Dash Cam GOODTS Full HD 1080P Mini Car Camera Driving Recorder 1.5 inch Screen 170°Wide Angle, Dashboard Camera with G-Sensor Loop Recording WDR Motion Detection Night Vision (16GB Card Included)


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Dash Cam GOODTS Full HD 1080P Mini Car Camera Driving Recorder 1.5 inch Screen 170°Wide Angle, Dashboard Camera with G-Sensor Loop Recording WDR Motion Detection Night Vision (16GB Card Included) Description

We love technological innovation, because technology can change lives. We have so many years of experience, so we understand your needs. We are committed to provide you a high-quality and cost-effective Dash CAM D013 from powerful factory. GOODTS – GOOD producTS, GOOD life! Warm Tips: The battery of the Dash CAM is only fo remergency files back up. External power is required for normal use. Please prepare a ClASS 10 memory card(Micro SD) with the capacity of 32GB and format it before first time use(INCLUDED 16GB SD Card). GOODTS advises do not turn on “Motion Detection” while driving, that might make recording intermittent. Ensure normal viewing videos on PC, PotPlayer is recommended. D013 Dash CAM 16GB SD Card Car Charge Instruction Manual Mini USB Data Cable Suction Cup Mount + Adhesive Mount Read more 6 – Element Lens 6 – Element Lens will not only record videos better than other vehicle dashboard camera but also captures super-sharp Full HD video. 170° Wide-Angle 170° wide angle reduces blind zone and captures virtually everything in front of your car, providing you and your vehicle with all round protection. Full HD 1080P Video Full HD 1080P resolution helps to see clearly what’s in front of your vehicle and provides super picture/video during day and night when driving. Read more Seamless Loop Recording Seamless Loop Recording will record the video on 1 /3 /5 minutes clips and automatically overwrites the oldest clips with the newest videos. 24 Hours Parking Monitor GOODTS mini dash cam works when your car is parking, auto records when object or someone move close to your car. Thus will save the evidence what has damaged your car. Easy To Set Up Easy to set up and operate, just insert the memory card (Micro SD) and connect to the Car Charger(Cigarette Lighter) Socket. Read more ModelJ03D013D012H25CameraFrontFrontFront and RearFront and RearResolution 1080P FHD1080P FHD1080P FHD1080P FHDScreen2.45 Inch Super HD1.5 Inch Full HD 2.45 Inch Super HD 3 Inch Angle170°170° 170° + 170° 170° + 170° Installation MethodSuction Cup Mount + Adhesive MountSuction Cup Mount + Adhesive Mount Adhesive Mount Suction Cup MountRecommended Memory CardBranded Genuine Micro SD, 32GB, High Speed CLASS 10(C10)Branded Genuine Micro SD, 32GB, High Speed CLASS 10(C10)Branded Genuine Micro SD, 32GB, High Speed CLASS 10(C10)Branded Genuine Micro SD, 32GB, High Speed CLASS 10(C10) 【MINI FHD 1080P DASHCAM】Friend, If you are worried that the dash cam is too big, the driving safety will be affected. Choose us, we 1.5 inch mini size screen is easy to hide, and won’t obscure or distract your vision while you driving, so that it guards your safe drive. 【CLEAR NIGHT VISION & WDR】Full HD 1080P resolution video recording with clear night vision, This dash camera can work at day or night and recording clear videos. With wide dynamic range (WDR) technology. it can improve the color resolution. 【SEAMLESS LOOP RECORDING】Automatically overwrites the oldest footage to prevent the recording from stopping when the memory card is full(Locked clips won’t be overwritten), keeps the device shooting seamlessly without frequent formatting needed. 【G-SENSOR & MOTION DETECTION】With built-in G-sensor, dashboard camera can automatically detect a sudden shake/collision and lock the footage to be truly restored. When in standby, dash cam will detect whether there is the moving object, and the recording will be auto on if it finds a moving object. I am a school bus driver. The first week of school this year, I had someone blow through my stop paddle and almost hit one of my Kindergartners but it happened so fast that I was not able to get a license plate number. This was not the first time it had happened but it was the closest we had come to a tragedy. I decided to spend my own money and purchase a dash cam in hopes that I could at least catch plate numbers and hopefully get the word out in my community about this dangerous situation. I picked this camera because it was affordable. The suction cup works great! It holds firmly even bouncing around on back country roads that are not paved! The resolution on the video is amazing and has allowed us to ticket 3 people going through my stop paddle. Word seems to be getting out and it is slowing down and will hopefully prevent any students from being hit and injured! Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Super cool dash cam,it is very easy to setup and use.。It will automatically turn on when I start the car。 The size is just what I wanted which is not too big so that it won’t block my front view。