Magnetic Phone Car Mount, Air Vent Phone Mount for Car by HUSSELL – 360° Adjustable Universal Magnet Phone Holder – Compatible with Any Cell Phone, iPhone Galaxy LG Huawei


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Magnetic Phone Car Mount, Air Vent Phone Mount for Car by HUSSELL – 360° Adjustable Universal Magnet Phone Holder – Compatible with Any Cell Phone, iPhone Galaxy LG Huawei Description

QUESTION & ANSWER 1. I have a 2015 Ford Edge, and my wife has 2017 Toyota Highlander. Would this car phone holder fit these cars? Yes. The ventilation has straight, flat air control plates that the car phone mount can be attached to in both cars. Most cars have useable ventilation holes. Our holder is only not suitable for some unusual and rounded vent designs. For example, it will not fit a 2012 Audi A3. 2. How high is the level of hold? Will move during movement when I disconnect the phone? These are very reasonable questions. This vent holder was updated and upgraded in 2019. The special locking clip that clings to the vent plate and the metal tightening thread and nut provide absolute fixation, unlike every other cheaper analog. It is possible to reach the vent mount from the ventilation only by opening it. 3. I have an iPhone 7+ in a silicone case. Will the phone fall down if I ride off the road and the car shakes a lot? You should not worry about it. Our magnetic phone car mount has 4 strong magnets covered with a special silicone material for improved grip. The magnetic car mount has been tested many times on different models of phones with different covers. It can hold devices up to 300 grams. They will not fall, even with strong shaking. Here is a partial list of phones that can be used with our holder without problems: Apple iPhone Xs Xr X 8 7 6 5 SE Max Plus, Samsung Galaxy S10 S9 S8 S7 S6 S5 Plus Edge Note 9 8 7 6, Google Nexus, Pixel, Motorola, Moto X, Sony Xperia, LG, HTC, Amazon Fire Phone, Lenovo and more. 4. There are a lot of offers on the market. There are things that fasten to glass and CD slots and a torpedo with the help of glue. Why should I choose your product? First and foremost, we are absolutely sure that our car mount is better than the analogues. We did not save on materials. Our car holder uniquely fastens to your vent with a metal mechanism. With strong magnets with silicone surfaces, our phone mount will serve you for years. As for the holders with other types of mounts, fastening to glass is not safe. Direct sunlight can make them fail. CD holder mounts often block important car controls. It can also damage the CD reader. Holders that use adhesive tape leave spots on your dash. However, the choice of holder and whom to buy it from remains for you. PS: If you are not sure whether our holder will suit you, do not worry, if it does not, we will send a refund. You will not lose anything. Make sure this fitsby entering your model number. Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Mount – Easy single hand using. Put in and take out your device with one hand. It is the most handy and easy-using universal car phone holder on the market. Special Lock Mounts car phone holder to air vent extra securely so that car mount will never fall out. 1-minute easy car holder installation. Vent phone holder fits any smartphone. Universal Compatibility. Hussell car vent mount is compatible with any smartphone – iPhone Xs Xr X 9 8 7 6 5 Max Plus, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra S10 S10e S9 S8 S7 S6 Plus, Note, Google Nexus Pixel Motorola and more. 2020 Updated Version. 4 ultra strong safe magnets hold any smartphone securely. Silicon finish surface of a car mount magnet provides firm grip. I bought this product after many fails with other dashboard/ windshield mounts. Unlike the others, this one clips onto your vent which is great because its very secure and does not obscure the flow of air if you have it on. I’ve also attached pictures of how it attaches to the vent of a 2018 kia sportage. I’d buy this again and definitely recommend it to others. What works1. You can adjust the wing nut to what ever you like and it will hold in place and you will not be relying on tension from plastic or a spring2. The ball joint does not feel cheap like others and will allow you to keep it loose enough for swiveling while holding itself in place.3. Very strong magnet without a case reasonably strong with one on. Ether way it does not fall off with poor road conditions.4. Protective film keeps the strong adhesive from getting on the phone if you don’t want it there and the adheasive is strong it may be hard to get off.5. Strong metal surface for the magnet to catch on to.What Had to be changed1. The tab on the end of the clamps had to be cut off or it would not fit in my vents2. the clamps were almost too wide to fit in my center vents (2002 Honda civic)3. the metal is a dense metal and required me to cut them with metal snips to fill the backside of my phone, scissors would not cut it.Overall the cons were expected and what is advertised is genuine. I just wish it had a kick stand like other ones that