GS Power 10 Gauge Stranded Flexible Copper Clad Aluminum CCA Primary Automotive Wire for Car Audio Video Amplifier 12 Volt Trailer Harness Hookup Drone Model Train Wiring. 100ft Red & 100 ft Black


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GS Power 10 Gauge Stranded Flexible Copper Clad Aluminum CCA Primary Automotive Wire for Car Audio Video Amplifier 12 Volt Trailer Harness Hookup Drone Model Train Wiring. 100ft Red & 100 ft Black Description

Color:Red-BlackGS Power 10 Gauge Ga, 100 Red and 100 Black (200 ft Total) Primary Automotive Wire. for Car Make sure this fitsby entering your model number. 100 ft Red & 100 ft Black, 2 spooled rolls of 10 Gauge Primary Cable. Conveniently Marked at every feet Single Conductor, Stranded Copper Clad Aluminum (0.2 mm dia/strand, 108 strands) Insulated in flexible PVC. Rated to 105 C For 12V Automotive, Car Audio Radio, Amplifier Remote, LED strip light uses (6 to 80 volts) IMPORTANT: DO NOT use for building/household 110/220 V ac wiring The title and description is a bit misleading at best, but really falsely describes the wire. The wire is in fact 12awg, not 10awg as described, it measures approximately 2mm as described; which is 12awg wire size. The wire should measure approximately 2.6mm for it to be10awg wire. This makes a huge difference when calculating for voltage drop and or current. The insulation is flexible, it has a silicone like feel, but it is tough and thick, the outside diameter and markings make the wire appear to be a 10awg wire; again, the dimensions make it 12awg! Also, be aware this is NOT copper wire, it is aluminum wire with a copper cladding. For those who don’t know, copper cladding is essentially a coating, in this case it is aluminum wire that has been copper plated. It will NOT solder well, you should make your terminations/ connections using properly rated compression connections. Pay close attention when sizing for current, you need to treat this as aluminum wire because it is just that, aluminum, its just copper coated. Copper wire has a much higher current carrying capability than aluminum wire. BTW, if its not obvious, copper wire is typically priced a bit higher than aluminum wire, primarily because the copper raw material cost a bit more than the aluminum raw material! Wiring sizing is wrong. The wire jack said 10GA, however the wire diameter is a lot smaller. Perhaps Chinese wire gauge is different than American? I would give this a zero star if there is one. For the first time I’m being ripoff by Amazon. It’s decent value for money. However it has weird soldering characteristics. I do electronics for a living and have soldered my fair share of good and bad wire (I use a Weller WES51 at home). I will say this wire has some of the weirdest characteristics of any wire I’ve tried to solder. It will accept the solder initially and wet. But after that it wont accept anything. Doesnt matter how hot you get it, clean it with flux anything. It looks as though on additional heat cycles (to solder it to another wire for example) it oozes something which repels the solder which just beads off. Super weird. If you use crimp connectors though works just fine. Thick sheathing for protection and very flexible. ok got this for a solar panel project. laid out the wires to length. Place them in conduits. Then time to strip and connect them to MC4 Connectors. When I strip the wires with a 10 gauge speed strippers. I get insulation still left. So I check the gauge with a tool. It shows 12 ga. So they used additional insulation to make you think it is 10 ga. When it is clearly not. So being that it is Aluminum this make it worst because you go down a size in Amps that it can use. SO it truth it more like a 13/14 Ga in max amp it can carry. With a higher voltage drop per foot. The insulation seems very thick, but the conductors seem scant. I don’t have the tools to accurately measure the wire gauge, but it looks and feels more like #12AWG when you strip it off and crimp on a connector. I’ll look for something better next time. It matters because I’m setting up a solar system for our RV. This is not 10 gauge wire. Go to a local hardware store and compare against 10 gauge stranded sold through there. Insulation nearly doubles the wire thickness and its also CCA, not OFC (which is advertised, so no surprise there) so that makes it less conductive for expectations. Next time around I’ll buy locally for a few bucks more for true specs. I have never used automotive copper coated aluminum wire before so only time will tell if it will stand up to my application, which was a 12v brake controller power wire. I used 10 gauge wire instead of 12 gauge that instructions called for. I know from house wiring codes that it is necessary to use a larger gauge aluminum wire instead of using copper wire. I would be careful as to where I would use it as aluminum can corrode causing loss of power. I would suggest using a good electrical grease on all connections to slow the corrosion. Product is advertised as 10ga, spools are marked as 10ga, 10ga is printed on the wire, however the wire itself is 12ga. The insulation partly liquefied when I heated heat-shrink wrap around it. I gave it 2 stars because it’s still a pretty good price for 12ga wire, and the flexibility is great. Unfortunately, because it’s 12ga, I’ll have to double the wires for my use

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