Dash Cam Mirror Mount Kit for Rexing V1,Falcon F170,Z-Edge,Old Shark,YI,Kdlinks X1,VANTRUE and Most Dash Camera and Car Camera


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Dash Cam Mirror Mount Kit for Rexing V1,Falcon F170,Z-Edge,Old Shark,YI,Kdlinks X1,VANTRUE and Most Dash Camera and Car Camera Description

AmorTek,Delight Your Ride Patent Snake Mount for Dash Cam/GPS 9.7mm Ultra-slim body with 5 different joints, suitable for most rear view mirror and most dash cam. Real 360 degree rotation, available to adjust to any angle you want. Environmental silicone rubber pad, anti-slip and anti-shake. Never fall off the windshield like the suction cup holder Buy one dash cam, buy one dash cam mirror mount. MUST HAVE for dash cam! New 7 different joints kit suitable for most car dash cam on the market, include Rexing V1, Z Edge,Falcon F170, Old Shark, YI, Amebay, KDLINKS X1, VANTRUE and other hot selling dash cam. Mount your dash cam behind car rearview mirror, provides better drivers’ view. Real 360 degree rotation design, adjust to any angle you want. Exclusive 9.70mm ultra-slim design SnakeMount, suitable for most car rear view mirror.100 percent sturdy dash cam mirror mounting solution. Heat-resistant. Never fall off the windshield. Never. Okay so if you don’t understand my headline I’ll tell you this, I have tried the orignial stick on my dash cam came with and it fell off from the windshield. Try number two was industrial strength Velcro this one held well all throughout the winter but once summer hit the Velcro melted right off the windshield. My third try was a suction cup mount this one didn’t fall off in the summer but in the winter it started popping right off the window and wouldn’t stay on. Finally I got this one because it looked sturdy and fail proof. It came with very simple instructions I mounted it on my mirror and put the right head for my dash cam and viola it can’t fall off anymore! No matter if it’s not or cold this is going to stay on. It is very secure and doesn’t move, so overall I am very happy with the product and would recommend to anyone trying to find a stable mount for their dash cam. Fits a Vantrue N2 Pro. With no wiggle and very durable. I thought at first, the original swivel from my dashcam was a little loose, but this will make it snug. It’s worth the buy for it’s price! Really easy to install. No need for any types of tools. I installed it within 10 minutes. It was just a matter of getting behind that rear view mirror and tightening everything up. Don’t waste your time thinking about it, trust me, you’ll be amazed.. I had installed it for my 2017 Jeep Patriot, in which the cylinder wasnt long enough, but I had enough to work with so everything worked out fine. I hope i helped you out a little bit with your decision making. Mirror attaching mount is by far the best (mount) i have used.Easy to install, follow the directions.The different dash cam attachments are great. I have a (Rexing) the attachment clicked just right into the camera. But I did add some double sided tape to add more stability to the camera.***The MOST*** important instruction I can give is when adjusting the angle of the camera make sure to keep the ball joint holder loose. ***I tightened the ball joint holder to tight and adjusted the camera several times only to break the ball joint from the mount. I only have one (Rexing) attachment.I was able to use another attachment with double sided tape on the (Rexing camera) all is well.My fault.***REMEMBER DO NOT TIGHTEN THE BALL JOINT WHEN MAKING ANGLE ADJUSTMENTS, KEEP IT SLIGHTLY LOOSE***I still gave the mount 5 stars due to the design and strength of the mount. I could not get this mounting system to work with the Apeman dash cam, despite being recommended by Amazon as an associated item. Simply put, the mount comes with what looks like 12 different mounting brackets, and they are all made of cheap molded plastic. Trying to fit one of them into the mounting bracket on my dash cam, and it broke. Seemed like it was too thick to “clip” on securely. Not exactly easy to secure the bracket to the back of your mirror in the car with all those small pieces/screws either. From the Amazon page I thought I was getting something that was a single unit. Maybe a single unit with some accessories. But what I got was dozens of small pieces that fit together like an erector set or something! The Subaru manual says specifically you can’t mount anything to the windshield if you have the Eyesight technology and since we bought two Subarus mostly because we wanted Eyesight I’m not willing to risk compromising the functionality. This mount works just fine to mount our dash cams on the mirror support instead of the windshield, keeping the dash cam well out of range of the Eyesight cameras. Installation was easy in my Crosstrek. Because my wife’s Outback has a headlight sensor already mounted on the mirror support getting everything adjusted right was a bit more of a task but it worked out in the end. There are adapters included to fit a very wide range of dash cams. One of our dashcams fell off after a few days but a dab of glue (between the adapter and the camera) solved that problem. I highly recommend these mounts for anyone who doesn’t want to mount something directly to the windshield glass. I have used 2 other mounting options, both being of the suction cup style, and this by far is better than any of those. I did have to modify the mount just a tiny bit, the part that mounts to the actual camera itself, just barely covers the USB power inlet to the camera, just enough that the plug wouldn’t quite fit in the camera in it’s original state.However a quick bend of this tab, or a file would have also done the job, once that tab is out of the way, all else is spot on. And the band I made did not compromise the durability, and took about 2 minutes to spot the issue, and correct it. And the fitment and durability is worth the effort to correct this simple issue.And it is worth noting, not everyone will have this same issue, if you use a different camera.My camera is an “apeman” with the power supply plugging in at the top, if you have a camera where the power supply is on the side especially, I suspect you would absolutely no problem, and needing no modification of any kind.I have nothing but good things to say about this product I didn’t want to rely on adhesives or suction to hold my Roav A1 dashcam, so I explored some solutions to hard-mount it to the rear-view mirror stem. This kit did the trick. It comes with a handful of different t-slot adaptor sizes (I guess the industry hasn’t got a standard), a decent toothed bracket for the mirror stem, a silicone strap that I did NOT use (wrapping six inches of electrical tape has the same effect, with the benefit of adhesive), and a couple of ball joints for flexible positioning. I was able to mount my camera offset to the right, semi-concealed by my rear view mirror but still with access to the camera controls, which is exactly what I’d wanted. Communication from the seller has been proactive, which warms my heart, and the packaging was secure.Installation recommendations: See my note about the electrical tape. Also, don’t crank down hard on the butterfly nuts or the tightening knob; you don’t need a ton of pressure to hold things in position and you’ll just break plastic if you do it. Be patient in finding the right spot, then set it and forget it!

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