Magnetic Phone Holder Mount for Car – FITFORT Universal 360° Rotation Car Dashboard Stand with Super Strong Magnet Compatible Phone X XS XR MAX 8 Plus, S9 S8 Plus, GPS, Mini Tablet and More


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Magnetic Phone Holder Mount for Car – FITFORT Universal 360° Rotation Car Dashboard Stand with Super Strong Magnet Compatible Phone X XS XR MAX 8 Plus, S9 S8 Plus, GPS, Mini Tablet and More Description

FITFORT Magnetic Car Phone Mount Holder is an ideal companion on the road with powerful magnetic force and an perfect car interior decoration with exquisite craftsmanship.It is absolutely safe and reliable for the cellphone, tablet and GPS. Place your device within easy reach of your arm, allowing you to concentrate on the road with minimal distraction. Small but mighty, this tiny car phone holder is your best choice! Features: 1.Extra magnetic made your device ( phone tablet GPS )safe because they were locked into place ; 2.Innovative 3M bond adhesive technology sticks strong against any smooth surface but leaves no marks. No Matter where you are,office,home ,kitchen etc ,your phone is always at hand; 3.Universal:Fits any phone ,GPS or Tablet (under 10”) anywhere as long as it has flat surface; 4.Installing our magnetic car mount inside or outside of your case ,looks awesome and performs better .No cradles, clamps or suckers, just the magic of the magnet; 5.360°rotation adjustable magnetic phone holder allows you adjust it to any viewing specification,only need 1 hand 1 second; 6.The Minimalistic stylish design take up minimal space,fits all the car; 7.Free your hands: Have it ,free your hands when you driving ,running,watching ,shower or busy do any other thing. Installation Tips: 1.Clean smooth surface with cloth until it was fully dry ; 2.Install the magnetic car mount and press it into position for 10 seconds; 3.Please use it after 24 hours. Note: 1.Please remove the metal plate when you use wireless charging; 2.Apply a few drops of rubbing alcohol before removing,it won’t leave marks. Perfect Spots Scientific viewing angle that does not block your driving sight and allows you to operate your device without lowering your head. Read more Signal Lossless Powerful magnetic force can make sure your device be fixed tightly without affecting the signal of the device. Read more Rotatable but Locks Firm Check GPS map or control music playing from any angle freely when driving with a precisely tuned resistance of this car phone holder. Scratch Free Silicone Pad Smooth silicone surface of the car mount prevents scratches to your phone back, you can mount your phone on it safely. Secure Mount but No Leftover Premium 3M VHB adhesive firmly sticks to the car dashboard and leaves no marks after being removed. Read more One-handed Operation No tools required. Pick & place your device in one second with single hand, making the call and GPS navigation more convenient. Read more [Small Body Strong Magnetic] This powerful magnetic phone holder can create a powerful attraction that firmly supports your device while allowing you to drive without distraction [Super Stick Force] 3M VHB adhesive provides strong stick force between the dashboard and the car phone holder, which can firmly stick to any plane in the car, fix your device, adapt to a variety of road conditions such as sudden braking, speed bump, and rugged mountain road [Safe Driving View] Mini-size, not taking up space, it is placed in the dashboard without blocking the view at all, and does not need to look down at the device to ensure your safe driving [360° Free Potation] With an adjustable swivel ball joint, you can rotate your smartphone or device at your own will, providing the best viewing angle. Quickly pick and place with one hand, free your hands and make calls and GPS navigation more convenient [Multi-Scene Application] Multi-purpose car holder can be placed in the dashboard and car, desktop and any plane of the car, bringing more convenience. Easy to install, no tools required Item is as expected! It feels nice, quality-wise – the plastic material does not seem cheap. It was very easy to install and the magnet is quite strong, but not too strong. My phone attaches quickly and accurately but is it also easy to lift off the magnet into my hand. Rotating my phone to desired position is also easy and holds the position well. I mounted mine on the face of my dashboard, not on a flat horizontal surface and it is holding strong. I highly recommend this product! This is a great product. Great quality and packaging. I bought 2 of these to replace the cheap ones my wife purchased a few years ago. Those cracked and spun around after you would attach your phone so they were really