As you can see from video,the picture quality is excellent, it is so clearly, definitely worth every penny you paid! I have been looking for a camera for my car a while since the last one stolen. I have compared several products and finally chose this one.The major reason I chose it is that it comes with 1080p resolution and 16g memory card as well at the $30 price range. after several days of using, the film quality is satisfiying. Traffic recorder! The main thing is that the pixels should be awake! The benefits of clear pixels should be known to all. Another point is that when an accident occurs, you can judge who is at fault!I didn’t have a recorder before! It’s the other person’s fault. I’m half responsible for it! I stopped at the intersection and waited to turn right! The truck turned left and came in with a very small arc and rubbed me! I can’t believe the truck driver said I didn’t stop at the intersection and hit him!You have to install a driving recorder to drive! For the price this is a great dash cam. The camera came with everything needed in the package and the menu was easy to use. I was able to set it up and use it without reading the instructions. The camera comes with a micro-SD card included and the camera works well. The recordings are broken up into several minute segments which isn’t uncommon for these types of devices. I haven’t tested the night vision capabilities as of yet but the day time recordings work well. The camera has a decent field of view and once setup works on its own. I would definitely recommend this dash camera. Small sized camera, easy to install and to operate its functionalities. Good quality of images and overall a good purchase for the price. I have used this dashcam for 14 days now with no errors or issues. The image quality is excellent for the price and It handles 1080p HD recording smoothly. It is very compact and easy to hide. It has a wide angle 170° lens so the front view shows a lot more of the road. I have tested the G sensor and the parking monitor motion detection with no problems. I like how the G sensor activates auto recording when my car alarm sets off and the dash cam has good night vision! It starts auto recording when you start the engine and the OS is easy to setup, navigate and use. The dash cam includes a user manual, USB cable, car charger, a 16GB SDMC card, a suction cup mounting bracket and a adhesive mounting bracket. This is my 2nd goodts dash cam and I would definitely recommend it. GOODTS – Dash Cam – D013Don’t waste your money, or your time!I had high hopes for this little dash cam based on reviews, and presumably, video downloaded from actual users. All I can say is that my hopes were diminished before I even mounted it in my vehicle.Packaging was great! I was sure I had a quality product. Then I started to peruse, then read, the “User Manual,” published in black and white.On page 1, labeled “Product Structure,” which I believe would be more properly labeled “Parts and Functions,” is a sketch, and I mean “sketch,” of the dash cam, with numbered lines drawn to the various parts. As you look down the left side of the diagram, the numbers are not sequential, which makes it a little awkward. How? You have to look at page two to learn the names of the various parts.On page 2, the “legend” consist of three columns of numbered parts corresponding to the numbered lines on the diagram. The problem is that you have to be read the numbers from left to right rather than top to bottom; the way one would expect to read items in a column. It would be much more readable if the items were numbered sequentially starting with the first column. This would be the perfect place also, to define the function of each part.The “Installation Guide” also begins on page 2, before you ever learn about setup and operation. Is it just me? I would like to know a little about how to operate this item before I mount it in a vehicle. So, move installation guide to the end, before “Product Specifications.” Oh, a mirror image depicting a left-hand drive vehicle is more appropriate for the North America market.The “…tips for installation” could be combined with the installation guide, rather than having its own section.I was hoping there would be a section entitled “Set up and Operation,” but there isn’t. In the course of turning it on (there is an annoying chime with no indication of how to silence it) and pressing various buttons, I found three different buttons on the video screen from which I could select: 1) “Mass Storage” with no description of what it is, or how to use it, 2) “PC Camera” again, with no description, or 3) “REC_mode”.When I click on mass storage, it displayed an icon of a flash/thumb drive, and you can’t back out of it. You have to disconnect the power cord. The same thing happens when I click on PC Camera; it displays an icon of presumably, a motion camera. Only when I click on REC_mode does go to the camera view.Beginning on page 3, through page 6, you find various functions that are supposed to be features of this dash cam. There are several lines of text and several icons that are ostensibly “highlighted,” however the effect is that they are almost “blacked out.” Even with a magnifying glass, I can’t tell what I’m supposed to be seeing.I could go on if I didn’t have other important stuff to do, so this is it. Someone else can pick up where I left off.Peace

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