4 Rolls Wire Loom Harness Tape, Wiring Harness Cloth Tape, Black Adhesive Fabric Tape for Automobile Electrical Wire harnessing Noise Damping Heat Proof 19 mm X 15m


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4 Rolls Wire Loom Harness Tape, Wiring Harness Cloth Tape, Black Adhesive Fabric Tape for Automobile Electrical Wire harnessing Noise Damping Heat Proof 19 mm X 15m Description

Black Length 15 m Width 19 mm 4pcs in set Main application Cable set for winding cable harnesses in the vehicle interior Material:These wiring harness tape are made of high quality cotton flannel and strong adhesive glue. Features: 1High Adhesive Force 2 Noise Resistance Well 3 Strong Abrasion Resistance 4 Hand Tearable 5 Strong Chemical Resistance Size: Length 15 m,Width 19 mm Application: Suitable for the use of internal wiring harness of automobiles and can reduce the noise. Such as the wire harness of the dashboard. Enjoy our premium customer service! If you have any issues with your order we’ll respond within 24 hours to make it right, plus all our product come with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE so buy with confidence This set of tape was not what I expected. I was expecting to get fabric tape that was on par with that used by OEM car manufacturers so that I could wire up aftermarket lights and have the same aesthetic and overall protection of good fabric tape to protect my new wiring.This feels like it is on par with cheap velcro tape, I would not buy this again and will likely have to replace this tape as there is barely any stick to this stuff as is. The tape doesn’t seem like it would be abrasion resistant, nor does it seem like it would be temperature resistant either. I will use this for very low impact needs, just because I have it, not because it is a go to. The cloth portion of this tape met my expectations and looks and feels like the cloth wrapped wires under the hood of a car. Unfortunately, the adhesive is excessively poor! The adhesive is only present on some of the underside of the tape. Only the portions of the adhesive that are present have a sticky feel to them; most do not. The result was that the tape only stuck to portions of my item which was a cleaned plastic wire. I will not buy this item again. First of all, “Easy to install” is relative. In my case, still was considering that I was replacing failed connectors and wiring through a 2″ hole I drilled into the transmission hump. It was that, or pull the transmission.This stuff WILL ensure that the insulation will not fail and crack off the wiring ever. I wrapped the loom to the connectors. Seriously SO HAPPY I bought it and the delivery was immediate.Used it to wrap a tool I was using in close proximity to delicate surfaces. This is a long-term review. I had never heard of this brand before buying it, but purchased it based on previous reviews. This stuff is great. I used this to create a complete wiring harness for an old truck I was rebuilding. It has been a year now, under the hood, close to an old oily hot motor, and it still looks and works as good as the day I installed it. I am very pleased! It was so good in that job that I have since used it for a bunch of nonelectrical applications and it worked great in those cases as well. Yes, I have seen a few less expensive listings but honestly, at this price, I see no reason to try any other brand. And, compared to the $10/roll at the BMW and Mercedes dealerships, this is already a bargain! This tape is pretty good! But , it does not like a tight wrap like one would expect with electrical tape. Hint, make sure your last wrap is looser then previous wraps. I reloomed an entire jeep engine harness with Alex wrap and this tape and it looks really nice. Cannot yet talk about the longevity of the tape as the Jeep hasn’t hit the mud and snow. Great for harness junctions!!! I’m installing a new stereo system in my 2001 C5 Corvette. I added a lot of wires to the cargo area, under the console, and under the dash. This tape made all of my wires look like factory wire harnesses. This tape tears easily from the roll, if you need short pieces. It sticks to itself very good, and has absolutely no stickiness to the harness you just made. Very happy with this tape. This is a very good product for adding to or repairing existing wiring harnesses. Aesthetically, it works well for a very broad range of vehicles – foreign and domestic – manufactured from the ’20s through the ’70s. It won’t be mistaken for braided loom shielding but it is handsome and workmanlike. Functionally, it has good adhesion and provides substantial wear and chafe resistance as it should. I like this product and feel comfortable recommending it to both professionals and hobbyists. I purchased these for some PC Builds i was working on, to clean up the apperarances. For example, one of the power supplies had the ugly multi-colored ‘ketchup and mustard’ cables. Using these wraps i was able to not only tidy the wiring for simple management, but also cover the colored wires. As far as being taut, and sticky; I had no problems with either. It may have helped that I’m working with new wires to wrap, and wires ive recently cleaned. Regardless of you project, try to clean / de-grease anythin you want to wrap. It should make life easier. I’ll def. buy these going forward!

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