I have had so that my vents don’t fall down. I have to mount it on the lowest fin to get the vent to stay up. Very easy to install. Holds my iphone securely. I was a little worried after reading some of the reviews that it would stay on the vent. No problem at all. Easily adjustable. I am planning to buy another one for my other car. Like many other persons of a certain age, I too need a larger phone, but have been challenged to find phone holders that handle the plus-sized units. I have a Galaxy Note 8 and my wife has an Iphone 8 +. This magnet easily handles the phones and holds them securely, but it is still easy to release them from it’s grip.Aesthetically, the round shape compliments other features of our car (a BMW X1). The build quality is excellent.Installation was a breeze, just position and start turning the wing nut until it’s tight. In comparison to a similar approach which uses a spring loaded clamp, this is far more secure!The only quibble I have with the unit is that you can see the screw the wing nut travels down. There’s no adjustment for this and it does look a bit unfinished. I solved this by placing a small bit of wire cover (that stuff you use to gather together all your loose wires) over the screw. See Image (Before/After)Pros:- STRONG magnet- Easy to mount- Quality materials- Really grips onto the fins of the vent, won’t fall off- Compliments interiorCons:- Looks a bit unfinished when screwed down- Does stick out of the dash a bit, it would be nice if there was an adjustment for this, but not a lot more than other magnetic holders.- Not “easily” transportable from car to car, but also not very hard to do so.Recommendation: I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for a vent-mount magnetic solution. I’ve had three smartphone holders over the past few years, and this is by far the best one yet.The clip that holds the base onto the the air vent has a tightening mechanism that holds very well and doesn’t budge when I pull the phone off of the base.The base is mounted on a ball joint that works very well.The magnet that you mount on your phone is very strong. My Pixel 2XL, which is a fairly big phone, stays in place without sliding off the base even though I placed the magnet on my phone *inside* my somewhat heavy case. I doubt that the adhesive on the magnet would stay stuck very well on the shiny acrylic on the outside of my case, so I was very happy that the magnet works perfectly through the case. Two sizes of metal plates that hold the phone to the magnetic base are included. The bigger, rectangular plate is bigger than the base, so you don’t have to worry about lining up the magnet with the base when you slap your phone onto the holder… there’s lots of extra magnet room.I’m very pleased with this purchase, and I hope that the plastic joint, clip and tighteners hold up for a reasonably long time. I’m buying four more for gifts. Update: on a very long drive, car vibrations caused the phone to rotate a bit, but I still think this is the best phone-holder yet. I’m sure that if the metal plate were on the outside of the case, this wouldn’t happen, because my case has a shiny, surface where it meets the magnet base. Great air vent cell phone holder! The holder can attach virtually any where that the adjustable clip can fit into. Once you find the right fit for the clip, you tighten the screw and it attaches firmly. The round magnet where the phone attaches is adjustable as well. I received phone 2 magnets, one is a round magnet I’m assuming is to attach to the outside of your phone. The other is a rectangular one that goes inside the phone case. I put the rectangular one in between the phone and the case and it is very strong. I have an iPhone flexible case that is not very thick. I am very impressed with the quality and the fact that the clip is adjustable. It also appears to be made totally out of silicone/plastic, with no sharp metal pieces that could scratch your vent or car. So happy I decided to go with this brand. There were some odd reviews, but I took the chance and am glad I did. This is an excellent product, it holds very well in the grill and the magnet is super strong.If the phone is heavy and the road is not in good condition it is possible to move a little, I have an iphone 7 plus After several days I’m extremely pleased. I ordered two of these, one for me and one for my girlfriend and we’re both very pleased. We have different kinds of phones and cases and the magnet is strong enough to hold either phone in place (vertical or horizontal). Also very easy to install and can be moved if you want to change vents. Highly recommend.

a little button along the sides can be pushed which prompts the phone to pop out of the mount. The e-mail appears to be invalid. Press down the lever. The car mount s Suction Cup has a coating of sticky gel that prevents air gaps from forming and loosening the grip for a longer lasting hold. Let s find out some important features of the product that may help you to understand the product more elaborately.


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