Dash Cam Mount, Anumit Universal Dash Camera Rear View Mirror Mount Holder Kit for YI, Rexing, APEMAN, Anker Roav, Aukey, CHORTAU, Z-Edge, Old Shark, Crosstour, E-ACE, Pruveeo and Most Other Dash Cam


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Dash Cam Mount, Anumit Universal Dash Camera Rear View Mirror Mount Holder Kit for YI, Rexing, APEMAN, Anker Roav, Aukey, CHORTAU, Z-Edge, Old Shark, Crosstour, E-ACE, Pruveeo and Most Other Dash Cam Description

Car Rear View Mirror Dash Cam Mount Holder For those who installed tint on their front windshield and worry about using a suction cup mount to mount their dashcam, Anumit dash cam mirror mount is the solution. won’t damage your car tint. won’t fall like when using suction cup mount and parked under the sun. Widely Applicable models Come with 16 different joints, suitable for AUKEY, Rexing V1, Z Edge,Falcon F170, Old Shark, YI, Amebay, KDLINKS X1, VANTRUE and other hot selling dash cam.(Including but not limited to). NOTE: Only compatible with domestic vihicles with mirrors that have a cylindrical shapped stem at least 0.4″ long Easy to install and remove Tool-less and easy to install, the product can be installed or removed within minutes thanks to the thumb screws Easy angle adjustment Adjustable ball and socket joint, real 360-degree rotation design, adjust to any angle you need. Specification: Material: Plastic and rubber Weight: 4.9 oz Clamping Diameter range: 0.5- 2.6 inches Make sure this fitsby entering your model number. ☑️ PERFECT COMPATIBILITY: New 16 different joints kit suitable for 99% (NOT ALL) dash camera, Action Camera, GPS and more. The ball dia of the dash cam mount is 0.63inch. For easy installation, please make sure the car rearview has (MORE THAN 0.4 INCH) space on the back of the mirror. ☑️ BEST DASH CAM COMPANION: Mount your dash cam behind the center of the windshield to make a safe driving, since it allows them to record a clear unobstructed view ahead and doesn’t interfere with the view when driving. ☑️ STRONG PIPE MOUNT: Tool-less and easy to install & removed, the mirror dash cam mount would be easy to lock on car rear view mirror/bike/motorcycle handlebar and any round pipe dia, Come with two long screws and two short screws, From 0.5- 2.6 inches. ☑️ 360° ROTATION FREEDOM: Adjustable ball and socket joint, real 360-degree rotation design, adjust to any angle you need, be it horizontally or vertically, the dash cam mirror mount is completely at your disposal. I bought 2 Welcam dashcams and I didn’t want to attach them directly to the windshield of my cars with the supplied sticky backed mounting plates. These rear view mirror mounting kits seemed like a good alternative to that, and they were with some minor modifications. These mounting kits claim to be universal which they are to a degree, but you will have to modify them work with Welcam dashcam mounts. I selected the biggest mounting post that the mirror kit came with. I cut the tabs off of it and stuck it to the sticky backed mounting plate that came with the dashcam (see photos). I carefully centered and drew an outline of the mirror kit post on red adhesive peel off strip on the dashcam plate and cut it out with a razor. This prevents your fingers from getting stuck to the adhesive on the dashcam plate if you ever have to adjust, move, or remove it from the vehicle. Then I carefully attached the mirror kit post to the sticky backed dashcam mounting plate. After that the installation was easy. The cameras were able to be pointed where they needed to be and they can be easily moved, removed, and reinstalled if/when necessary. If you bought a Welcam dashcam along with this kit, and you’re trying to figure out how to make it all work don’t fret. This kit works fine if you follow the instructions I’ve listed above. Overall it does what it says. I had tried multiple times to glue the original mount for my camera back together only for it to end up in my lap days later. Found this option while searching and it works well so far. I will give you a timesaver tip though and say when you begin to assemble it, put the bolts through from the top. This will make it much easier to tighten the wing nuts. Once installed, it holds the camera very sturdy. Even though the price was cheap I would have liked an option to just buy the main parts + the adapter that fits your camera. It just bothers me that 80% of it ends up in the trash because you don’t need it. This dash cam mount is pretty easy to install and allowed me to be able to install my sun shade when parking in the hot phoenix sun. I like that I don’t have to rely on the suction cup that would melt only my windshield in this Arizona heat. It hangs perfectly below my rear view mirror. The only thing I would caution is to be careful when installing the wing-nuts. I lost one as I dropped it between the driver side seat and it has never been seen again since I have electric seats and the wires and gears did not allow me to recoup it. I used a nut and it was good to go. Eventually I will look for another black wing-nut to make it look complete. Great product. Bought the Dual Dash cam | VAVA Dual 1920x1080P FHD | Front and Rear dash camera. Knew it was showing that the included suction cup used a magnetic mount to front cam and I just can’t stand suction cups because they fall off while riding down the road and when parked in the sun. Bought a Wheel Whitness a little over a year ago and got this Mirror Mount and used with it and was amazed that once installed you were done with it and never comes loose. So I got the new Dashcam and mount and worked with the many differant parts for about 20 min and figured out how I could use this mount with it and keep the Magnetic mount working as designed.100% satisfied with this little bag of Magic Tricks. Works Like A Charm. I like the idea of attaching my camera to my rear view mirror for 2 reasons: 1. It won’t fall off like a suction mount might.2. In the summer I can slip my sunshade between the camera and the windshield.Surely one of the 15 included camera connectors will fit your dash cam. It’s a little bit of a challenge to get my fingers between my mirror and my windshield to attach the wing nuts to the bolts but that is caused by my short mirror stem, not a fault of the bracket. Even though my mirror stem is pretty thick, I was still able to use the shorter set of bolts that came with thew mount. I can’t imagine a mirror stem that would be too wide/thick for the long bolts. The suction cup that came with my dash cam would not stay stuck to my windshield, so I searched Amazon to see what I could find. This kit looked like it might work. I had a wicked time installing, but I think that was due to the type of rear-view mirror in my car. I have a Saturn Ion, and the mirror shows direction and outside temperature. I did not have enough space at the top to install directly under the mirror, so had to install from the side. I almost gave up, deciding to go shopping for longer screws. However, persistence paid off. I do like that with the kit I no longer have to worry about my dash cam falling. My suggestion for improvement would be to include longer screws. This is a great concept. I’ve been looking for something like it for a while. I was able to get it on, but it’s very fiddly where it connects to the mirror and difficult to get on. One of the wing nuts was stripped out of the bag, so I had to get another one. The part the connects the can to the base doesn’t have any rubber or anything that adds enough friction to hold the cam in place. I have tightened the crap out of it but it still moves fairly easily. I suppose putting a drop of glue or some vhb tape inside in the cavities may help, I don’t know. All in all, it’s a great idea and it will work. Just don’t expect it to work right out of the bag, it will take some ingenuity and extra work to get it right. This dash cam mount works for my newly purchased Roav dash cam, BUT the connector refuses to come back out of my dash cam. I’ve given up on trying to remove it, am afraid of ripping up my dash cam. So, the good news is it fits my dash cam. The bad news is that it is permanently mounted now, with no hope of using any other type of mounting. The only way to remove my dash cam is to undo one of the screws, which is too much work. So, I’m stuck and not happy about it.

I do have a protective case but purchased this product based on the description and reviews of the product. Spring buckle base can not be shaken off. Patented Easy One Touch Mounting System. Securely holds one bottle of PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer Gel 2 fl.


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