(2 Pack) Supershieldz for Garmin Instinct and Instinct Solar Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Anti Scratch, Bubble Free


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(2 Pack) Supershieldz for Garmin Instinct and Instinct Solar Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Anti Scratch, Bubble Free Description

Made from the high quality tempered-glass for maximum scratch protection and no residue when removed 2.5D rounded edge glass for comfort on the fingers and hand 9H hardness, 99.99% HD clarity, and maintains the original touch experience Hydrophobic and oleo-phobic coating to reduce sweat and reduce fingerprints Include 2 pcs tempered glass screen protectors I bought this for my Garmin Instinct watch. While I know it is a rugged watch, I would hate to have the screen scratched or broken for any reason. I like the idea of being able to remove the screen if there are any scratches on it. This product is the exact size of the screen, so getting it out of the watch may be an issue down the road since the screen is recessed in the watch. In the photo I attached, you can sort of see the edge of the glass. For now, this watch screen is exactly what I needed.Because the Instinct watch screen is recessed and the protector is the exact size, I had zero trouble getting it on and honestly probably didn’t need the guides it came with, but for those of you with a different watch, the kit comes with guide stickers and cleaning materials of all sorts to make sure you get it centered. Perfect fit! Easy install! A little protection will go along ways. These fit peeeeerfectly. Ive had other protectors that left a gap around the glass. You can’t tell it’s there. No issues with the solar panel efficiency. Super clear. Really happy with these. Purchased the Supershieldz because a co-worker had his Garmin Instinct lens crack after being struck by a simunition round. The product was shipped very fast, the instructions were easy and simple. The Supershieldz protectors adhered well, no bubbles, and appear to actually enhance the clarity of my Instinct in daylight conditions. Time (and exposure at work) will tell, as to durability, but the product appears to be everything anticipated. I bought the Instinct partially for the features and partially for its toughness. So I didn’t think I would need to get a screen cover. However, after having it for about a week I realized it would be smart to protect the investment and ordered these. They were super simple to install, we’re sized almost exactly to the screen diameter. I followed the instructions to clean the screen first and remove any dust that popped the sticky backing off the screen cover and pushed it onto the screen. Had a small blubber initially, but after wiping with included cloth all the bubbles came out. Very good investment at a cheap price. I would highly recommend this protector! I just put it on my new Instinct watch and it is great! It comes in a 2-pack, with everything you need for a perfect install-alcohol wipe, dust remover (sticky), install sticky strip (to place it perfectly) and dust-free wiping cloth, all times two, for both protectors. It fits perfectly, and is crystal clear. Nice to know that if I ding it up after a while, I’ve got another one ready to go! It’s great! The install process is pretty simple. Clean your watch glass with the included supplies. Use the adhesive sticker to get any dust or particles off, then carefully apply the tempered glass onto your watch. Press out any bubbles and voila.I would NOT want to try to remove this. There’s not much lip at the edge and it’s rounded, so getting anything in to break it free is going to be exceedingly hard.I’ve whacked the hell out of my wrist and watch a few times since I got it in December, including twice on the edge of a counter directly on the watch face. No scratching, no damage, no shatter. Perfect.The oleo-phobic aspect of the protector is wonderful as well. You can simply wipe the surface clean with almost anything and any oils just swipe away. Looks like good protection for watch crystal. Follow the instructions on the Supershieldz website. It shows video for phone screen protection; applying to a watch is simpler, but you still need to be careful and have a clean crystal surface before you apply the protective shield. I needed to use a fair amount of pressure to get all the air out, but the results were great.

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