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Install Centric ICFD6BN Compatible with Select Ford/Linc/Merc 2004-08 Double DIN, Premium Sound Complete Basic Installation Solution for Installing an Aftermarket Stereo


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Install Centric ICFD6BN Compatible with Select Ford/Linc/Merc 2004-08 Double DIN, Premium Sound Complete Basic Installation Solution for Installing an Aftermarket Stereo Description

Style:Complete Installation KitThe SCOSCHE CarMount Free Flow mount system secures your mobile device to vehicle’s vents for hands-free driving. The arms adjust to accommodate any device, up to 3.5 Inch wide. The unique, open design allows air to flow freely from your vehicle’s vent. The 360-degree, rotating ball-joint adjusts to rotate the holder with an iPhone, Android or other mobile device seamlessly between portrait and landscape orientation in a snap. SCOSCHE Ci4B4SG-SP Strikeline MFI Certified Sync Braided Charging Cable for Lightning and USB-C Devices, 4 Feet, Space Gray MAGNETIC DOUBLE SIDED MOUNT: This phone mount strong double sided and powerful Rare-Earth neodymium magnets that provide a secure grip to your devices CONVENIENT DESIGN: Integrated cable clip secures the charging cable to the SCOSCHE MagicMount and the cradle-free design permits safe, easy one-handed use and access to all controls and ports INCLUDED IN PACKAGE: 2 mount holders and 2 thin metal plates come with 3 year warranty INCLUDED IN PACKAGE: 2 mount holders and 2 thin metal plates come with 3 year warranty Just follow the direction and test fit before cutting off the parts you don’t need. The only reason you have to cut is because the bracket is made for range of vehicle years that have slightly different mounting options. Once you figure out which mount fits your vehicle then you just cut off the mount that doesn’t fit if it otherwise gets in the way.This worked perfectly for my new style ’04 F150 for a double din radio. Looks good installed (sorry no pics) and it’s sturdy. First off, this thing has a sloppy fit around the double din head unit I bought it for, but fits in the dash ok, so i was ready to let it slide… Until i tried screwing on the side plates to actually mount the thing to the head unit itself. Comes with 2 side plates that screw onto the left and right sides of the head unit, except they put two right side plates in and no left plates. Thats right… The fine knuckle dragging troglodytes that put this kit together in the factory apparently can’t tell left from right. The piece even has “RIGHT” boldly printed on the side of it. Pathetic. This is my first and last experience with this manufacturer. This does not work for expeditions. The brackets only line up on side of the cd player. Expeditions need front mounting brackets. There is no way to get it to work with what they give you. I went to walmart paid 16.97 and got the kit they should put with the package deal. Instead they supply you with only side fitting brackets. The harness worked fine that way I’m stuck with the whole package now or I have to undo all the wires I connected. I used this for my 2008 mustang. It fits and looks nice. Mounting the stereo plays a big part in the fitment. If the stereo is to far up/down or sideways it will be dificult to get it to go in and work with surrounding trim. On my mustang there were round tab openings the faceplate has to line up with so it wasn’t trouble free but that’s how Does designed it. Does anyone even test these kits beforehand? The kit stuck out so far past the bezel I had to hack the crap out of it just to even have it sit somewhat flush! Not only that, but the adapter for the antenna was just a waste of money and completely unnecessary. Only thing that works perfectly is the wiring kit, which I’ve always stood by Scosche for.Scosche needs better quality control for their kits, this one had a bunch of defects in the trim pieces and looks and fits like garbage. Obviously can’t return it now because I did the wiring kit and everything else already, but I would’ve loved to get a refund for it! My items were in used condition! Not sutible for used defined by eBay.. open packages, no wireing pin out description. Plastic bracket retainer was cut to fit previous install.It’s hard to make a addapter set for every car stereo. That being said this was the most disappointing complete set I have ever seen. I didn’t want to give it one star because it DOES work, and it seems like one star should be reserved for something that’s completely useless…but it’s not much better than that.The weird 3 piece design was difficult to install (takes about 4 hands), having to break off extra plastic tabs is just sad, but the worst is it just fits poorly. The face angle is wrong, so the bottom edge is flush to the dash, but the top is recessed about 1/4″. Then there’s a 1/8″ gap between the faceplate and the dash all the way around, and the same 1/8″ all the way around the inside between it and the stereo. I can actually see the mounting screws through the gap.can’t recommend this product at all. I’m going to remove it and throw it away once the replacement arrives. Good product, frame dosent sit flush on 2008 f250 super duty but work. Wiring hardness and antenna great

Наша Политика конфиденциальности и Политика использования файлов cookie содержат дополнительные сведения о том, как мы используем вашу информацию. thanks to the 360 degrees ball-head, the dashboard mount can be flexibly tuned to display at an optimal viewing angle, either in landscape or portrait mode for convenient navigating, call Free installation galaxy note10 note10 s10 s10e s10 s9 s9 note 9 note 8 s8; pixel nexus; Rock-solid stability there are grooves and silicone cushions on the side arms that ensure your phone doesnâ t move while it is in the cradle. The MagicMount is a new magnetic car suction cup phone mount for conveniently mounting smartphone and devices to the dashboard of your car, countertops, desks, tables and other surfaces. The car mount s Suction Cup has a coating of sticky gel that prevents air gaps from forming and loosening the grip for a longer lasting hold. Please pay attention to the post date. safe grip the silicone on the clip helps 360 degrees rotation car cell phone mount the 360 levels ball joint and the adjustable telescopic arm make you in a position to regulate your cellphone to any angles and any locations. Hi, if you have questions or at any point your re confused or too annoyed to dig through this page to find the answer your looking for, just call or email us at support wixgear. We use all major carriers, and local courier partners. IT S ONLY FOR ANDROID PHONES AND USB-C IPADS CHARGING.


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