GS Power Flexible 10 AWG (American Wire Gauge) 50 Feet Stranded Oxygen Free Copper Red/Black Bonded Zip Cord Cable for Car Audio Stereo Amplifier 12Volt Automotive Harness LED Light Wiring


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GS Power Flexible 10 AWG (American Wire Gauge) 50 Feet Stranded Oxygen Free Copper Red/Black Bonded Zip Cord Cable for Car Audio Stereo Amplifier 12Volt Automotive Harness LED Light Wiring Description

Make sure this fitsby entering your model number. Soft bare 99.9% OFC stranded Copper Red/Black bonded Zip Wire that pulls apart easily True 10 Gauge wire (2 conductors, 109 Strands per conductor. 0.25 mm diameter per strand) Automotive Grade “GPT” PVC insulation. Oil & gas resistant. Temperature Range: -40 deg F to +176 deg F Perfect for Radio, Home Theatre, Automotive, Stereo, Robotics and R/C applications This appears to be pure copper wire or as they market it as OFC or Oxygen Free Copper. It is not Copper Coated Aluminum or CCA which is inferior to OFC. With that said I must condem the reviewers that gave less than a 5 star review because of packing, presentation or their inability easily strip the insulation. The spool my wire came wound around was broken to bits by the time I received the package. I don’t care the wire is awesome and I will soon be throwing the empty spool in the trash. Yes the sturdy insulation is more difficult to strip then some other wire but I would think that would be a positive thing. You might want to consider buying a better wire stripper because mine works just fine on this insulation. If you want the more expensive and softer silicone insulated wire that is easier to strip than that is what you should buy instead of this. The wire I received was also true 10 awg and not something less than what was advertised as another reviewer implied. The seller advertised this as “True 10 gauge”, as if it was superior. It is in fact MUCH THINNER than 10 gauge (See attached photo). I feel extremely ripped off and am making a Formal Complaint to Amazon.** To those who said this cable is flexible…it’s about the size of 16 gauge, which is flexible because it’s so thin diameter-wise…UPDATE: I make MC4 connectors which traditionally use 10 gauge wire. This wire is too thin , won;t even fit in my MC4 connectors. So how can this be 10 gauge wire? The seller is, comparatively speaking, trying to convince me that a chicken egg is an ostrich egg. It’s hard to find quality copper wire on Amazon. Too much CCA. I learned the hard way pay once cry once for quality copper. I run several hundreds of watts of lighting on my offroader. All my CCA wire runs became brittle and crumbled under heat from ambient automotive engine bay temp. Big mistake cause now I gotta run real wire so it will last. My CCA wire only lasted 6 months…. This wire is nice, can’t speak on the “oxygen free” there’s no way of knowing the content. But I can say that it’s copper and not aluminum. Has nice weight to it and very thick insulation (looks like double insulation cause it has a color layer and clear layer over it. Not sure) my only gripe would be that the insulation isn’t marked but I don’t care about that. Someone else might. The strands of copper are thick too so better for actual power as opposed to speaker wire with has thinner strands. Its decently flexible but can hold shape. And it’s zip wire. I wish I could buy bulk 500ft of this stuff. No complaints! Some venders advertise 50′ of zip cord, but really mean 25′ of black and 25′ of red wire molded together. But this wire is an HONEST 50′ of 10 gauge, rather flexible zip cord. I’m using 20′ of it to make an extension cord between the raw output of my portable solar panels (<26 volts) and the solar controller (which stabilizes the voltage at 14.4 volts to charge my Lithium batteries). While it is true that I could have used 12 or 14 gauge wire to handle the small amount of current involved (less than 10 amps), I am more concerned about the loss of power that the lighter gauge wire would have caused. Another 10' or so will power my mobile ham radio directly from the car battery, and the rest will NOT go to waste. I replaced stiff marine-grade 10/2 AWG cable with this product, hoping it would be very flexible. It is very flexible and true 10 AWG.The insulation is automotive grade (SAE?), so does not have the quite as much ampacity as marine-grade wire. And voltage drop per foot is slightly higher. But for my 100 watt / 6 amp portable solar panel, 25' of this wire has an acceptable voltage drop of 0.4 VDC (3.4%).I recommend this 10/2 AWG cable for 100 watt portable solar applications. Higher wattage would need 8 AWG. I ordered this cabling in December 2017 and it came on a reel. When I ordered in mid-October 2018, the picture still showed a reel. But, when i received it a week later, the cable just came wrapped around a piece of PVC pipe and the piecture had changed.So, I'm suspicious. At first glance, it appears to be the same stuff, but the packaging now looks a lot lower quality than what we I got last year. Nice and flexible, conductors appear to be pure copper, easy to split conductors apart (that was NOT my experience with Monster-brand heavy speaker wire, which was hell to split and not CL-free, so the conductors turned black and green inside the jacket!) I expect these GS Power wires to last for the life of my home theater, and then some.Update 9/8/2019: No signs of corrosion or discoloring - this cable is CL-free copper. And yes, it's 10 gauge - try using the strip gauge on your wire strippers or an actual wire gauge instead of saying "It won't fit in my MC4 connectors". -Not sure what that's supposed to mean, but 10 gauge wire (.1109") is SUPPOSED to be smaller than the diameter of an MC4 connector (4mm/0.15748") and the MC4 connector housing is much wider than "typical" 10 gauge wire because most solar/wind apps use double-insulated wire. At any rate, THIS wire is as-advertised. Couldn't be happier with the product or the seller. I have purchased here before, and will have no problem coming back in the future. I did price comparisons before shopping, and this is the place to get this.As for the crackpot who complained that some other wire was "thicker".... well, the insulation doesn't carry the current, so maybe you should worry more about the conductors inside. Maybe the other insulation was lower grade and had to be thicker to give the proper voltage resistance. At any rate, highly recommended!

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