frustrating. This one is awesome. It holds your phone firmly in place as you would expect. Because I am constantly getting in an out of the car, I deal with this thing often. You want it to work and not piss you off. This thing does what its supposed to, so its awesome. The quality is way better than I expected as well. So far I am loving the magnetic phone holder mount for my car! It’s much smaller than I anticipated, which is great because I had to be creative with where I put it in my car. I own a Cadillac SRX which has vertical vents and textured dashboard so finding a phone holder to mount in my car has not been easy. I ended up placing this on my analog clock that has a smooth surface (who uses that anyways when there’s a digital clock on the radio display) which has proven to be perfect placement so far (not too high up to obstruct my view but easily visible while following the GPS when driving). I did also buy the FITFORT phone ring and am using that to attach my phone to this mount instead of the magnetic plate that the mount comes with. The functionality of both have so far proven to be worth it! I purchased this to replace a different vent clip magnet mount which broke my air vent… I placed this on a flat SMOOTH surface on my dash as instructed. I decided the next day I wanted to change where it was placed, so I carefully peeled it off my dash. The adhesive tape remained on the unit and did not leave any residue behind on my dash. I placed it in the new flat SMOOTH spot and pushed again for 30 seconds. I have had zero issues with it since then!Side note, many people complain that they installed it on a flat surface, but it fell off… They seem to try to install it on a flat TEXTURED surface, which seems to cause people issues. The surface must be flat and SMOOTH for it to work best. As long as you place it on a smooth spot, I highly recommend it! I bought this cell phone holder for the car for my 19 year old daughter, hoping that she will keep her eyes on the road. She has it in a good place and we will have to wait and see if it stays put on the dash. It’s compact and sturdy. A good value! I am OBSESSED with this car mount! I have literally gone through countless car phone mounts & can’t believe it took me this long to find this product. It’s so small, you can stick the mount just about anywhere you want! Which, I just sat, is awesome & very convenient b/c I’ve had issues with my phone overheating & shutting off on me (while using the GPS too) countless times. When that happens, my iPhone X takes a few minutes to cool down enough to restart.With this product, it’s so small I am able to stick it near the AC vent closest to me (without blocking any airflow to myself) & be able to see my phone perfectly without knocking it out of place.Also, the magnet strength & metal plates the package comes with are UNBELIEVABLY strong. It’s very impressive!!I recommend this magnetic cellphone mount to anyone and everyone who drives & owns a cellphone (◕‿◕✿) I stuck this on my dash a couple months ago and it’s been secure since then. The magnet is very strong. It comes with a thin metal disc to stick to your phone or phone case. My phone is metal and i have a thin silicone case on it and it still sticks well, so i didn’t need the disc. It stays put on bumpy roads pretty well. i think this magnetic holder is a good quality and i would recommend it. I chose a good spot on the dash the first time so i haven’t had to move it, but it did come with extra sticky pads for readjusting it. Have this on the dash of my car. At first, it was great and had some resistance when moving it around (meaning it was tight and phone didn’t budge when attached- which was good). Magnets work….however on day 3 when I pulled my phone off the mount, the magnet stayed on the mount and disconnected from my phone. It was attached correctly to my phone case. Maybe not enough sticky. Then one day it’s like the mount magically lost the resistance, now when my phone is attached it will flop around left and right. Not sure what the problem is or if the one I got is defective, but now it’s more annoying than anything.UPDATE. Just needed to screw the top part down clockwise. Driving may have caused it to come loose and lose the resistance. It’s back to working as it should now! If it happens again I know to just screw it down a bit.

it s only for android phones and usb-c ipads charging. Belkin Premium Car Vent Mount. 5 in width for a safer driving experience on the road. More convenient, can be used in car dashboard, sun visor, rearview mirror. About this item. and firmly hold your electric device order to prevent them from scratching and dropping.


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