KYKR Premium Screen Protector Compatible with 2019 2020 2021 1500 2500 3500 Uconnect 12 Inch Dodge Ram – Anti Glare Scratch Fingerprint Navigation Protection Tempered Glass


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KYKR Premium Screen Protector Compatible with 2019 2020 2021 1500 2500 3500 Uconnect 12 Inch Dodge Ram – Anti Glare Scratch Fingerprint Navigation Protection Tempered Glass Description

Technology introduces us to great amounts of convenience, but nothing is perfect. Large screens for new vehicles provide simple touch interfaces to control navigation, music, and other driving functionalities. Unfortunately, this comes with some downsides. Kykr Miele bridges the gap with a perfect solution. Read more FORM AND FITMENT Our engineers have designed Kykr screen protectors to be precise and form-fitting giving you a clean, simple installation. Miele is a byproduct of our pursuit to create an uncompromising design that mates seamlessly with your vehicle. Once it’s applied, you can forget it’s even there. Read more GLARE REDUCTION Touchscreen-based controls have become the new norm. Highly reflective screen surfaces while driving can be dangerous. Don’t let reflection and glare impair your vision. Avoid this problem quickly and effectively with our simple solution. Read more DAMAGE PREVENTION In a moment, anything can happen. Protect your display from scratches, dings, and other external damage to avoid a costly repair. More importantly, in case of an accident, this Kykr Miele can prevent the screen from shattering on impact. This is just one of the advantages we have built into every protector, something we hope you’ll never have to use. Read more KEEP IT CLEAR Smudges, fingerprints, and debris will no longer cause unwanted distractions. Besides being able to keep your screen cleaner for longer durations, we provide an oversized microfiber cleaning cloth that makes refreshing your screen a breeze. Read more USA Based Kykr is an American based company where our research, design, and prototyping are all done in house to make sure the products we provide are of the utmost quality. Our support team is always ready to answer your questions! ✔️ AN EDGE OVER THE REST – Our Dodge Ram ultra premium Screens have been precisely measured and Laser Cut to elegantly fit your vehicle. ✔️ .33 THICKNESS – We are proud to offer the thickest and strongest glass in the industry for car screen protection. 9H Hardened tempered glass is ultra scratch resistant and has shatterproof technology built in. ✔️ OLEOPHOBIC HYDROPHOBIC COATING / ANTI-GLARE – Never worry about leaving fingerprints or smudges behind again. Our Screen coating not only resists, but also protects with anti-glare protection for those sunny days. ✔️ SCRATCH RESISTANT – Designed to withstand and repel scratches so you don’t damage your screen. ✔️ INCLUDES – Tempered glass screen protector, Over-sized cleaning cloth, Warranty Card, Installation Instructions, Clean Screen Installation Pack. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Super fast shipping! Came in a great package.Extremely easy instructions and easy to install on my 2019 Ram 2500. The quality was great and did not effect my touch screen at all. I attached a video. I Actually installed it in the dark Bc I got home so late.Will purchase this again if I ever need to. Great product!! Installation was kind of difficult, with such a big screen, you need to be VERY careful and take your time to get it on straight. However, once it is on, there are no bubbles and it is almost impossible to tell it is on. Did not effect the sensitivity of the screen, and doesn’t cause any glaring issues. Excellent product. Bought this for my husband who just got a Power Wagon from an AM, go figure.I was worried about the large screen being scratched or accidentally damaged given the PW LCD size.To be honest, I just looked and this was the first I found that had any reviews. And so happens it’s a bit more expensive than others. But is “clearly” the best.Item came in oddly nice packaging, with all the accouterments to install, and my husband got it done—I’d spend forever trying to get it perfect but he tends to have no problem wit these kind of things.It’s as thick as the actual lcd glass I’m sure but it fits in the provided space perfectly. I couldn’t tell that this product was installed, there’s no overlapping edges or seams visible.I don’t drive the truck but my husband said it truly makes a 180 difference in the glare on the screen (truck hasn’t gotten its windows tinted in the front yet).Confident that when removed the screen will be as new with no scratches and provides a dummy proof layer of protection so people like me get a second chance when they hit it with something. Screen protectors are always hard for me to install without dust behind the. This one is no different. But dont let that distract you from this quality. Very good protector, perfect fit for my 2019 Ram 1500 Limited. This product is great so far. The packaging was well made and so is the glass protector. If you have not installed anything like this on a big iPad or other tablet it may be difficult to get straight. It helps to align fit the protector to the screen before removing the backing. I used the bottom of the screen as my guide. I was off on the install by a milometer or so and it still fit well and was able to get all the bubbles out fairly easily. In the reflection look at the bubble where the door pillar is, up top right hand side, that’s a constant bubble that won’t go away, it’s pretty big.We’ll see what customer service will do.Update: Customer service did send a replacement and it seems to be doing well. I put it on when it was 46 degrees outside and still had a fairly large bubble up top, was going to send it back again but went to work the next day and it warmed up into the 70’s and when I got in my truck after work, the bubble was gone. I will say that if you press on the screen fairly hard, the screen protector moves but rebounds ok. It is not finger print resistant, I see no difference between the original screen and this protector as far as that goes. Call them like I see them. Very nice packaging. Would love to give it 5 stars but it is difficult to install. I am very particular about my screen protectors having installed dozens on iPads and iPhones. I am a stickler for getting them installed without bubbles and dust underneath. But this was difficult to install without air bubbles. I have some large ones that wouldn’t go away for weeks. Finally after working and working them to the edges I FINALLY got all the bubbles out.Very happy with the product. I am not sure there is a way to improve on the install and air bubbles. But I still think this is a great product. A little pricey though considering there are some much cheaper options. Bought for a 2019 Ram 1500. Fits perfectly. Installed easily. Invisible once installed. Doesn’t leave fingerprints. And makes the touchscreen more responsive. Just make sure you clean the screen well before install. Take your time don’t rush. And let the screen protector just line up and do its thing. It will slowly stick. The bubbles will fade-away. If you have small bubbles just push slowly to the edge. Get it👍

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