AUKEY Dual Dash Cam【Upgraded Sensor】FHD 1080P Front and Rear Camera Car Camera  Supercapacitor 6-Lane 170 Degrees Wide Angle Lens Dashcam with Night Vision, Motion  Detection, G-Sensor


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AUKEY Dual Dash Cam【Upgraded Sensor】FHD 1080P Front and Rear Camera Car Camera  Supercapacitor 6-Lane 170 Degrees Wide Angle Lens Dashcam with Night Vision, Motion  Detection, G-Sensor Description

Read more 1080p Front & Rear Cameras 170° Front Camera & 152°Wild Camera 1.5″ LCD Screen Emergency Recording Loop Recording Motion Detection Time-Lapse High Definition and Stealth Design The streamlined ‘stealth’ design AUKEY Dual Dash Cameras cover both front and rear angle for greater protection and peace of mind on the road. Sony IMX307 Sensors and wide-angle lenses capture every detail in sharp & clear 1080p, day or night. You’ll have solid video evidence to back you up in any driving disputes or incidents. Avoid the risk of losing insurance claims and protect yourself against insurance fraud scams. Format the micro SD card in the dash camera before first use. Use a Class 10+ Micro SD memory card (Max 128GB) for reliable recording and performance. Use your own USB Mini-B data cable or a micro SD card reader to transfer files to your computer (the included cable is for power only). Read more HDR Night Recording Full HD Sharp Recording. No blur or graininess even at night. High quality for your safety. Supercapacitor Use a supercapacitor for greater heat & cold endurance (-30°C – 75°C / -22°F – 167°F) and longer lifetime than cameras with standard battery technology Ultra-Wide View Expanded both 170° front and 150° rear wide-angle field of view enables full road coverage. Read more Emergency & Loop Recording Automatically captures unexpected driving incidents and overwriting old footage. Activated by sharp turns or sudden stops. GPS Compatibility Connect to the AUKEY GM-32 GPS Antenna (sold separately) to embed location & speed data for trip tracking and greater protection. Easy Mounting With the included accessories you can easily install your dash cam yourself without having to pay for expensive installation services, even for a first-time user. Read more AUKEY DRA5 MINI 1080p Dash CamAUKEY DRA1 1080p Dash CamAUKEY DR01 1080p Dash CamAUKEY DR02 1080p Stealth Dash CamAUKEY DR02 D 1080p Front and Rear Dash CamAUKEY DR02 P WIFI Dash CamResolutionFull HD 1080p (30 fps)Full HD 1080p (30 fps)Full HD 1080p (30 fps)Full HD 1080p (30 fps)Full HD 1080p (30 fps)Full HD 1080p (30 fps)Image SensorGC2053 CMOS sensorGC2053 CMOS sensorSony Exmor IMX307 2.19-megapixel CMOS sensorSony Exmor IMX323 2.19-megapixel CMOS sensorSony Exmor IMX307 2.19-megapixel CMOS sensorSony Exmor IMX323 2.19-megapixel CMOS sensorLens170° Wide-Angle 170° Wide-Angle 170° Wide-Angle 170° Wide-Angle Front 170° Wide-Angle and Rear 160° Wide-Angle 170° Wide-Angle Screen Size2.7″1.5″2″1.5″1.5″1.5″Recording ModesContinuous, Motion Detection, Time-Lapse, Emergency RecordingContinuous, Motion Detection, Time-Lapse, Emergency RecordingContinuous, Motion Detection, Time-Lapse, Emergency RecordingContinuous, Motion Detection, Time-Lapse, Emergency RecordingContinuous, Motion Detection, Time-Lapse, Emergency RecordingContinuous, Motion Detection, Time-Lapse, Emergency RecordingSupercapacitor✓✓✓✓✓MicroSD Card CompatibilityClass 10+, 128GB MaxClass 10+, 128GB MaxClass 10+, 128GB MaxClass 10+, 128GB MaxClass 10+, 128GB MaxClass 10+, 128GB MaxDimensions3.15″ x 1.97″ x 1.22″1.97” x 1.85” x 1.42”2.2″ x 2.2″ x 1.2″ 3″ x 2″ x 1.5″Front: 3″ x 2″ x 1.5″, Rear: 2.1″ x 2″ x 1.1″3″ x 2″ x 1.5″Wi-Fi Connection✓ 【Upgraded Sony Sensor】: The DR02 D is a complete front and rear dash camera system that backs you up in any road incident. Superior Sony IMX307 sensors in both cameras capture super-sharp 1920x1080p 30fps video and perform excellently for nighttime driving with HDR night vision 【Extreme Temperature Operation】: This camera uses a supercapacitor for greater heat & cold endurance (-30°C – 75°C / -22°F – 167°F) and a longer lifetime than standard battery technology 【Emergency Recording & Loop Recording】: Emergency Recording automatically captures unexpected driving incidents and protects the recordings. Loop Recording allows continuous use by writing over old, unneeded footage 【Motion Detection】: With a built-in G-sensor, the dash camera can automatically detect a sudden shake/collision. Connect to hardwire kit or the AUKEY PM-YY (sold separately) to maintain the power supply to your dash camera even when the car ignition is switched off 【Package Contents】: AUKEY DR02 D Dual Dash Cameras (front and rear camera), Dual-Port USB Car Charger, 4m / 13ft USB Mini-B Cable, 7m / 23ft USB Mini-B Cable, Two Sticker Mounts, Six 3M Stickers, Six Cable Clips, User Manual Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  With all the recent burglaries and close calls with traffic I decided to look into a dash camera. I chose this because of the price and the decent reviews. For me the set up was easy to do, it didn’t take long to get it up and running. The user interface on the camera itself is a little cumbersome, but from the size I would expect that. I run a Samsung 128Gb micro SD