome Sound The zero protrusion PEI dome tweeters play clean, crisp music without getting in the way of factory grilles and window motors. Read more Models to Fit Nearly Every Car on the Road Today DS 3.5″ 4 Ohm Model 43DSC3504 DS 4″ 4 Ohm Model 43DSC404 DS 4×6″ 4 Ohm Model 43DSC4604 DS 5.25″ 4 Ohm Model 43DSC504 Read more DS 6.5″ 4 Ohm Model 43DSC6504 DS 6.75″ 4 Ohm Model 43DSC6704 DS 6×8″ 4 Ohm Model 43DSC6804 DS 6×9″ 3-Way 4 Ohm Model 43DSC69304 Read more 2 SPEAKERS: Powerful pair of motor vehicle stereo speakers SLIM DESIGN: Slim frame is easy to install in sportier vehicles BARE MINIMUM PROTRUSION: Minimal tweeter protrusion is less obvious and contributes to the slim design WOOFERS INCLUDED: Mid-range woofers make sure you feel the bass FOAM SURROUNDS: Surrounded with acoustic foam for superior direction 2017 RAM 1500 – 9 Speaker and 1 subwoofer (Total 506-watt amplifier)My upgrade goals- Amplifier watts 50% higher than Speakers RMS watts- Match amplifier ohms to Speaker ohms- Clearer highs- Volume with less distortionIssues- Technical information on my amplifier was hard to find- Lack of trusted profession reviews (real world testing)- Front Door hole depth 2.904 inches- Front Doors restricted to a low frequencies range (RAM forums questioned if an upgrade was worth doing)Reason to select Kicker’s DS Series- Better performance at lower watts (volume with less distortion)- Less stress on the amplifierMatch ohms- Both of Mopar’s upgrades (77KICK42 &77KICK41) upgrades 4 ohms- Old Speakers measured 2.1 ohms- Solution ohms matched Mopar’s upgrade ohmsFront doors- Fits using Metra 82-6902 Universal 1/2″ Spacer with minor alterations- Used Metra 72-6514 Speaker HarnessRear Doors- Full range frequencies- Used Metra 72-6514 Speaker HarnessResult- Have no regret for upgrading the front doors- Volume with less distortion- Clearer highs- Additional baseNote- if I upgraded the amplifier, I would have selected CS Series speaker Purchase these for my 2005 Dodge Ram Pickup and using the stock speaker spacers and speaker wire adapters (sold separately) they were pretty much a drop in for my pickup which I knew before ordering them!As far as sound I was hoping for a little more low end from my Alpine Deck (no amplifier) 18w x 4 but perhaps if I add an external amolifier they will put out more low end bass? Kicker speakers are known for bass which is which I picked these speakers for the front doors but watts are needed for deep bass! Mid range is so clear I actually tuned it down 1-2 notches on my Alpine Deck and the higher end is crisp. Because of so many internal sound issues with different cars ie baffling, size of door enclosure, position of speakers etc, rarely is one able to obtain perfection by dropping in a set of speakers in the doors but over the years I have had many cars with many different speakers and this pair is worthy! I got some smaller kickers for my motorcycle tank bag and was blown away by how good they were.So I was looking forward to these for my truck. Big disappointment. mids and highs were ok, but NO bass. they roll off in the upper base region with thin lower bass. I tried both speakers, swapped phases with no luck. Put the stock speakers back in, much better.These have nice mids and highs, mind you. If you’re adding bass speakers etc then these are probably ok. but as standalone speakers they just don’t have bass. I guess with a bigger amp and tone controls……..And to top it off I have to pay return shipping.From now on I will demo speakers before buying. Not a drop-in replacement for my 2000 Grand Prix’s stock rear deck speakers as the holes didn’t line up on the bracket, but that was easily fixed with some self-tapping metal screws. They sound great even off of the stock head unit, I may even get an amp for a little more kick (heh puns) out of them. Much better than the stock speakers!EDIT 3/11/18: Speakers have failed and now sound just as bad as the stock speakers they replaced. These did not last for me. I did not overpower them, only gave them the power that my car’s stock unit put out. These sound great – I bought them based on multiple recommendations on the Jeep Renegade forum. I used these to replace my front and back door speakers, and they make a world of difference! The mounting holes seemed slightly off alignment from the factory speakers, but close enough that I could still screw them in place. The pictures show this speaker next to the factory one. I’m an Infinity Kappa guy and usually run their components but today I installed these in my ’18 Chevy Equinox front doors using the Metra 82-3004 GM 6×9 truck speaker adapters, Metra 72-5600 Ford door speaker wire harness adapters (yes they work on GM but you can’t lock the red tabs) along with the install bay baffles.I am also running a Kicker KXA 8005 amplifier using an Audio Integration Solutions T-harness along with a DS18 Select 12″ 4 ohm svc sub in a sealed box and they sound great! The crisp highs and clear mids really compliment the Massive Audio MX3 speakers I have in my dash corners bringing a much fuller sound stage to my front seats.Now I wish that I’d installed Kicker 6.5 coaxes in the rear doors instead of MA MX65’s. If you want great sound but don’t want to break the bank I highly recommend these. Great sound with crisp highs. Lows could use a little better sound but is really good overall. My purchased replaced a pair of Kicker CSC 6×9’s that went bad after a number of years. So the sound suffered ever so little. I wouldn’t hesitate to put these in your vehicle. I used these in a 2013 Tacoma with the factory head unit and they match up great. Replaced front factory speakers on my 2019 Impreza. The sound quality is excellent for mids and highs and clearer than the factory speakers. I had hoped to get more bass… the bass on the factory speakers falls off once the volume hits over 22 and it is the same with these. Maybe I need to add an amp to get more base, just did not want to turn it into a huge job since I installed myself.I will need to research the cost of a professional amp installation and see if it improves the sound.Overall, these speakers sound better than the factory speakers, just can’t get any bass at high volume, falls off and no thump which is what i had hoped for.

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