APEMAN 2K &1080P Dual Dash Cam, 2688x1520P max, Support 128GB, Front and Rear Camera for Cars with 3 Inch IPS Screen, Driving Recorder with IR Sensor Night Vision, Motion Detection, Parking Monitor


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APEMAN 2K &1080P Dual Dash Cam, 2688x1520P max, Support 128GB, Front and Rear Camera for Cars with 3 Inch IPS Screen, Driving Recorder with IR Sensor Night Vision, Motion Detection, Parking Monitor Description

APEMAN 2K & 1080P, 2688x1520P Max Dual Dash Camera, the best video quality effect dash cam with all your ideal functions Note: Manual(Detailed Operation Instruction) can be download on this product page to help you use the camera more smoothly. Operation videos can also be provided whenever you contact us. Specifications: Screen Size: 3 inch IPS Screen, larger display area and more clear image vision Camera Lens: 170 degree Wide Angle Lens, Full 6G and IR sensor USB Port: USB 2.0 System: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / 8 / MAC TF Card: Micro TF card, Class 10, 32GB ( or below) (Not included) Any extra accessories of camera such as rear cable, rear camera, suction mount, car charger etc are provided.) Warm Tips: 1. Firmwares are provided, such as revising the Mirror Image of the Rear Camera/ removing APEMAN logo on the screen. 2.Please kindly note that parking guard and motion detection are used for parking mode. We suggest to turn them off while driving. 3.Please set “Reset System” on the menu page if the camera doesn’t working as you think or you think you have set something wrong. Make sure this fitsby entering your model number. ULTRA HD RESOLUTION – With WQHD 2688x1520P at 30FPS max, 1440P front & 1080P rear dual lens, capture the roads simultaneously in super clear definition. Equipped with 170° wide angle for dual cameras monitors all directions without visual blind zone. Record Longer Time Video – Supporting 128GB sd card, while H.265 encode type takes less file space, camera provides longer time recording even during parking than others. Also, it automatically overwrites previous recordings with new files when SD card is full. Emergency Accident Lock – Built-in G-sensor, the camera will automatically lock the current video when it detects shake or collision, which won’t be overwritten by the loop recording and saved at a separate event folder. User Friendly Design – 3-inch IPS widescreen recovers clear and real effects of the realistic scene. Four buttons on the right side make it feel more comfortable, easier to operate and have a long service life. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This is the first dash cam that I have ever bought, so it’s the only one I have any experience with.Installation couldn’t be simpler – take it out of the box, stick it on your window, attach the power cable, and off you go. If you want to use the rear camera, you connect it to the camera and mount it in the rear of your car. The camera comes with an extremely long cable with which to attach the rear camera, so unless you have an extremely large vehicle, you should have plenty to work with (I have a Nissan Leaf). I used a combination of hook and loop tape and duct tape to do a quick and dirty install of the rear camera and it took me about 20 minutes total to install the whole system. Obviously running the cables behind pillars and/or headliner would be better, but I wanted function over form.If I have any real issues with how the camera installs, it’s that the USB ports for both cameras are on top of the camera and this means that you have the cables coming up from the tops of the camera. What this means is that they hit the window unless you bend them and while it’s not a huge deal, I think it would have made more sense to have the ports at the bottom. I have another mount coming in the mail that I am going to use to mount this camera to my rear view mirror, so that will fix the front camera’s problem, but not the back. Since both cameras are extremely light, the cables bending can create some unwanted tension on them, etc.Functionality – the camera is relatively easy to use and you access and adjust the camera’s settings through four buttons on the rear of the camera. The top button is the main menu button, but also acts as a “SOS” emergency record button. Basically you just push it and the camera will automatically start recording in the event of an emergency. My only issue with this is that when you first power up the camera, this button defaults to the SOS function (you will recognize it because there is a yellow triangle with an exclamation point inside of it) and you need to wait a few seconds for the SOS icon to disappear before it switches to the menu function. Not a big deal, but on many occasions I wanted to access the menu and got the SOS function instead because I didn’t wait long enough. Once you’re inside the menu, the options are very straight forward and you use the up/down arrows to scroll through and use the check mark button to select, etc. You can change the frames per second (30, 60, etc.), whether the camera’s rear display shows the front, rear, or picture in picture (both front and rear), auto time off limits, impact sensitivity, etc. You can use the front camera by itself, so you don’t have to have the rear camera connected if you do not want to.Quality – I’ve attached a few pictures of the camera installed on my Leaf (I know they are a bit dark) and a forward facing video (I could not attach more than one video, so I could not include a rear facing video). To me, the rear camera almost seems to have better resolution than the front one does, but it could just be me. The camera comes set to 30fps by default and I found the quality to be lacking. The video I have attached is set to 60fps and it looks much better, but it is still not the HD quality I was expecting and my phone can make better videos. You can adjust aperture settings and width settings on the camera and I have not done that yet, but I can’t see that changing the quality that much. Again, this isn’t a huge deal as the quality is more than good enough to establish fault in an accident, whether a light was red or green, etc. But again, the quality of the video from the rear camera seems much better in my opinion (which is a good thing).The impact setting comes set to medium by default, but I increased it to the max setting after I set the camera up. I found that on the highest sensitivity setting, it was actually too sensitive because even the slightest bump or vibration of the car triggered the camera to turn on. I switched it back to medium and that seems to work best in my opinion.Recording – the camera makes recordings in three minute increments and saves them, so every three minutes a new video is started. If you