in the unit and I haven’t had any issues with it moving any footage to the card. I don’t record audio because I talk to myself while driving, it’s purely to hide my embarrassment.I’ve enclosed a small video of driving in the sun all the way to driving at night so you can get an idea of how it records in those conditions. I unfortunately left the protective sticker over the lens on the back camera without realizing it, and it was looking out a tinted window, so it’s much brighter than in the video. I also want to point out that the 3M adhesive that comes with the mounting hardware is really sticky. I used a different double sided tape over window, I didn’t want to mess up the rear tint if I ever tried to remove the camera.The image is pretty good, but I cant really enhance license plates and as you can tell by passing cars can get a little blurry as they go by. For the price I don’t think you can get the quality that you can with this camera, it’s a solid unit for the price.******Update******Still works well, except make sure you format the SD card in the unit, because when someone breaks out your window it won’t record, so I have learned.Also when it’s hot out the display comes on, I want it off but it won’t stay off unless it’s cool, which is weird. It will even lock up and won’t try to turn off if it’s really hot out (80°f)******Update*******I sent Aukey and email about the issue with it staying on. I got a reply immediately and then tried to diagnose what could be the issue. Figured there was something wrong with the unit, so they sent another one promptly to replace it. I put it in and it works great! The customer service is fantastic and I know that they’ll do whatever it takes to make it right. I have confidence in the product because they care enough to take care of the customer Overall I’m pretty happy with it.Picture quality/lens:In optimal lighting you can make out plates within about 10 or so meters. About the center 60 degrees of the framehas the best quality as the image becomes slightly distorted towards the edge because of the wide field of view. Not to the point of plates being unreadable on the front cam, but you may have more difficulty making them out on the rear cam.Night driving:At night, the distance you can make out plates from is reduced as the picture becomes softer. The front cam is pretty good at night, but the rear cam gets very dark.Storage:Using both cams, I’ve approximated that you can store about:128gb — 12h 20m (my card size)64gb — 6h 10m32gb — 3h 5m16gb — 1h 30m(Calculations are based on the total actual driving time from both cams, not the gross total footage. My card can storejust over 24h 40m. That’s shared between two cams, so the actual time is halved.)Collision detection:I changed the collision detection to medium but that just gave tons of false positives from potholes and bumps. I have mixed feelings about this camera. I have one installed in my minivan. I hardwired the camera, though not to be “always ON” (I may switch it to the “always ON” fuse now, after reading positive responses about it). In my case all wiring is hidden, and in the minivan is was difficult to do. While putting the cable via ”easy” path between the front and the back (in the floor trim near the door), I discovered that the cable was too short. While manual says it’s a USB cable, the manual is WRONG. I contacted support, which was very responsive, but was told that 1) the company does not sell or make an extension cable, 2) the company cannot provide me with the layout of the cable that connects front and back, and 3) it’s not possible to buy a replacement cable, in case this one breaks. It APPEARS to be a 10-pin cable, with possibly proprietary pinout. The support was cool about it, and offered refund if I did not want the camera anymore, but I kept it and rerouted the cable between the driver-side wall and the ceiling (via “blind” channel, which was an interesting exercise).Pros:- The image quality of the front camera is good, even at night.- The images are correctly time-stamped.- The camera is light and small. It’s not going to fall off the glass.- The camera is easily removed/put back, if I need to do it.- The sdcard is easily accessible, if I want to remove it/put back.- The power connector is a standard USB, so it was easy to hardwire.- The support is responsive.Cons:- The image quality of the rear camera is not bad if there is a light at the back. But if your rear window is factory-tinted, as it is on minivans, and there are no car behind you, the image will be pitch-black.- The buttons are not very intuitive. Of course, you can read the manual and figure it out, but it’s not something you would do on the road.- The cable that connects front and back camera appears to be proprietary. There is no replacement for it, and no known pinout.- Support cannot help you much if you need technical information about the camera.- The sticky pad that comes with it is greyish, which is not very inconspicuous. I bought black gorilla tape pads and used the spare mounting plate that comes with the camera. With those unless you look close, you will not notice that I have the camera installed.

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