APEMAN Mini Dash Cam 1080P Car Camera Driving Recorder Night Vision, 170° Wide Angle, Motion Detection, Parking Monitoring, G-Sensor, Loop Recording


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APEMAN Mini Dash Cam 1080P Car Camera Driving Recorder Night Vision, 170° Wide Angle, Motion Detection, Parking Monitoring, G-Sensor, Loop Recording Description

APEMAN Mini DASH CAM 1080P Car Camera Recorder Combined with fluent 1080p Full High-definition videos, 170°Ultra Wide Angle, WDR, Parking Monitor and Loop Recording, APEMAN C420 dash cam will allow you “Drive without fear, your trip is under control” Ultra-Wide View 170-degree field of view captures more of the environment, including cross traffic. 1080P High-definition & 2 Inch LCD Screen 1080P Full HD and large screen display the road condition in real-time, providing you the best visual experience. WDR & HDR Technology This Car Camera Recorder creates clear videos with artistic qualities even in backlight or low-light situations. Emergency Accident Lock Automatically captures unexpected driving incidents and save the video during the collision as evidence. Continuous Loop Recording Overwrites the oldest footage to prevent the recording from stopping when the memory card is full. 24 hours Parking Monitoring Parking mode monitors your car’s surroundings while your car is parked and the engine turns off. ( Micro Hardwire kit sold separately) Easy to Set Up Simple installation and operation will immediately make this dash cam becomes your loyal driving protector. Package Contents APEMAN C420 Dash Cam + Car Charger + 3M Adhesive + Mount+ User Manual Warm Tips APEMAN C420 dash cam supports a Class 10 Micro SD card(Not Included), 32-128 GB. Please format it to FAT32 on the computer and on the car camera before use. Make sure this fitsby entering your model number. Self Development & Brand New Design – C420 continues the lightweight, mini design of the previous version; it can be perfectly hidden behind the rear mirror. The appearance, texture and the upgrade of the button make the product feel more comfortable; the operation is still simple and friendly to new users. 1080P High Definition & Night Vision – 1080p recording and advanced sensor ensure full high-definition recording during the day and night. Equipped with a wide-angle camera of 170°, it captures every detail on the way. 24/7 Reassuring All-weather Monitoring – The car recorder includes motion detection and parking monitoring. It automatically starts recording when it detects a collision or shakes, providing you with security every moment. Loop Recording & G-sensor – When these two functions are turned on, the dashcam overwrites the oldest videos to ensure continuous recording; when a shock or collision is detected, the camera will lock the current video and prevent it from being overwritten. The APEMAN C420 dashcam is an excellent value. Assuming you don’t need any high-end advanced features, this little camera should definitely suffice. In fact, it makes it hard to justify buying anything better.Pros:- Small size compared to other, bulky dash cams.- DOES accept 128 GB MicroSDXC card. (I went through the trouble of formatting to FAT32, but when I put it in the camera, it prompted me to format it. The camera formatted it to exFAT… So yeah, don’t bother with FAT32.)- JUST WORKS. You plug it in, and it just works. The top button lets you begin and pause recording, simple as that.- Comes with both a short cable and a super long cable to make installation easier.- Suction cup mount works really well.Cons:- For no apparent reason at all, the camera has a Mini USB port for connecting to a computer, and a Micro USB port for charging. Be aware, the supplied cables are MICRO USB, and do not fit in the Mini USB port.- This product page says “Max 32GB Micro SD card”, which is misleading. (I bought 32GB cards, thinking my 128 wouldn’t work. Wasted money…)- File size is large, due to the 1080p quality. My 33-minute commute created 11 files, totaling 4.05 GB. So if you use a 32 GB card, you’re limited to about 4.5 hours of recording time. (A 128 GB card should increase that capacity to nearly 18 hours before the loop overwriting kicks in. In my case, that’s nearly 16 days of driving history, as opposed to only 4 days with a 32 GB card).Other:- This camera records video in 3-minute chunks. I’m sure there’s some technical reason for this, but it seems odd to me.- The (long) supplied cable uses a 90-degree right angle on the Micro USB connector, which may not look particularly pretty, depending on your setup.