Best Connections Trailer Light Cable Wiring Harness 50 Feet 14 Gauge 7 Wire 7 Colors


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Best Connections Trailer Light Cable Wiring Harness 50 Feet 14 Gauge 7 Wire 7 Colors Description

14 Gauge, 50′ FT Trailer Wire7 Rolls, 50′ FT Each RollSingle Conductor, Remote, Turn on, Hook Up WireStranded Copper Clad AluminumFlexible, Insulated, and Jacketed in PVCPerfect for Car Audio, Home Theatre, AutomotiveUse this with any 12 Volt or home projectRated 158 degrees Fahrenheit (6 to 80 Volts)THIS IS NOT AWG AMERICAN WIRE GAUGE Make sure this fitsby entering your model number. 14 Gauge, 50′ FT, Single Conductor Remote, Turn on, Hook Up Wire. Flexible, Insulated, and Jacketed in PVC. Perfect for Car Audio, Home Theatre, Automotive. Excellent for any 6 VOLT – 80 VOLT application I ordered a trailer light cable wiring harness package of 50ft spools. I needed exactly 48ft total length for a 20ft trailer. I pulled off 24ft measured and installed the cable in the trailer side rails. when i went to pull of 24ft for the other side 3 of the 4 wires were short and i mean way short like 8 to 10 ft short depending on the color. Call me picky but when i order 50ft spools i expect to get 50 ft spools not 42 ft or 40 ft. Now i am delayed while i get more wire. Thanks for shorting me. no pun intended. I used this kit to rewire my equipment trailer about a year and a half ago and I already need to completely rewire it again. The copper plated aluminum wiring oxidizes in the humid weather in Florida turning the wiring at every connection and up into the insulation into white powder. Currently my trailer wiring is full of 1 to 2 foot splices where I had to replace the wiring had oxidized and crumbled. If you do choose to use this kit, use waterproof connectors or heat shrinks. This kit was the perfect thing for my 20 ft utility trailer build. I had enough wire to make it all the way to the far rear marker light, along with the one that stretches across the front to the far side as well, with a few feet of wire to spare. The rest of the wires were way more than I needed, and everything is color coded properly from front to back, so no confusion about which is which if I have to do any wiring work on this trailer again.One problem however was that about a week after I installed the wiring, one of the wires that I didn’t hide in a wire loom were chewed by a rodent. I’m assuming this is because the wires have insulation that is made out of something attractive to them. Essentially they think it’s food. So, if you’re going to use these exposed to the underside of a trailer, you probably want to get some wire loom and tuck it in there to avoid any rodent damage. I knocked one star off for that, but otherwise, good quality stuff. I thought this was great at first. Turns out a year down the road the rubber coating turns brittle and will start to cracking and break everywhere! Everytime I use my trailer it’s got a new broken wire somwhere. Do not buy! You will be rewiring it a again in under 2 years. Safety is paramount for me, so when I realized a couple of our farm5 trailers had old fraying wiring, I bought this set to run new wiring harnesses where needed and to make necessary repairs. 50′ is ample to rewire a single trailer with quite a bit leftover. I know we’ll need more since we have a few trailers to rewire, but not all require 7 colors – the smaller trailers with the 4 flat plug typically only requires 3 wire colors. The 7 colors makes color coding easy and the wire seems flexible enough to hold up to what I need it to do. The only thing keeping it from getting 5 stars is the packaging. If the spools came in a single dispenser (even cardboard) instead of 7 separate plastic bags where they tend to unwind when removed, it would make the product much easier to use and would earn the 5 stars but even without, the wire looks good. Great quality wire, re-wired an entire trailer from front to back without issue. Insulation is consistent which is important, I’ve had some wire get really thin in some spots, this is consistent every where I nipped it. Gauge is correct, inner strand is copper not clad which some cheap wire is just copper clad. Quick shipping and the price was under half of what I could find locally. I had to rewire a car transport trailer. The original wiring shorted and ruined all other wires in harness. These packages of wires was what i needed for rewiring. Thank you.👍

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