APEMAN Dash Cam FHD 1080P Car Camera with 8 IR Lights, 3″ IPS Screen, Super Night Vision, 170° Wide Angle, G-Sensor, WDR, Loop Recording, Motion Detection, Parking Monitor (New Version)


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APEMAN Dash Cam FHD 1080P Car Camera with 8 IR Lights, 3″ IPS Screen, Super Night Vision, 170° Wide Angle, G-Sensor, WDR, Loop Recording, Motion Detection, Parking Monitor (New Version) Description

STARVIS SONY NIGHT VISION & 1080P FHD – An Eight infrared light, SONY IMX 307 high resolution sensor with wide dynamic range (WDR) technology and a 170°wide angle field of view, allows you to see and record everything in striking high definition, day or night. AUTOMATIC WORRY-FREE RECORDING & ACCIDENT LOCK – The loop recording feature ensures that your dash cam is always recording. Once the card fills up, the camera writes over old video. However, if the G-Sensor picks up sudden motion, like an accident, it immediately saves the clip and does not allow it to be recorded over. BRAND NEW UI DESIGN & EASY TO USE – The new 3’’ IPS Screen interface adds directional icons to make the menu settings straightforward, intuitive and easy to use, even for first time dash cam buyers. POWERFUL FEATURES & OPTIONAL GPS – Motion detection, parking monitoring and voice recording keep your car safe when you are away. With the optional GPS Antenna (not included), driving information such as speed, longitude and latitude data can also be recorded. SIMPLE PLUG & EASY INSTALLATION – With spudger pry tool you can easily install your dash cam yourself without having to pay for expensive installation services. As always, APEMAN promises you 24/7 online customer service. You can contact us day or night with any concerns or suggestions. I bought 3 different dash cams at the same time.They were all in the $30-$50 price range, HD 1080p, similar menu functions, & aboutthe same features. The Apeman was the only one to give you two mounts andOne mount for the glass and another for the dash board. Video quality was great, But among the 3, the Apeman is the lightest and feels plasticky. It looks good,but when you pick it up it feels like a toy. As long as it does it’s job well and lasts a long time,I’m fine with it.Update: Overall video quality was the best among the 3 dash cams. It performed the bestwhen we did a video test. Played them back on the PC and I was surprised.Making it 5 stars based on performance alone. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This driving recorder is really worth buying and using. The 1080P pixel allows you to clearly see the license plate of the vehicle on the road and even the brand of the car. This driving recorder can not only record video but also take pictures. When you leave After the car, as long as someone hits your car or walks in front of the camera, the driving recorder will automatically start monitoring. The self-contained loop recording is also very practical, you only need a 32GB memory card. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Iv’e been looking at dash cams for quite some time, and finally settled with this one after comparing prices and features. This camera has a multitude of features, as well as full HD video at a fraction of the price of some of their competitors. My video shows day vs night driving, while driving on the same streets. The video quality is actually much better than posted, my video editor knocked it down while exporting. I like the fact that the camera has a G sensor in it, meaning it’ll immediately lock the video files if it detects an impact. I was worried that installation was going to be a hassle, but had no problems with my 2016 camaro. I just ran it under the roof liner and down the pillar on the passenger side and behind the carpet under the dash. Took maybe 10 minute tops. This camera says it only supports up to a 32gb SD card, but my class 10 64gb card is working flawlessly in it. The housing of the camera is a really light plastic, but the camera itself is quality. The picture is super clear. I’m more than happy with this purchase, and hope I never have to use the footage, but having it gives me peace of mind if an accident were to occur. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  for only $36 bucks this cam works really well, mounting it to my window with the included suction cup literally took 2 seconds. I thought I was doing it wrong at first because how easy it was. It also includes a 3M tape mount if you prefer that. The cigarette plug includes a usb port, so even though you’re using the slot you can still charge your phone.The menu is easy to navigate once you figure out what everything does.The cam does struggle a little when the sun is shining right at it but its still visible and you can still read plate numbers.Overall good camera, recommended!! Very good dash cam,Receive it in 3 days. Good price and high quality,I have some deep impression about it:★ Scope of delivery ★- Dashcam- Holder with suction cup- Bracket with double-sided adhesive tape- USB mini cable- 12 V plug with very long USB mini cable and an additional USB socket (for mobile phone, for example)- Instructions in several languages ★ mounting ★either attach the suction cup to the disc or fix the other holder e.g. Stick to the rearview mirror- Lay the cable from the dashcam to the 12 V socket-> Cable sufficiently long, have it laid from the center console on the footwell, along the A-pillar along the headliner ★ Commissioning ★- Insert Micro SD card (I use a SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC, can be formatted in the camera, but does not have to)- Plug in the cable, the camera will start by itself ★ Operation and functions ★- the recording starts when the camera gets power and goes on (blue LED flashes)- The accelerometer detects critical situations and prevents the camera from overwriting this shot (1, 3 or 5 min each time)- all other recordings are overwritten when the memory is full (loop recording, can also be switched off)- via the supplied USB cable, the camera can be opened on the PC like a conventional camera to see the pictures- the camera has 3 modes: video recording, still photography, viewing the stored photos and videos (played back via built-in speaker with sound)- the camera can remain switched on even after driving, as it always starts recording in Motion Detection mode when motion is detected in front of the camera (display may be off) If the camera should be on permanently (with the engine stopped), of course, the question arises after the★ power consumption ★- I measured the following data with a laboratory power supply and an ammeter (included 12 V adapter at 12.4 V, each with full camera battery (3.7 V, 180 mAh)):- Camera connected and off: 11.4 mA- Display on and recording: 180 mA corresponds to 2.2 W- Display off and recording: 145 mA correspond corresponds to 1.8 W- Display off and no recording 123 mA- If you leave the camera in the switched off vehicle, it will consume 1.8 W permanently- with a medium-sized car battery (fully charged) that is no problem for several weeks or months ★ quality of recordings ★- it is recorded in FHD (1920 x 1080) (smaller resolution possible via settings)- License plates of other vehicles are easily recognizable- It is recorded at a great angle, so you can at least the entire hood in view- I have attached an example, but beware, Amazon is scaling down the videos! (Resolution is therefore not the original) ★ Conclusion ★Even if Dashcams are controversial, among others in USA, there are judgments that have allowed this as evidence. For frequent travelers or in critical areas to monitor the parked vehicle, this dashcam is ideal. You do not really have to worry about it, because it manages the recordings itself and secures the accident independently. The supplied material is extensive, so you do not have to buy anything in addition (except for an SD card of course). I can recommend the camera. Notes:If you want it to motion detection for 24 hours when the car turns off,you can use their hardwire hit,it can recorde and protect your car .I just ask their customer service,and they give a good solution. Update: They contacted me to offer a replacement. We’ll see how this one performs and I’ll come back to rate. Five star for now due to great customer support. I’ll update once I can review this camera properly.I used this as a rear camera to record Ne’er-do-wells. So… after someone almost hit me and then was threatening to put me into the hospital I noticed that this camera wasn’t recording and I could not use it as evidence. Going through the recorded video on the SD card I noticed that it wasn’t recording the whole drive cutting in and out at various times. I compared it to another brand I use as a forward facing camera and this was performing quite poorly. It was even worse than a couple really old dash cams I use in another vehicle. I drive a lot and I need a good dash cam as insurance, and I can’t trust this one. Disappointed because the reviews here made this look awesome.

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