APEMAN Dash Cam Hardwire Kit CH50, Micro USB Hard Wire Kit for Dashcam, DC 11.5V-40V to 5V Car Charger Power Kit, Build-in G-Sensor and Low Voltage Battery Drain Protection for Dash Cameras


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APEMAN Dash Cam Hardwire Kit CH50, Micro USB Hard Wire Kit for Dashcam, DC 11.5V-40V to 5V Car Charger Power Kit, Build-in G-Sensor and Low Voltage Battery Drain Protection for Dash Cameras Description

APEMAN Hardwire Kit for Micro USB Dash Cam It’s a must-have if you need 24/7 parking guard with your dash cam. It connects the camera directly to the OBD-II connector of your car under the dash cam for continuous power from the vehicle’s battery. When the car is driving, it can be used replacing the ordinary car charger, and the car ignition will not be powered off.APEMAN Hardwire Kit is specialized for APEMAN Star Dash Cam – C420&C420D&C860&C770 or other Micro charging port car recorder.Specifications: ★ Connector: Micro USB★ Input Voltage Range: 11.5V-40V★ Output: 5V /1.5A ★ Working Temperature:-10-60℃ ★ Cable Length: 3M★ Low Voltage Protection: When voltage lower than 11.5, automatically cut off the powerInstallation Instruction:1.Mount your camera where it has full vision of your road2.Run the wiring towards to the OBD-II connector of your car3.Hide the wire under the headboard4.Remove the 3M Sticker of the G-sensor on hardwire kit, then firm to the windshield where close to dash cam.5.Connect the hardwire kit with the dash cam and power the camera for using.Warm Tips: ★ If you don’t have experience on installing the hardwire kits for the dash cam, please ask to APEMAN Customer Team for professional help, we are always here to serve you. CH50 for Micro USB Charging Port – Fits for APEMAN C420&C420D&C420DS&C860&C770&C370, the kit is basically fit for Micro port Dash Cams or Car Charger. Compatible 11.5–40V Vehicles – This Hardwire Kit connects the camera directly to the car, truck, bus, suvs, or big rig for continuous power, with wide range of input voltage(Voltage between 11.5-40V), suitable for most of car mini USB device on the market. Build-in G-SENSOR – The dash cam automatically shuts down 5 minutes after the car is turned off. At this time, the G-SENSOR in the OBD starts to work (in the monitoring state). Once the car is vibrated, the OBD will be powered on to turn on the recorder. When there is no vibration signal, the driving recorder will automatically shut down after 1 minute, which will save the battery. 24 Hours Parking Surveillance – The hard-wire kit connected to OBD-II connector of your car, can uninterruptedly supply power for dash camera for 24 hours. It can even supply Directly to the battery for constant 24hrs/7days power to protect against theft when your car is in the parking lot. Low Voltage Protection – With a smart low voltage protection system, the camera will power off automatically when the battery voltage lower than to 11.5V, thus preventing it draining the battery. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I purchased this to go along with my Apeman Dual Dash Cam to support its parking mode feature which requires continuous power. The parking mode feature allows the camera to monitor your cars surroundings while the car is parked and the engine isn’t running. Because my car is one of your most expensive assets, I want to make sure its safe at all times!Now I’m not the smartest guy in the world, so luckily this setup is pretty simple. The entire package consists of one long cord, with one end that will connect to your dash cam and one end that will plug into your cars OBD II connector. The OBD II is a plugin spot usually located underneath your dash board (depends on your car) that mechanics will sometimes use in order to run diagnostic. But in our case, this is where we are going to get our power.After you’ve got it plug into the OBD II, simply hide the wiring under the paneling, plug it into the camera, and you are good to go!I just love how easy this was!Frequency vs relative frequency” This is a good addition to your Apeman dash cam. I feel a little better that I have it installed with my cam since it will turn on the camera when it senses something. The only issue I have is that it triggers even if I walk into my garage. I’m guessing that closing the house door is causing the car to vibrate a little with the change in air pressure which is setting it off. I wanted this so that when I’m at work or if I park my car outside it would start the camera. So it’s very sensitive which I guess is better than it not being sensitive enough. Just run along the headliner, and plug into OBD port. Has G sensor in case someone hits car while parked. Less of mess than with cigarette ligher, or direct fuse wiring The hardware kit is needed if you want to engage the parking safety feature of the Apeman camera. I didn’t understand how this function worked at first….thinking it was built in to the camera. Receiving the hardware kit – which is just a power cord that is powered from the OBD plug in the car AND has a motion sensor built into the cord. After installing the cable with the motion sensor the camera will turn on if the car is parked and bumped. This feature should help figure out who it was that hit/bumped the car while it’s parked. Now one can know when that scratch on the door was made and possibly even catch a plate number of the vehicle that damaged the car. Highly recommend you buy this kit if you purchase the APEMAN Dash Cam. The APEMAN Dash Cam Hardwire Kit made the permanent installation (hardwiring) of the APEMAN Dash Cam a breeze. Locate the diagnostic port and plug it in. This attachment works perfectly with my dash camera. The advertisement picture does not portray the product correctly. The distance between the camera plug-in and the windshield mount is actually about 7-8 inches, not 2 inches! This kit made it easy to install my dashcam. No problem. Not only does it free-up a power plug; it records for about 5mins when you shut the car off and it also has a g-shock sensor that make the camera record for a few mins if the car is bumped (or hit) when parked.Pretty cook and a must-have accessory to the dashcam.

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