[2 Pack] Magnetic Phone Car Mount, APPS2Car Sturdy Stick-on Universal Cell Phone Holder Car Built-in Amazing Strong Magnets, Hands Free Car Phone Holder Mount with Strong VHB Adhesive Mounting


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[2 Pack] Magnetic Phone Car Mount, APPS2Car Sturdy Stick-on Universal Cell Phone Holder Car Built-in Amazing Strong Magnets, Hands Free Car Phone Holder Mount with Strong VHB Adhesive Mounting Description

APPS2Car endeavor to provide the best quality Car Mount to customers honestly. The Ultimate Magnetic Dashboard Cell Phone Mount is the latest in mobile dashboard technology. Equipped with a 3M adhesive and the 360-degree ball head joint, your phone has never had a better support system in the car! Affix Mount Firmly To Dash Clean the surface Affix the mount Firmly press and hold in place for about 30 seconds Let sit for at least 12 hours before using NOTE:If mounting area is curved, you can slightly bend the base along the horizontal grooves to ensure that the 3M adhesive stickers make full contact with the surface.Ensure surface is free of all dust and dirt, then let dry completely. Read more QI Wireless Charing Metal Plate The APPS2CAR Dashboard Mount comes with small round metal plate, specially deasigned for QI Wireless Charging.Iphone x or other wireless charing phones place charge wirelessly in the middle of the charging pad which leave plenty of space above and below to place a plate which will not interfere. Read more GRIPPY MAGNETS Using extra strong magnets, our proprietary magnetic technology features magnets composed of Nd2Fe14B that are 44% bigger (12mm vs 10mm diameter), 33% thicker (4mm vs 3mm), and 91% stronger (3.5kg vs. 1.8kg) than anything else on the market, that is why the APPS2CAR Ultimate Magnetic Dashboard Mount technology is patented to set us apart from competitors. WORKS WITH YOUR DEVICE Designed with every manufacturer in mind, the APPS2CAR Dashboard mount works with every phone, including iPhones, Samsung, Google Pixels, Huawei, LG, and many more. SET UP QUICKLY Using 3M pad adhesives, simply remove the plastic and place your Universal Dashboard Mount wherever you’d like. ANGLED FOR YOU Once locked in by the mats, feel free to rotate your device a full 360 degrees to get the best view. Read more FAQ – What should I do if the 3M adhesive weakens after installation? There is one extra 3M adhesive sticker for replacement. The long-term durability of adhesive depends on many factors, e.g. phone case material, temperature, weight of device, etc. – If I wanted to remove it, how would I do that? Apply a few drops of alcohol to loosen the adhesive, then run some string, or floss underneath the mount to break the adhesion. – Can I remove the mounting tape without ruining my cars interior? Use an alcohol wipe to remove the adhesive remains, in a back and forth motion until completely clean. – Can I affix my phone horizontally? Yes, devices can be supported both vertically, and horizontally. SPECIFICATIONS Product length*width*height in mm: 62*42*57 Product weight: 52gm Package length*width*height in mm: 80*65*45 Package weight: 87gm PACKAGE INCLUDES 2x Magnetic phone mount 4x Circular metal plates 2x Small Metal Plates 6x Protective films 2x User Manual Magnetic Phone Car Mount: We use the strongest mounting base VHB tape *** Please note the 3M tape base is one-time use, we include an extra adhesion pad in each product in case of re-installation. Extra pads are also available for purchase. The 3M tape may not fit for some dashboards. *** Please contact us if you have any problems with compatibility. 100% Safe Magnets: Uses max strong magnets, our proprietary magnetic mount technology featuring iPhone holder magnets are stronger than any mobile phone holder on the market. Compact build takes up minimal space in your car and provides full access to all controls and ports. Premium Components – The adhesive dash car mount is composed of the finest carbon fiber reinforced plastic, with the magnetic surface’s design ensured to pop out in any setting. Sturdy Mounting, Secure Fit – The Innovative Car Phone Mount with 3M Adhesive mounting base is strong enough for even the roughest roads, It guarantees that the mounting base will firmly hold the powerful magnets mount head, to keep your smartphone in place, even when in a heavy case. Hands-free and Universal Design Mount – This magnetic car phone holder mount, design by hands free convenient magnetic mounting system, compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max/12 Pro/12 Mini/12/11 Pro Max/11 Pro/11/SE/Xs Max/XS/XR, Samsung Galaxy Note 20/S20 Ultra 5G/20+, LG, Sony and more This is exactly what you need. Don’t buy anything else. I even used my old magnets that I had on my cellular phone and it just jumped right on to the holder. This is one awesome product. Don’t buy anything else from anybody else. Buy this only. Beyond the lighted. Exactly what I needed. Buy two of them. Buy 10 of them. You can use them all over your house. I am going to buy more. Better buy them before I buy them all up. Love them. I contacted the company and they said they would send them out to me, and they sure did. Very professional organization