are using both cameras, video from both of them is recorded at the same time and when you go back to review the videos, they are identified as “A” & “B” on their file names (A being the front and B being the back) which I thought was great.The camera supports audio, but the menu seems to be backwards. When I selected audio recording, it shows the mic is not recording (mic icon with a red circle and slash). If I turn audio off, it actually records – so they must have gotten it backwards when they set up their hardware/software. Again, not a big deal, but something pay attention to. The camera is supposed to have auto off functionality, but even though I have it set to one minute, I have yet to see the camera actually turn itself off. So this is either an issue with my particular camera or I’m doing something wrong.You can also manually record videos (either via the SOS function or simply selecting record in the menu) and you can also take photographs, so that’s a nice bonus.Battery – the camera includes a rechargeable battery, but it does not last long if you do not keep the external power hooked up to it. I got less than an hour out of the battery, however the manufacturer does indicate that the battery is only for emergency file backup, so don’t plan on using it without having it plugged into your 12v power.Accessories – the camera comes packaged nicely and comes with a user manual in multiple languages. The system comes with the two cameras (front and back), two different mounts for the front camera (suction mount and tape mount) and a tape style mount for the rear camera, a 12v USB power cable that attaches to the camera and is plugged into your lighter (the plug includes a USB port on the top of it so that you can plug in another accessory like a phone charger at the same time which I thought was a nice touch) and an LED light indicates it is receiving power, two additional USB cables of different lengths, and a really long USB cable to attach the rear camera to the front.The camera does not include a required micro SD card, but I bought a 32gb Sandisk one from Amazon for $7, so they are cheap enough to obtain. The camera supports up to a 128gb card.Value for money – Many of the other cameras that I looked at from other manufacturers (including some of the other Apeman models) seem to offer similar quality at a lower price. I was originally going to buy one of Apeman’s cheaper cameras, but opted for this one because it included the rear camera, seemed to have higher specs than their other models, and it was on sale via a “lightening deal”. I’m not sure if it’s worth the $120 that it normally sells for, but you will have to make up your own mind on that one and again, this is my first experience with a dash cam.Verdict – Overall, I am happy enough with the system for the now, but given some of the things I listed above, I will not give it a perfect rating.UPDATE: This company reached out to me soon after I wrote my original review (gave it 3 stars at that time) in order to address my concerns and issues with the camera. I am genuinely pleased that they took the time to speak with me about my review and because of that, I am upgrading my review to five stars to account for their outstanding customer service in addressing my concerns/issues. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This is my third dash cam that I’ve owned. This one seems to be more durable then the ones I’ve had before. I really like the solid mounting that keeps the camera stable. It was easy to install as it gets power by cigarette lighter and then the rear camera gets power from the front camera. The instructions were very basic so I do wish it explained more about the functions. Overall this is the better dash cam that I purchased. Looking for back up and recording dash cam for my old car and found this. It’s keep recording when I parked over night, it keep me feel safe if hit and run happen. One more thing make me give it 5 stars is the screen and video quality really bright in the dark. Love it. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Really impressed with this camera setup. Comes with two cameras, front and back, and all the wires needed to connect them.Comes with two cameras, the ‘brain’ is all in the front camera that has the large and bright LCD screen, buttons, SD card, etc, and the rear camera which is small and light. The default settings work exactly how you’d expect, they start recording when you start the car, and stop when you stop. There are more features that I haven’t explored fully yet, such as G-force sensitive recording, and resolution adjustments.The video I included in this review is from the rear camera, which is because I left the protective film on the front one and the video was fuzzy, hahaha.You will need to pay someone to hide the wires under your headliner, but in my opinion, this setup is completely worth that small install cost. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  My previous one was a basic 1080P cam that was front facing. It had started having issues. This was dual cam priced in my range so I went for it. You can check out the quick videos from front and back side. I have both set to 1080P and with it, each three minute clip (front each camera) turns out to be 258MB from each camera. On the SD card, you’ll find two files for each time duration, one file for the front camera and one for the rear. The G sensor works well too. if I shut the door close hard, it starts recording using battery power. PIP works fine but since I can already see the front of the car, I set the screen to show me the rear camera. The video I’m uploading has 1.5 mins for front camera and 1.5 mins of rear camera from the same trip. Currently I’m using a 32GB SD card but can’t wait to pick up a 64gb+ so I can switch to 1440P. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I just tried this new purchased dash camera, and it is awesome. it comes with front and back cam, got all the accessories to hook them up, and finally I am ready to bring it on the road. The video i attached, it was on a rainy day. But the quality still very good as you can see. You can clearly see the license plate of the surrounding cars. The lighting, exposure is also very well too (you can adjust exposure as you wish.) It is very easy to set up and use. I will recommend this to my friends.

Stick the magnetic plate to the back of your phone or place it inside your case under the phone and attach your phone to the arm of the mount. More convenient, can be used in car dashboard, sun visor, rearview mirror. Place your device at any angle for convenient viewing. If so, please contact the seller via the supplied email. NTE Electronics NEH1500M6.


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