AUKEY Car Phone Mount Air Vent Phone Holder for Car One-Touch Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro/11/Xs/8/7/6, Galaxy S10/S10+/S9/S9+, Note 10 and More


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AUKEY Car Phone Mount Air Vent Phone Holder for Car One-Touch Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro/11/Xs/8/7/6, Galaxy S10/S10+/S9/S9+, Note 10 and More Description

Read more Complement and elevate your digital lifestyle. Hold devices steady: Firmly hold your smartphone or GPS. Flexible fit: Adjustable air vent mounting grip to attach to thicker or thinner air vents. Instant release button: Easily insert and remove your phone by instant release button. 360 degree rotation: A 360° rotating and pivoting ball joint achieves the ideal viewing angle. Read more Fits Wide Range of Air Vents The grip can be set to fit different types of air vent, including those with narrow or wide gaps between the slats. Open Charging Port Easy access to your phone’s charging port for fuss-free charging on the road. Padded Support Curved silicone padding provides additional support for your device. Read more Complete Adjustment Easily adjust to the perfect viewing angle using the 360° rotating and pivoting ball joint. pivoting ball joint to get a clear & comfortable view. Instant Release Button Simply tap the touch-sensitive button to release your phone on arrival. Keep Your Case On No need to remove your phone case (up to 5mm thick). Read more Read more Secure Attachment: Securely hold your smartphone or GPS on an air vent in your car Flexible Fit: Fits most standard air vents and both horizontal & vertical vent blades. Features an adjustable air vent mounting grip to attach to thicker or thinner air vents Simple Setup: Easily place and remove your phone using the widely adjustable phone cradle with instant release button. A 360° rotating and pivoting ball joint gives you the ideal viewing angle and allows quick switching between portrait and landscape view Soft Surface: The mount is padded with soft silicone to ensure smooth contact with your device and prevent scratches Package Contents: AUKEY HD-C58 Car Phone Mount, User Manual I am a person who uses navigation for going anywhere so I really needed a phone mount like this for a while. I checked a few out and this had really nice reviews and the price was good so I bought this and it really deserves all the nice reviews. It looks good in my car, was really easy to install and use and it hold my phone really well. Really liked it so far! I’ve used the car holder with just the magnets, and this style with the phone cradle is WAY better. Here is what I liked about it:-Easy to insert into the car vent with one click.-Easy to load phone in and out.-Moves up and down, side to side depending on who is using it.-Super sturdy. Even over bumps on the road, the phone didn’t fall out.-High quality material. It doesn’t feel cheap.Overall, this was a great purchase. I look forward to using it day to day and especially for long road trips. Purchased this phone mount for my husbands phone. It actually fits both our phones and our sons phone perfectly. The cradle securely holds all of the phones that we have tested, we tried 3 different type of phones (iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy and a Samsung J3 Luna Pro). Our phones sit upright with no problem and are very snug. No worries with them falling out on the ride. It’s also very small and cute and not big and bulky. I would recommend. I really like this phone holder because it’s so easy to use with any size phone. Using one hand I can pop the phone into the frame and it grabs it and holds it firmly in place. The problem is that the back, the part attached to the vent, seems to have issues staying gripped to the vent itself, making the entire device feel loose. I have to re-attach the back piece to the vent at least once every couple of weeks. Not a huge deal, but it would be nice if it were more secure. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This product is easy to install and fits the phone very securely. It makes my driving experience safer as I can now see my directions very close to my eyeline and not have to glance farther away to view this. When not in use, it is small enough to not be in the way. The holding piece is expandable to fit various size phones and the pieces on the bottom where the phone rests make it feel very secure. This is a good purchase at a good price and will be very helpful when I have to travel to new areas for work. I bought this mount to secure my cell phone to my car dashboard, so that I can access it for Spotify and Google Maps. The dark grey color of the holder fit very well with the rest of my car’s interior, so it didn’t look too out of place. Assembly took about a couple minutes, no tools needed, and attaches very firmly onto the air-conditioning vent, despite the ones in my car being exceptionally narrow.The grips for the side are adjustable and will probably work to fit most modern smart phones. The button at the back releases the extendable arms, making it quick and painless to take the phone in and out of the cradle; just make sure to hold the phone when you’re doing so to prevent it dropping when the grip loosens. The base of the mount also has a gap that lets you insert your phone cable if your car has a USB charger.Both the mount and phone remained secure throughout all my car trips, even during a 45-degree hill climb where I was worried my car would roll backward if I stopped pressing the accelerator. The material feels solid and sturdy, and I feel perfectly comfortable attaching a $500 smartphone to it; though, to be fair, I always have a drop-proof casing over my phone for extra protection. Highly recommended, especially if you don’t want to attach a heavy magnetic base to the back of your phone.Side note: I was unable to get any photos of the phone holder with my cell phone in it, because I was using my phone to take the pictures =/ This is a nice and simple mount for your cell phone.It clips to your vent, which I almost always will prefer to the type the use suction cups. Those always fail At the worst time For Me.It holds your phone in place well, and has a notch out for your cable to charge the phone while cradled.Excellent product I got this on a whim thinking it would be cool to try so that my phone wouldn’t slide all over the place while I’m driving. I have an iPhone 7Plus which also has a pretty big pop socket attached to the back so I was concerned it might not work as well, but that was not the case at all. This mount is awesome!! Super easy to figure out and put together.You just press a button on the back to “release” the side phone grips, put the phone in the middle of the grips, push the side grips back together and done. Super super easy and secure.The grip for the AC vent is also very secure and is pretty self explanatory as well.I’ve had this for about a day and a half and I love it so far! I’ve used it 3-4 times today alone and it completely stayed in place, pivoted and angled easily and made the drive so much easier and safer as I was not fumbling for my phone to find it or see it when I got calls or needed to make a call or when I wanted to change the music I was playing from my phone. I was able to keep my eyes on the road where they belong!!Definitely recommend this product!!

PLEASE NOTE It is recommend that use the square pad on the back of your phone case. WHAT S YOU GET 1 LISEN magnetic phone car mount, 2 Round metal Pad, 1 Rectangular metal Pad, 2 Round PE Film , 1 Rectangular PE Film. WixGear is a high-quality manufacturer and supplier of tech accessories that go the distance. the new generation of dual-clip evenly distributes force and provides twice the stability of the traditional single vent clip, holding securely onto car vent louvers without falling out even on bumpy roads. 1 inch, Anti-Scratch Case with 360 Degree Rotation Finger Ring Kickstand Work with Magnetic Car Mount Compatible for iPhone 11 2019 - Black. Wide Compatibility 4.


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