2 Pack Magnetic Phone Car Mount, Apps2car Car Phone Holder Mount Magnetic, Built in 6 Strong Magnets, Air Vent Cell Phone Holder for Car with Adjustable Secure Tightening System


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2 Pack Magnetic Phone Car Mount, Apps2car Car Phone Holder Mount Magnetic, Built in 6 Strong Magnets, Air Vent Cell Phone Holder for Car with Adjustable Secure Tightening System Description

Apps2car air vent magnetic phone holder for car: Secure mounting system designed with you in mind simultaneous locking the tighten is outfitted with two adjustable tightening systems, one around the 360 degrees ball head joint and one around the base connecting to the air vent, meaning you can drive in any environment and your phone will be still be in the exact same position. This magnetic cell phone holder for car let your phone be fastened to the attachment securely using grip proprietary magnetic technology. Metal plate mounting options: 1, Stick the metal plate between the phone and the phone case. 2, Stick the metal plate on the back of phone case. 3, Stick the metal plate on the back of phone. For the rubber case, you can either: 1, Place the metal plate on the back of the outer rubber slip-cover. 2, Place it between the inner shell and the outer rubber slip-cover. Broad Compatibility The air vent magnetic phone holder compatible with iPhone 11 Pro Xs Max Xr X 8 Plus 7 6S 6, Samsung Galaxy S10+ S10 S9 S9+ S8 edge S7 S6 A9 A8 A7 A5 J7 J3, Note 8 6 5, Goolgle Nexus Pixel XL Phone, LG G6 G5 V20 V10, Sony XZ1 Z5 Z4, Moto G Z X, Nokia 8 7 6, Huawei Mate 10 9 pro P10 P20 Plus P9, Oneplus 5T 5 3T 3, HTC U12 U11+ etc. Package includes: 2x Magnetic phone vent mount 6x Metal Plates 6x Protective films 2x User Manual Convenient access: The innovative magnetic phone mount with nut lock base is strong enough for even the roughest roads. Cradle less magnetic mount quick release lets you grab your phone and go. Works with most smartphones or mobile devices, even when in a heavy case. Premium components: The air vent tighten magnetic car mount is composed of the finest carbon fiber reinforced plastic, with the magnetic surface’s design ensured to pop out in any setting. Powerful magnetic cell phone car mount: Our magnetic car phone mount technology features is phone holder magnets composed of 4mm thick and 12mm diameter magnet that are bigger, thicker and stronger than most mobile phone holder on the market. Nut lock secure: Our magnetic vent phone holder outfitted with two adjustable tightening systems, one around the 360 degrees ball head joint and one around the base connecting to the air vent, the cell phone holder will keep your phone secure and in place. Provide optimal viewing angle: 360 degrees ball head joint, adjustable swivel mount keeps your smartphone in the optimal views, in either landscape or portrait mode. You can adjust the angle that you need. Great product! I’ve been using this for a while and it’s been great! I had to replace my phone case as it broke and ordered one off amazon for $10 a very sturdy case as I’m clumsy lol I had my 12 year old son install my phone case and put the new magnet on the back of it as well as install the vent clip so it’s very easy installation. The magnet is very strong! Stronger than the one I got from Apple themselves! I like that it protrudes out enough so your air can flow correctly through the vents and not freeze or burn your phone! As the other Apple vent clip I had did not have that feature n my phone would freeze or shut off from overheating! So glad I don’t have to deal with that now and I don’t have to deal with it getting bumped n knocked off the clip as the magnet is so strong! Highly recommended! Worthless. The clip that holds it to the vent lovers is about an inch wide, which you would think would be good. Until you realize that the distance between the vertical lovers behind the horizontal ones is only 1/2 inch. So the clamp part only grips with the very end of the lips. Additionally, the swivel hardware give the mount a very LONG protrusion from the vent, which increases the leverage (more weight) on the lovers. Basically, it comes right off because it doesn’t grip tight/deep enough and the extreme weight pulls on the clamp. We had a couple magnetic mounts that work okay. I like having my metal plate mounted inside my case, but our old mounts weren’t really strong enough to work that way after I upgraded to an iPhone X.A lot of the mounts I looked at have plastic pads where the phone connects, like my old mount. My case is super slippery, so it didn’t work well on my old mount. This mount has a rubber pad where your phone connects, so it doesn’t slip at all.It also has 6 magnets as opposed to 4, like my old mount.It locks in super secure to the air vent too. The push on ones, like my old one, sometimes have the rubber pads fall off. This one doesn’t have that problem since it clamps down on the vent.This mount is by far the best one I’ve ever used. I would highly recommend it! * holds phone better than the 4 magnet model* tapered clamp is poor staying on vent, can fly off with phone> older style vent clips with actual J clip to hug back of vent blade stay better, but blocked vent adjustment more> pre-tighten to slightly thinner than vent blade thickness, then slowly push in* angle adjustment likely to need (foam & friction tape) mods (in ball joint) to keep from cracking over time in car heat This magnetic phone holder is great! I like that you can tighten the clip which holds on to the vent. This keeps it secure and from sliding off. The magnets are extra strong and can hold my phone through the case. I have a soft shell case but it also held with my other hard shell case. I also like that you get 2 for the price of 1 really. The other nice feature is that you can manually tighten the magnetic park to position the phone facing you directly. Great product! So i really really like this phone holder i think it looks great, the magnet is very strong (for those who say otherwise just buy some superglue instead dont know why youd want anything stronger), and its stirdy in the airvent. For those who said its too tight on some airvents, it literally has a screw thing so you can adjust the tightness of it, the ONLY reason im leaving 4 and not 5 stars is because the pics in the listing are a little misleading. In the listing it looks like theres a nice synthetic leathery cushion surrounding the magnet, but as you can see in my pic it’s a shiny glossy hard piece of plastic with a fake leather texture. Other then that its great👍🏼 Fixes another age old problem especially for slightly older cars without app integration to the car infotainment system. Magnets are very strong but fairly easy to dock & remove your mobile device. The clip also secures very nicely to any air vent of your choice without any noticeable disruption to the air flow from your AC/heater. Fantastic that it comes in a twin pack to share with your spouse/sibling/friend or you can use the extra one when travelling & using rental cars. An absolute must for your own safety & other road users comes highly recommended. I have had a different model of these. I love the ease of being able to just put your phone on it when you get in the car. I have never had my phone drop. It’s nice when I can see my screen using mapping assistance. I haven’t tried putting a tablet on one but it would probably hold a smaller thin tablet just fine. My tablet is too large and heavy.The only complaint I had is when I installed it, I had to use a flat head screw driver to carefully spread the prongs apart to get it to slide over the vent louver. It’s a tight fit. I even took off all the moving parts of the device to give me more of a spread but it was still hard to open the prongs. I don’t think that I will be swapping this from my car to my truck. I am sure it will do the job as it was intended other than portability.Seems to be quality material.

I have a Iphone 6s . you will have an ultimate position choice for better driving experience. I Create beautiful and appealing 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional illustrations that s guaranteed to stand out. simple one press button to releases the clamps in your cellphone with only a push of a finger. Please email cs wizgear. The iOttie iTap 2 Magnetic Dashboard Car Mount Holder 29.


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