INNOSURE Tesla Model Y Model 3 Matte Screen Protector Anti-Glare Anti-Fingerprint 15″ Center Control Touchscreen Car Navigation Touch Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Tesla Model Y Model 3 Accessories


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INNOSURE Tesla Model Y Model 3 Matte Screen Protector Anti-Glare Anti-Fingerprint 15″ Center Control Touchscreen Car Navigation Touch Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Tesla Model Y Model 3 Accessories Description

WHY CHOOSE MATTE TEMPERED GLASS SCREEN PROTECTOR FOR YOUR TESLA MODEL 3/ MODEL Y? Compare to HD screen protector, this MATTE screen protector reducing smudges, fingerprints and glare. So, it can keeps the reflections out of your eyes, then you can drive more safe. At the same time, it have silky smooth to the touch, this material will make your driving more comfortable, too. Reminder: 1. Due to the particularity of the tempered glass screen protector, it can’t be re-sold after peel off, so please make sure this is the right model (Model 3 or Model Y) and characteristics (MATTE) before placing the order. 2. Although this products have strong toughness and hardness, it should be avoided edge collision as much as possible. 3. The matte surface was designed for anti-glare, will reduce (about 15%) brightness and decrease the clarity a little of the screen itself rather than the HD clear version Compatible with: Tesla Model 3/Y, 15″ (Special Use for Tempered Glass Navigation Screen) Application Steps: 1. Clean the screen to make sure no dust rest on the screen: alcohol wet wipes – dry micro-fiber cloth – dust remover sticker. 2. Make sure the correct orientation of the glass: straight edge top side, curved edge bottom side, released lable (left-top side) close to the screen. 3. Apply the screen protector right on the screen: Take-off part of (around 1/3-1/2) the released label from the top; sit the glass top flat line align to the screen top edge; take-off the rest released film; let bubble exhuast from the top to the bottom, or from the left-top to right-bottom. 4. Please make sure the condition no dust in the air and smooth airflow, and it would be much easier to apply if you can have a assistant. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please feel free contact us, we’ll get back to you soon. >Exclusive for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Multimedia 15″ , 100% compatible for the screen >Scratch-resisitant, Oleophobic coating, anti-fingerprints >Easy to install, with automatic adsorption features when install the glass. >0.33mm thickness, 2.0D edge delicate touch, 9H hardness Premium Grade Tempered Glass with Matte Anti-glare function >Package white box with “INNOSURE” including Tempered Glass Screen Protector X 1, Installation Auxiliary Tools. Fits perfectly. Just ensure to pay attention to shapes of the screen as shapes are slightly different between the top and the bottom of the screen so you need to put it in proper orientation to perfectly fit to your screen. I was worrying about 20% brightness reduction mentioned in the description as I prefer bright screens on all my devices (phones, monitors, and of course my Tesla screen). To my surprise I did not notice degradation of the brightness when using this screen protector. I love the anti-glare. It is a bit more expensive than competition screen protectors but the cheaper ones are not anti-glare and this makes this item perfect. I am not an expert in installation of screen protectors but I was able to do an excellent job. I just used some extra paper tape to secure the screen in the position before pilling off the plastic wrap. Overall I am very happy with this purchase. Purchasing for a second time as it sacrificed itself for my screen and saved me $1400. I will admit that the thickness of this is such that I actually thought my screen had a chip out of it until another Model 3 forum member made me lift the protector and I found my screen in perfect condition. Worth the few extra dollars more than you pay for other similar products. Screen never lost any function while using this protector. I wouldn’t give it high marks for the antiglare but it performed its most important job flawlessly. Before installation, get some painter’s tape ready.Package had one piece of tape that I assume was for getting stubborn debris off the screen, wet wipe and dry cleaning cloth.I used old painter’s tape to try and hold the screen in place after cleaning the screen; worked almost perfectly, one spot at the top right has a bubble that won’t go away due to installer error because the tape didn’t hold exactly where I wanted it to be.Aside from that tiny bubble, it looks great, screen went from HD quality to SD quality with an insane glare reduction. Quite happy with the result. The fit is nice on my model y but the I had problems with bubbles everywhere. It would have been nice if the product came with a squeegee. I had to use a credit card to get all the bubbles out. But overall, pretty good fit and i like the anti-glare. You have to increase the brightness to 25% since the screen darkens to overall look. I had to take one star out for the bubbles when install and no squeegee included for the price. The finish is good and does appear to be Matte, it’s very smooth and it’s good quality and does reduce the glare, im not sure why people are having to increase their brightness when I installed mine I had no issues with it appearing darker and I have very dark tinted windows 5% so there is hardly light inside the cabin. My only issue is the installation as it does NOT have those guiding tape strips so you can accurately put the screen protector but what I did was after I used the “dust absorber” I used that to balance and accurately put on the screen protector as if that was my guiding tape but other than that everything else was perfect nice packaging and comes with everything you need to install, no issues with bubbles either. So glad I went with matte finish. Installed smoothly on first try. Only a couple of bubbles that were easy to smear out. Great quality. Only recommendation is to use your own larger cloth as the one provided is for a mouse. I replaced a glossy plastic film with this because the reflections with greasy finger prints could make the screen hard to see sometimes.The glass is nicely matte anti-glare. It does a good enough job against fingerprints (not perfect, but enough that fingerprints don’t really affect how clear it is). I really like how smoothly my finger can glide across it vs plastic/glossy protectors.I also really like how it has the curve along the bottom edge to math the screen. The other sides fit the screen 99.5% perfectly (corner radius don’t completely match causing some small bubbles on the edges).Overall I’m very happy with this. I was in need of a screen protector and did opt for the matte option sold here as I wanted to avoid all glare. The installation was relatively easy, but I did have a solid amount of air bubbles and they were hard to remove. It did take me a couple times of installing it again and again. Also, there is still glare, which was disappointing. I can’t see half the screen when the sun is shining on it. The only pro I guess was that it does look strong and will definitely protect against scratches.

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