Metra 70-8113 Amplifier Integration Harness for Select 2000-2004 Toyota Vehicles


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Metra 70-8113 Amplifier Integration Harness for Select 2000-2004 Toyota Vehicles Description

Product Packaging:Standard PackagingMetra 70-8113 Amplifier Integration Harness for Select 2000-2004 Toyota Vehicles Factory amplifier interface harness that plugs in behind the radio Retains the factory amplifier Harness is set up for low level inputs using RCA Outputs from the aftermarket radio 20-pin connector Just writing a review to talk about my specific circumstance. Unfortunately, a lot of car or radio harnesses differ, so your mileage may vary. I bought this to replace the head unit for my 2002 Toyota Highlander with JBL sound system, which includes a factory amp. The stereo I purchased was a JVC KD-X330BTS with RCA connections in the back for the four speakers.Problem: The wires are color-coded, and this harness comes with a small sheet that details what each wire does, which you can use to double-check with the stereo descriptions. The problem I had was that there was an “extra” black with white stripe wire that I could not identify. After matching only the wires that needed to be matched and leaving this one out, my speakers ended up outputting loud static.Solution: It turns out that this is another ground wire (for the amp?) and needed to be connected to the solid black ground wire on this Metra harness and the solid black ground wire on my radio harness. I did this by twisting the Metra wires together in such a way that they could be inserted into one end of a butt connector, and then crimped. The radio ground wire went into the other end of the butt connector as normal.All-in-all, it’s fairly simple to use. However, I’m knocking off a star because it really wasn’t clear on the wire diagram that came with this harness that the black/white-stripe wire was another ground wire. Hopefully this helps anyone who ran into my specific issue.(Side note: unlike some others who reviewed this product, my Metra harness did in fact come with an orange (or orange/white-stripe) illumination wire to match my stereo’s.) Got this for my Toyota Avalon 2002 XLS. Wired everything up initially and…. did not work. Display and buttons powered and lit up, was able to connect via BT, but no sound. Had to pull teeth just to get some extra information to get it to work. Was almost to the point of bringing it in to a car stereo place and pay the butcher’s bill for installation when I thought to call up Crutchfield (where I bought my receiver). The guys over there were SUPER helpful. They let me know that my issue was probably the blue stripe wire on the harness and they suggested that I splice both the solid blue wires along with the white stripe wire in order to get the sound to work. No where in the instructions for the harness or the receiver was this suggested and I am new to doing this on my own, so I would never have guessed to try this.TL;DR splice blue/white stripe along with blue wires. Wish there was more details in instructions and/or a how to video on YT or something This worked perfectly and easily on my 2007 Toyota Highlander with a JBL sound system and no navigation. I struggled to install an android head unit. I read in various Toyota sites that nothing works for Toyota Highlanders like mine. Someone here said that this Metra 70-8113 harness worked on their Highlander so I bought it. It looks like Metra upgraded this harness because people complained that it didn’t have either the power antenna or power amp wire (one of the two) and I think it didn’t have the illumination wire. Mine had both power antenna and power amp, and the illumination wire, all wires were there.Installation:1) Connect all wires from your Metra harness to the wires from your head unit harness. Battery to battery, ACC to ACC, illumination to illumination, antenna to antenna, amp to amp, ect. It has a simple manual you can follow.2) Very important. You’ll see 2 black wires from the Metra harness (1 has a white line). Connect both of those to the 1 black wire from your head unit harness. These 3 wires are grounds.3) Connect the 2 RCAs from the Metra harness to the 2 RCAs coming out of your head unit.4) Insert your head unit harness into the head unit. Connect the Metra harness to your Toyota harness and you’re done.It’s really simple just make sure you connect those 2 black wires from the Metra harness to the 1 black wire from your head unit harness.Great product and great value and very easy to install. 🙂 This product looks great and is easy to install, the only problem is that this does not work on a stock base stereo for a 2004 Lexus ES 330. It has an amp on the stock system, which requires some components that are not included in this kit.After I found this out, I ordered an Axxess TYTO-01 which came with excellent instructions, powered up an aftermarket head unit, and also allowed me to retain the stock amp.UPDATE:I used this in my 2000 Toyota Tundra and it works flawlessly with my touchscreen Pioneer head unit! Worked perfectly allowing my new Planet Audio Double DIN Receiver to utilize the factory JBL Amp in my 2003 Camry XLE. I heat shrinked all unused wiring, speaker etc in the Planet Audio wiring harness and used the FL, FR, RL & RR RCAs plugs to connect to the PA Harness. Note: The male RCAs in the Metra harness are color coded to correlate with the speaker colors so Gray is front passenger (US), White is front driver (US), Violet is Rear passenger and Green is Rear Driver. (USA Driver with steering wheel on LH dash location). Also remember to connect the Blue/White wire to turn on the JBL amp, Use the P Cont, Rem Amp or ANT power blue wire in the receivers harness. Works perfectly, no engine noise either. This made installation easy, with two important caveats: 1) the black and black/white wires and ground for system and the amp; splice them together and connect to ground. 2) the blue and blue/white are signal wires, again two wires because of the JBL system amp. Splice them and connect to blue.The instructions I received were incomplete and possibly written for another model. But with the two splices above, everything was a straight across connection to the correct color wires. Worked like a charm.

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