Dual Dash Cam, Front and Rear 1080P Dash Camera for Cars, Optional GPS, 170° Wide Angle, Support 128GB Recorder with 3 Inch IPS Screen, Driving Recorder with Supercapacitor, G-Sensor, Loop Recording


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Dual Dash Cam, Front and Rear 1080P Dash Camera for Cars, Optional GPS, 170° Wide Angle, Support 128GB Recorder with 3 Inch IPS Screen, Driving Recorder with Supercapacitor, G-Sensor, Loop Recording Description

Q&AQ1: Is it normal for the screen to go out after few minutes of driving?A1:After a while the screen shuts off during recording, which is a normal phenomenon named screensaver mode and you needn’t to worry about it. It’s just for energy saving while the cam is still recording. If you want to keep the screen stay on when recording, please enter the setting mode and turn off the ‘screen saver’’ .Q2: How does the rear cable connect to the main unit and how long it is?A2: Please kindly note that the end with straight interface should be plugged into the female port on the main unit, while the one with a curve should be connected with the rear camera. The rear cable is 5.9m(19.4ft) long. Q3: When i connect to my laptop, it occurs two options “mass storage” and “pc camera”. How do i choose?A3: If you connect the cam to computer via USB cable, the screen will read Mass storage and PC camera. You could choose Mass storageand the cam will be read as an external storage device and you can choose to playback on computer or just transfer the recordings to your computer. Q4: What is the latest firmware version for this dash cam? Do I need to update my dash cam when I get it?A4: Generally the model you received is the model with newest firmware. Because we will update our product software according to some situations. Actually if there is no problem with the cam, we do not suggest you update the cam cause it might cause many technical problems. If you haveany problem with the cam, please don’t hesitate to contact our after-sale team and we’ll try our best to provide youwith appropriate suggestion to solve the problem. Make sure this fitsby entering your model number. Both Front and Rear 1080P Dash Cam — With front and rear 1080P and 170° wide-angle dual camera, CR900 can record superb picture/video during day and night. Top NOVATEK chip and advanced sensor provide superior images and videos. Dash Camera for Cars with Optional GPS — Featuring a reserved GPS interface, CR900 can record your driving route, speed, and location coordinate with a GPS antenna connected (Not included. Asin: B07H9RQGCB). All of these data can be viewed in designated player. Seamless Loop Recording Car Camera — Loop recording feature and 128GB memory card support enable for efficient storage management. You don’t need to format the card frequently. The oldest file will be overwritten by the newest to make room for the new recording when the SD card approaches to its maximum capacity. Auto Incident Detection Driving Recorder — The dash cam will automatically lock the current recording as a proof of an incident, once the built-in G-sensor detects a collision/shake. The accident files will be locked and NOT be overwritten by Loop Recording. This is the second one of these I have ordered! I originally bought one for my wife’s vehicle and have since put one in mine.Pros:- Excellent VALUE. It is a capable camera for about $100- STUPID fast shipping! I had the product the very next day.- Reasonably good video quality for the price! The video quality is comparable to Amazon brand action cameras versus GoPro. The footage of my GoPro Hero 7 black is far superior. However you are comparing a $100 front/rear camera with a single $400 action camera. Again, great value for the price!- Easy to install. Plenty of wire to run underneath trim. (If you are not handy, have someone that can easily remove trim such as the A pillar plastic so that you don’t break the tabs off.)Cons:- Night-time vision suffers with glare. This is true of most cameras, though. Even my GoPro Hero 7 black gets glare from headlights. However, even the forward view is not as clear at night. I’m not saying this is completely bad or the fault of the manufacturer, but just expect less quality at night.- Buttons are not easy to figure out until you “learn” them. (ie if you want to hit “lock” to protect footage really quick, you pretty much need to know to push the second button from the bottom on the right side to lock. Once you memorize and learn which buttons do what, its pretty easy to use.- If your 12v outlets are like the ones in my truck, they are always on. You’ll need to manually plug in the camera and unplug it at the beginning and end of each trip. I’ll be installing a hard wired 12v line to my ACC on lead to work around this. If your 12v outlets are on and off with the ignition, as my wife’s car’s are, you’ll not need to worry about this. Simply a heads up if your outlets remain on when the vehicle is off.Overall: Highly recommend this product. The product is a good enough value that I bought a second one… if that tells you anything. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I have owned one other dash cam before this one and have researched many others. I finally settled on purchasing this unit after a lot of research and all the great reviews it had. If you want a cam that is an install and go type of setup then basically you can install the two cameras and run the two lines for power and you are done. I ordered a fuse box power connector for mine so it took a little bit more to install but if you want to use the included cigarette adapter for power then you will be done in a few minutes. The cam offers a lot of other features if you really want more than just a stick and go solution. I use the rear cam for a backup camera also. I live in upstate NY where the temperatures are regularly very cold in the winter. So far the sticky tape that is included has not come detached or become loose. So overall I found this to be a great camera with great looking video (front and back cameras are separate files [in attached picture] so you get full screen from the rear cam), easy assembly, and great durability. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  When I first ordered this dash cam I was worried that it would be too difficult for me to install. I was surprised to find out that it was super easy. All you have to do is insert the SD card and plug it in. The hardest part for me was figuring out where to place the camera and I ended up installing it in the top left corner of my windshield. The cords were easily hidden under the trim / weatherstripping on my door.The camera set up is simple. You can set whether or not you want to record audio, adjust the time stamp, recording loop length, etc.The videos from the front camera are in HD Fish Eye wide view with excellent color. Night driving has good results with picking up the lower lighting outside. I am highly satisfied with the video quality, as you can see in my video you can clearly see the licence plates from the cars near you.After 4 days of driving I have used most of the space on a 32 gb card. The camera by default records on a loop, when it is full it will start writing over the oldest files. There is a button on the side of the camera to lock the video, if you push it while it is recording the camera will save that loop in a separate folder on the SD card and will not delete it. This makes it super easy to find specific recordings you want to view later.All in all, this is a very good camera and I am impressed. I would highly recommended it! Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  After looking at dozens of dash cams I ordered this one because it had a front and rear camera, long cables and seemed easy enough for me to install. It took me about an hour to install it in my Toyota 4 Runner SUV. Tip: I first tried to run the rear camera cable through the floor, but came up about 4 feet short. When I ran it through the ceiling/side trim it came out perfect with about 2 feet left over (the extra cable was easy to hide in the roof cavity). I set up the menu and that was it. It turns on when you start the car and turns off when you turn of the engine. It records in 5 minute increments with the front and rear cameras having their own recording at the same time. After a few days I removed the front camera from the mounting bracket and connected it to my computer to see how to view and download the files. It was very easy and the video quality was excellent. My 32 GB SD card seems to hold about (80) 5 minute files for a total of 400 minutes of recording time before it starts over. (Watch the Buick almost run a stop sign and broadside us at the 3:38 mark on the video!). This is a must for anyone driving! BTW-I am a 60 year old grandma. So if I can install this anyone can.

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