9 Pack Pops Sticky Adhesive Replacement for Socket Mount Base, pop-tech VHB 3M Sticker Pads for Phone Collapsible Grip & Stand Back – 9pcs 35mm Double Sided Tapes & 4pcs Alcohol Prep Pads


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9 Pack Pops Sticky Adhesive Replacement for Socket Mount Base, pop-tech VHB 3M Sticker Pads for Phone Collapsible Grip & Stand Back – 9pcs 35mm Double Sided Tapes & 4pcs Alcohol Prep Pads Description

pop-tech 9 Pack 3M Very High Bond Adhesive Stickers Compatible with Socket Mount Base Product Features: 9 Pack Genuine 3M Sticky Adhesive Pads for socket as backup.4 Pack Additional Alcohol Prep Pads Provided for Cleaning the Mounting Surface.Original red 3m adhesive with high temperature resistance and stronger stickiness.Easy to use for reapplying your socket mount base as socket replacement part. With your grip phone mount, you can position the phone anywhere there’s a flat hard surface in the car dashboard. How to Set Up: Remove the old 3m adhesive and then clean the surface with alcohol pad provided until fully dry.Peel off the yellow side of new adhesive, stick it to the base of socket.Press down firmly for 5-10 minutes for better connecting to the mount base.Wait 24 hours to use after installation for best results. Important Notes: Please wait 24 HOURS to use after re-sticking.Please choose a flat and smooth surface to install for best result.If you find the 3m adhesive tapes hard to peel, please press back and then press again.The longer the waiting time to use after installation, the stronger stickiness of the sticky adhesive replacement. Package Includes: 9 Pack Sticky Pads for Socket Mount4 Pack Alcohol Prep Pads for Cleaning 4 Pack Strong 3M Sticky Adhesive Replacement for Wireless Magsafe ChargerPop-Tech 3M Adhesive Sticker for Magnetic Phone Car Mountpop-tech 2 Pack Car Phone Holder for Collapsible Grip3 Pack USB C Female to USB Male AdapterPop-Tech Glass Lens Bi-Convex 34mm Diameter 45mm Focal Biconvex Lens SetSticky Adhesive Replacement for Socket Mount BasePackage Includes4 Pack 3M Sticker Adhesives & 4 Pack Alcohol Pads8 Pack Sticker Pads for Magnet Cell Phone Stand & Finger Ring Holder & Socket Grip Mount2 Pack Car Mount for Socket Grip & 4 Pack Sticky Adhesives3 Pack USB C Female to USB Male4 Pack Glasses Lens6 Pack Adhesive Replacement for Socket & 3 Pack Adhesive Replacement for Magnetic Phone Holder 9 Pack Pops Sticky Adhesive for Socket Base – Plenty of sticker adhesives extra strong as backup is exclusively designed for socket mount. This pack of big adhesive replacement is a must-have to allow you to re-attach socket to phone cases for extending the life of your socket mount without having to buy a whole new socket. Perfect replacement kits for socket users! Genuine 3M Adhesive Pads – The best vhb sticky tapes for phone collapsible grip we provide is with high temperature resistance and stronger stickiness features. Great replacement stickers for reapplying your socket. It can hold your socket securely in place and sticks well on the phone. Enjoying the replacement stickers for your socket adhesive perfectly. Alcohol Prep Pads Provided – The replacement kit comes with alcohol wipes to clean the surfaces before applying. If you plan to use the replacement kit over time you may need additional alcohol prep pads for cleaning solution. Make sure the mounting surface and socket mount base is cleaned completely before applying a new adhesive. Easy to Install – simply re-stick your socket. Just peel off the old gel adhesive from socket and clean the back of phone and socket with alcohol wipe before using the new adhesive, then peel off the 3m adhesive pads to stick the base of socket mount and press down repeatedly for 5- 10 minutes for better connecting to the surface. 24 Hrs to use after installation for best results. Important Notes: if you find the 3m adhesive tapes hard to peel, please press back and then press again. What You Get – pop-tech 9 Pack 35mm replacement stickers and 4 Pack alcohol prep pads. Our worry-free 18-month warranty guarantee and friendly customer service. NO-RISK PURCHASE! UNCONDITIONAL 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you’re unsatisfied with this item for any reason, we’ll immediately refund your purchase price. Ok, this stuff is VERY sticky, and if you have a use for it where it will not ever need to be removed, go for it. However, I found out the hard way that removing it from the back of my iPad was extremely difficult. I tried the dental floss which simply bumped up over the surface and that was that. I tried with thread thinking it might work better but same problem. I ended up trying a razor blade which worked but also scratched the surface of my iPad so I quit with that. By now I did have some of the edges lifted so I used my thumbnail by pressing my thumb down on the back and pushing until I had it balled up. My thumb is sore and the back of my iPad is now scratched, but that adhesive is gone. Oh, yes, I forgot to mention. Even though I followed all instructions to replace the adhesive on