Garmin 010-02062-00 Dash Cam Mini, Car Key-Sized Dash Cam, 140-Degree Wide-Angle Lens, Captures 1080P HD Footage, Very Compact with Automatic Incident Detection and Recording


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Garmin 010-02062-00 Dash Cam Mini, Car Key-Sized Dash Cam, 140-Degree Wide-Angle Lens, Captures 1080P HD Footage, Very Compact with Automatic Incident Detection and Recording Description

Style:Garmin Dash Cam MiniGarmin Dash Cam mini captures high-quality 1080P HD footage in a dash camera about as small as a car key. Once plugged into your vehicle’s power source, The camera continually records and automatically saves video of incidents. Notice: some jurisdictions regulate or prohibit use of this device. It is your responsibility to know and comply with applicable laws and rights to privacy in jurisdictions where you plan to use this Device. Tiny, reliable dash camera automatically records incidents Car key-sized dash camera goes virtually unnoticed on your windshield 140-Degree wide-angle lens captures crisp 1080P HD footage Automatically records and saves video of incidents; requires 8GB micro SD card, class-10 or faster (not included) Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity uploads saved footage to your compatible smartphone running The Garmin Drive app Nice dash camera. I like it a lot. However I’m having a problem with the audio when reviewing/exporting video. The camera will only play back audio on “saved” (3 minute clips) but will not play audio or export it, on any other video. Example; Lets say I have a few hours of video on the camera, and I find a portion I want to export, so I trim it (let’s say a 5 minute piece from hours of video). When I view the trimmed video BEFORE exporting, no audio plays. Ok, no big deal, I’ll export it, and it’ll be there then, right? Negative… It simply will not play/export audio, even though the audio is on, and “export with audio” is selected. It will export audio from the saved clips (3 minutes) but there’s no way to trim and save video. You can only save video in real-time, otherwise you can review and export it later from the unsaved video, but there won’t be any audio. Other than that, I like the camera. I just wish I could figure out how to fix this. I’m surprised how unreliable this camera is. I thought a product from Garmin would be better. Says it will detect motion, it might if it stays powered on. I would have to say that over 75% of the time, the camera was not even on while driving. I would have to unplug it and plug it in. It was 50/50 if it would power up after that. Tried a few different 12v to USB sockets and cords, same result. The last few days, it would not power up at all. Thankfully this all occurred before my Amazon return deadline. The app is also choppy and unreliable as well. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I only used it for a few days so far. Video footage is not bad. I’ll upload more over the coming weeks. Great dash cam if you’re afraid of people breaking into your car for a lcd screen dashcam. And also if you don’t want to take the dash cam on and off due to fear of people breaking into your car. It’s so small you can just leave on your windshield and just plug in power when you get in car. The ease of Garmin app is pretty sweet. The camera quality is also pretty decent. If you get a dashcam and never use, then you should never bother with one. This one you can set and forget on windshield and never fear someone breaking into your car for it Worst product ever. The dash cam has a nice atractive size but it gets hyper hot to the touch and stops working after 10 or so minutes of usage. Also the car adapter supplied with the camera just burned after the first day of usage. The app android app does not work properly on a Sony XA2 with Android 9. Beware and read more reviews before purchasing this productUpdating the product review, need to be fair22-Oct-191. After using the product for several months now, I have come to several conclusion, the car adapter was not damaged as original stated, it was getting stuck, thus creating a bad mechanical and electrical connection with the car outlet, I had to give a big push and make a good solid connection, now is working perfectly fine.2. The App was causing problems with the release of the Sony Xperia XA2 Andriod Version 9, fortunatly enough, Sony launch a new software upgrade to correct minor defects on the OS, now the Garmin application run perfectly fine on the cellphone.3. Camera getting hot:This problem is still an issue, the camera is still getting hot, when I got the camera and installed the application software for the PC, I was able to connect the camera and make a FIRMWARE upgrade on the camera itself, this upgrade, does NOT eliminate the over heat issue, however, looks like the camera runs more efficiently and does not shut down during a long trip, however, the camera does shut down after 1 hour and 45 minutes, seems to be that putting the air conditioning helps in getting the camera to run a little bit hotter.Dont get me wrong… the camera size and the picture quality are great, however, running the camera at such high temperatures (even if is within spec and according to automitive standards) could be risky.Cheers TLDR, Camera doesn’t operate as description, no live feed, can’t view clips on phone, app doesn’t work most of the time. Basically a useless camera that overheats to a dangerous level. Details: This camera is not ready for release, Garmin knows about all of these issues, and “they’re working on fixing them!”. if you want to view live feed, you will need to uninstall the app and reinstall it every time! It records fine, but you will not be able to see the recordings on your phone because the app will not connect (except for the first time right after installing the app, after that, you can take a pic. save a pic, and it records- I guess- but no live feed or videos review, it just hangs). I updated the firmware to the latest version, but issues persist. Not to mention the extreme overheating within 5 minutes of operation. How Garmin allowed the release of such defective product is baffling to say the least; it really hurts their brand and reputation.For reference if anyone at Garmin cares, Phone: Note 8. OS: Android 9 Pie. Camera: Garmin Dash Cam Mini. Camera’s firmware after the update: 7.10. SD card: Samsung 64GB PRO Endurance . The cams work amazingly well I purchased the 66w and the Dashcam Mini when not used with a radio that has wireless AppleCar Play…when the phone connects to the radio first your unable to connect to the garmin Cams at all. It produces an error of unable to connect to WiFi probably due to the iPhone preconnecting to the radio for airplay..contacting garmin to see what they say… This camera sucks. I’ve had it less than a month and I’m already having issues. What a scam. Garmin support is absolute garbage.

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