Metra 70-1721 Wiring Harness for 1998-2013 Acura/Suzuki/Honda Vehicles


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Metra 70-1721 Wiring Harness for 1998-2013 Acura/Suzuki/Honda Vehicles Description

Style:Single | Product Packaging:Standard PackagingWiring Harness for 1998-2013 Acura, Suzuki and Honda Vehicles Plugs into car harness Power/4 Speaker 20-Pin plug Allows for the installation of an aftermarket radio using the existing factory wiring and connectors No cutting of factory wiring needed I used this to install a Kenwood DDX9704S in our 2008 Honda Pilot EX-L. It works perfectly and seems well built. Note that you will also need this antenna cable: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000K4YOCGI connected all the wires on this harness to the matching wires on the stereo except for the blue one. I wasn’t sure what to do with it, but it doesn’t seem to be necessary.However, I did connect the blue wire on the antenna cable to the antenna control wire on my stereo. It powers the amplifier in the antenna. It seems you can also connect that blue wire on the antenna cable to the red ignition wire or to the amplifier/accessory power control wire on the stereo if you have one–it just needs to be powered when the car is on for the radio to work properly. This worked perfectly for the 2nd Gen Honda CR-V and mated to the Kenwood Excelon 696s Wiring harness does require assembly, and if you have auto wire strippers, USE them. Shrink tubing is what i used. I feel its better than butt-connectors. Every cable in the instructions they email to you matched up well to the OEM harness and I have not had any issues yet in over many years.Pros: It worked, lol it was kinda fun wiring everything, Perfect fit Instructions very complete and straightforwardCons: No crimp connectors included – it’s okay. now I can do it with ease I bought an aftermarket unit for my 99 Honda Civic and I needed a harness for the job, I knew to look no further than Metra as they have come in handy before.Instructions were clearly labeled on the bag, I verified that these were correct with other sources just to be sure and they were.Installation was very simple using a few 16g butt connectors and some electrical tape.The ends come pre-cut so all you have to do is peel the shielding off.The wires are plenty long in case you mess up and you have to cut or you wish to relocate your radio as I did.The harness has been on the car for over a year now and it has not caused me any issues at all.Don’t forget to check and make sure this is the correct product for your vehicle, just head on to metra’s website and cross check the part number. This is their vehicle fit guide http://www.metraonline.com/vfg And of course purchase it here where the prices are usually lower than your local stores or online dealers. Worked like i expected. The wires are labeled in the event you need that. If you do use this to wire up an MDX like i did…. make sure you remember which plug goes to the radio… ACURA thought it would be funny to color code all the brackets blue and for awhile i was plugging in the wrong plug to the harness… oddly enough it powered the radio but no sound came out. Therefore, label your harnesses or remember wich is which. there are about 4 plugs back there. This connected easily to my 2006 Honda Pilot’s factory harness (although one connector pin bent the first time) and had enough wire to connect to the Soundstream VR-622HB DVD Receiver/Stereo. The exposed ends of the wire (protected with a piece of coating you must first pull off) were a bit short for my liking, but they worked. I also had to disconnect the harness a couple times which proved to be difficult by hand (I recommend a standard screwdriver or pliers).Also, this harness had 2 orange wires for “Illumination/Dash Light” and “Dimmer” which did not coincide with the Pink “Handbrake” and Orange “Cam Contrl” wires on my Soundstream harness. I called up Crutchfield & they told me the wires on this harness didn’t need to be connected, but the pink & orange ones on the Soundstream had to be spliced into the handbrake & reverse wires respectively.NOTE: If you haven’t done a stereo install before, understand that you will need to either do some soldering (recommended) or use connector caps to get this connected to your stereo harness. For soldering, you’ll also need heat-shrinks or electrical tape. Made hooking up my boss tv headunit in my 99 honda civic so easy. I’m so glad they make harnesses that make life so much easier to hook up an aftermarket headunit. I can’t beleive how cheap the price was for how much it made my life easier too. Worked perfectly for my 2003 Honda Civic LX. If you are replacing your radio, you NEED this wiring harness to actually connect the new radio to the wires that plugged into the factory radio. However, you will need to solder or crimp the bare wires from this harness to the bare wires from your new radio (I soldered them, crimping works too and requires much less skill). If you solder use some heat shrink to protect the exposed parts of the wires. Also zip-tying the whole bundle together is a good idea as it prevents the wires from bending or stressing in any way. Purchased for a 2005 Acura TL; I actually bought this as a ‘donor’ harness from which to take extra pinned wires to add to a Metra 70-1725 (which is the same connector, but has RCA plugs for use with factory amplifier instead of plain wires for speaker connections) for connection of steering wheel controls.

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