my PopSocket that had come off, this stuff would not stick to it for more than a few minutes when in use. This was a total disaster as far as I can see. This was exactly what I was looking for. Before Popsockets changed to allow you to switch them out by twisting the backs off, they used 3M adhesive, which I was easily able to use and reuse several times as I changed phone cases. But now, the adhesive is so weak, that my brand new iPhone 11 is too heavy to stay in the dash mount in my car, or even be used while laying in bed! It just falls right off! I was easily able to remove the clear adhesive on the new popsockets (which is an easy feat seeing as how weak it is) and replace it with these 3M ones. They are a perfect fit, and MUCH more sticky. It comes with easy to follow directions, alcohol prep wipes to clean the surfaces the tape will stick to, and it’s all easy to keep track of in a cool little ziplock bag thing. Definitely will recommend to anyone who has the same problem I was having. My wife and I ordered custom pop-sockets (the newer ones where you can swap out the top part) from their website, and while the socket itself was good, the adhesive was horrible compared to the original generation of pop-sockets. We ordered these adhesive replacements to give them a shot, and followed the instructions (waiting 24 hours before trying to use the pop-sockets, for example). The adhesion is great, and has been reliable for a week and a half now (the original adhesive on our pop-sockets would work itself loose within minutes).Of note: the phone cases we stuck these on are a speck phone case (can’t remember which), and this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074NW4VTY AWSOME ! So happy I bought the fr. I got a new phone case from Amazon as well & wanted to keep my pop socket. Took the one off my old case and noticed it didnt stick anymore. So happy I purchased this. I got these to replace the adhesive that came with my pop socket. That adhesive lasted a few weeks before it started to “melt”. Thought this would last longer, but it’s only been a couple of days and it’s already “melting” and becoming loose to the point where the pop socket base can be pulled away from the phone case. I am using a hard case by otter box. I used the included alcohol pads and cleaned off any old adhesive residue on the base and on the case prior to installing the new adhesive and this is what happened. I didn’t use it much the first day to make sure it would “cure” but obviously that’s was not enough. Very disappointed. The only good adhesive I’ve had was on a generic pop socket that had a foam adhesive pad and lasted a few years. I hope I can find something similar because these are worthless. I purchased these hoping they would adhere to the matte finish of the glass on the back of the iPhone 11, since the standard adhesive doesn’t.First of all, these require a significant amount of time for the adhesive to cure. After initially installing it, I figured that cure time was an exaggeration and I began using it the next morning. Turns out, you should listen… the pop socket piped right off my uncased phone and caused maximum damage.Ok, my fault, right? I replaced my phone and tried to install again, this time giving ample time to cure and adhere. After 3 full days of letting it set, I tested it a bit by pulling and pushing. It seemed like it worked. However, after less than a week, the adhesive again failed. Luckily, while talking on the phone, so the pressure against my face stopped it from dropping again.I can’t attest to how well these work on other surfaces, but they absolutely don’t work on the matte glass finish of the new iPhone 11 pro. The normal adhesive that comes with a popsocket does not stick with the new iPhone 11 pro but these adhesives do!! I removed the adhesive that came with my pop socket and used this adhesive instead and now I’m able to use my pop socket on my new phone! I advise putting the adhesive on the phone first, leave it alone with the back sticker on it for 2 days so the adhesive can settle and be it’s strongest and then attach the pop socket. I actually used two of the adhesives for my pop socket, one on the phone and then one on the pop socket and then I stuck them together so it’s super strong now!! So happy!! Excellent option for saving money and your fav popsocket! A few ppl have commented that they don’t stick well when applied. The directions do actually say to let it set and seal for 24hrs before using. Tbh, I didn’t. I applied and let it set for a few minutes. And it stuck just fine. I don’t use mounts for it though, I just have small hands, so it wasn’t bearing the full weight of the phone. If you do use mounts, you may want to let it stick before using the mount. But honestly, it’s stickier than the popsocket was when I originally got it and isn’t really made to be moved once applied. I don’t move mine around so that didn’t matter for me. This are great. It’s a cheap option to keep you popsocket going for awhile!

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