which I will use again. Works Great for large phone in truck mounted directly on the dash space, but you will need to add a 3M double sided adhesive pads for extra strength security. I had a few left over from my GoPro set, so I used these and have been very happy with my setup. https://www.amazon.com/Neewer-15-Pack-Adhesive-Sticker-VicTsing/dp/B0714BK8KT/ref=sr_1_10?crid=3DSCCR02EKT8F&keywords=gopro+3m+adhesive+pads&qids=1551462984&s=gateway&sprefix=go+pro+3m%2Caps%2C195&sr=8-10 The grooves that allow it to bend around a slightly curved dash tend to lift up if not on a totally flat surface. This did not stop though even after applying it to a flat surface if the car gets too hot. Or at least I’m guessing that’s what caused it to peel off after I repositioned to a flat surface after finding out the slightly curved part of the dash was not going to work for its location. After a couple of weeks of California heat, the adhesive strip detached fully for a 2nd time. They do supply you with extra adhesive strips but I’ve just about run out. Even when the adhesive did work properly the ball joint and nut continues to loosen or wear down. I keep tightening it but after a couple of days, the phone will just slowly move to face the floor. It is now fully tightened and will need to be glued or something because it is still looser then I would like. The only saving grace is the fact that the magnets are fairly strong and will hold even the biggest phones as long as the metal piece is attached to the back of the phone/device and directly touches the holder. Placing it behind even a thin case will still hold the phone decently but a bump or rough road will cause it to fall off. Overall with a few tweaks, I am happy with it enough to give it 3 stars but I would not recommend this to a friend or repurchase these again if I had the choice. I had a nicer looking one of these, but it kept getting ripped off the dash. This one adheres well on my Jeep Wrangler, and with limited room on the dash, I have to wrap one of the edges around the side. There is a part of the adhesive pad that is grooved to make these sort of turns, which is great. It’s very secure, and fits in a small space. The city streets are filled with potholes these days, and it hasn’t dislodged my phone from the magnet yet. I am extremely disappointed in this car mount. The adhesive / suction/ sticker (3M) sounded so promising and secure yet it cannot even stick like a piece of scotch tape. The mount itself looks great and magnetic has no problem. But I need it to secure to the dashboard. I only have a flat surface and re-read the instructions 2x to make sure I did it right. I tried both mounts and the stickers are a piece of trash. I want a refund. The adhesive is pretty strong. I have a heavy phone, LG V30+ and a big otter box case. On the magnetic side I had to double up on the metal discs. 1 on the phone and 1 on the outside of my case. With a slim case or no case it would work fine with only 1 disc. But it’s worked great so far and holds my phone strong. And its also very adjustable. This phone holder was super easy to install and is so convenient to use. I love it. It’s one of my all time favorites and I have owned a lot of them. So much so that my sister, brother, mother and friends have all also bought it. The magnet has no problem holding the phone up even through my phone case which was my biggest concern before buying it. (I have it attached to the phone, not the case.) They offer quite a few options for metal pieces to attach to the phone and extra sticky pads to hold the holder to the car. The only reason I gave the “adhesion” rating only 4 stars is because the first one did fall off. I installed it a second time and it has held for quite a few months now. Would absolutely recommend. First impression…. these magnets are insanely strong!!!! Just got the new Note 10, and i have no worries about these holding the phone. I was the person who was always holding my phone in my hand when using Maps because all other car phone holders suck. Not anymore though! You will not regret this purchase

5-inch-wide phones and if your phone is in a case, make sure to factor in that bulk . 3ft 1m,Hi-Fi Sound , Audio Auxiliary Input Adapter Male to Male AUX Cord for Headphones, Car, Home Stereos, Speaker, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Echo More. You can contact us through our contact page. Unobstructed vision, safe driving curving from the top of the dashboard down, this dashboard car phone mount holder allows you to view your phone without worrying about blockage to your sight of the road, so you can drive home safely. Not compatible with Pixel 4a 5G Pixel 5 ️ ALL METAL MATERIAL SAFER SECURITY The solid full Aluminum Alloy body features exquisite texture and durable lifetime, and protects your devices from over heating, over-voltage, over-current. Выберите Управление настройками , чтобы узнать больше о доступных вам вариантах настройки. as well as, it consists of two steel plates for cell phones. The Anker Advantage. higher but, it comes with a 2-step locking system, which supplies extra dependable attachment to your automobile.


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