- Out of the box, the Date & Time was way off. Make sure you set it before taking your first drive or you’ll be scratching your head when the timestamp on your mid-November commute says 04-17-2018 3:14:08 AM.Conclusion: This little camera does exactly what it is supposed to. It has a few quirks and can be confusing if you aren’t patient and paying attention, but thanks to the 128 GB Micro SDXC, and a $10-off lightning deal, I was able to grab the perfect dashcam for my needs for under $40. That said, even if you find it at $50, it’s a steal.Update: After messing around in the settings, I found options to record in 5-minute and 10-minute chunks as well. Again, I’m not sure about the practical implications of these options, but at least we aren’t limited to 3-minute snippets.Update 2: Be careful with your settings! Each recording reserves the same space on the micro SD card. So if you set it to record 10-minute chunks, and you record 11 minutes, that 1 minute becomes a new file and takes up 100% of the space a 10-minute recording would take. This is very inefficient so I switched back to 3-minute slices. That way less space is wasted on those “remainder” files. It’s not a huge deal, but be careful so you don’t cheat yourself out of disk space! Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I’m a new car owner and I recently got the C420 Dash Camera. Upon using it for a couple days I just wanted to say I absolutely found the camera to be amazing. Not only for its TFT-LCD screen that runs in 1080p HD but it’s ability of automatically recording when any object is in motion. Being an IT student and a photographer i have knowledge on these types of devices I must mention the camera’s ability to balance both its footage and image capturing capability. In the past I have seen other dash cameras to potentially use before I even began to drive and it’s just they always lacked majorly in the motion capturing department favoring over one over the other. The width range of the camera is also worth mentioning because of its large wide range. It can capture the entire front view instead of capturing a small and specific spot. The camera’s G sensor can sense any sudden movement while also being able to freeze an image frame with no motion disturbance. I honestly can’t recommend enough on how phenomenal the C420 Dash Camera is and it’s other very convenient functions included along with it. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  After opening the package, I was surprised by how small the unit was. It was lightweight and very easy to install and use on the car. The suction cup gripped the glass very well, and the unit only took a few minutes to install. The video quality was very detailed and high quality where I can see peoples face and plate numbers. This is quite helpful for incidents where you need to see everything. Audio quality is great and has the option to turn it off. Overall I am quite happy with the product. The dash cam came in a nice packaging with instructions. Pretty easy to use, just put a micro SD card into the dash cam and the thing will turn on and start recording when you start your car. Works 64GB micro SD card in FAT32 format. Great small size not blocking the view. Great 1080P quality. I’m really pleased with this dash cam and after a lot of research this is the one that is best suited to my car, driving conditions, and ease of use/installation.The manufacturer/seller has been prompt and very helpful with additional instructions, solutions, and suggestions.While the manual is helpful, check out the attached pic of what each icon/symbol means on the Apeman C420 screen. This was really helpful from the seller.I also used the – REARMASTER Universal OBD Power Cable for Dash Camera,24 Hours Surveillance/Acc Mode with Switch Button – (search Amz for listing) to quickly/easily connect this dash cam to my OBDII connector so that I can have power to the came 24/7 or just with the ACC mode. When you enter the Format mode there APPEARS to be 4 options. Format, Delete all Data, Cancel, and Confirm. I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t highlight “Format,” or “Delete All Data” to either format the card, or delete all data.” I think the problem was that “Format Delete All Data” is not an option, but a description. Then when you do highlight, and click “confirm” the format happens so fast, as the screen flashes “FORMATTING” that it almost goes unnoticed leaving you to wonder if anything happened. I hope this helps anybody who may have run into the same conundrum. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This was my first ever dash cam, and I was really shocked to see how good it was.Works as advertised. The dash camera was very neatly packaged. The instructions are pretty simple, also in multiple languages. The cables included are long enough to run around the car neatly. The included charging cable has a built-in USB charging portThe 1080p quality is quite good and saves to your microSD card. The screen is clear and the recording clarity is amazing. Highly recommend!

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