Metra 72-5600 Ford Speaker Harness 1998-UP


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Metra 72-5600 Ford Speaker Harness 1998-UP Description

Product Packaging:Standard PackagingDo you install replacement speakers? The Ford Speaker Adapters by Metra will fit a wide variety of vehicles. So if you work on a lot of Fords, keep plenty on hand. Speaker Adapter for Select Ford Vehicles, 2 adapters in each bag. Connects aftermarket speakers to the factory speaker harness Quick and easy installation No cutting needed Plugs directly into harness I wish I had read the reviews first. I thought something so simple would be a no brainer. Big thanks to Metra for proving me wrong. The terminals are too small to fit standard speaker terminal widths. I don’t mean just a little tight. I mean WILL NOT FIT. Other reviewers have cut their speaker terminals to fit. I cut the wires and crimped on new terminals that I bought at Home Depot. They were noticeably larger and fit with no problem. I saw similar feedback that was given to Metra from back in 2015. Of course I could have returned them but I prefer to receive quality parts to begin with, not just a good return policy with no apology for the inconvenience and no fixing of the actual problem. I get so tired of buying made in China crap from Amazon at made in US prices. Does anybody remember what “Quality Control” means? For those of you that used the Metra 72-5600 wire harness speakers adapters when you upgraded your speakers on Mustangs and other Ford cars and trucks, there’s a good chance you now have a reversed polarity problem. Even if you had an audio shop do the work, your new speakers might be wired wrong if the shop used the Metra 72-5600 adapters. It appears that this problem is VERY common. I bought two pair of them (total of 4) in sealed Metra bags from Amazon that had the polarity reversed. The Amazon photos show exactly what you will receive. They are wired WRONG. The polarity is reversed. I called Metra tech support and was informed that the polarity is correct. Metra is wrong. I stopped at my local Best Buy and inspected 8 sealed bags of the Metra 72-5600 and they were also wired wrong. Metra must have ordered thousands from China with ALL of them wired with the polarity reversed. Apparently, there is no way Metra intends on scraping them. If you use them with the polarity reversed your speakers will still work, just not very well. Metra must feel that since your new replacement speakers actually have sound coming from them that everything is just fine. WRONG.If you use the Metra 72-5600 adapter with the wrong polarity your system will NOT sound as good as it should. Speakers are manufactured to operate with the correct polarity. The speaker cone is intended to move out, not in. Why spend time and money on new replacement speakers and not get the improved sound you wanted in the first place. Do it right on the first install. Who wants to do it twice?DON’T BUY THE METRA 72-5600 ONLINE BASED ON THE PHOTO YOU SEE. The Best Buy web site photo shows the correct polarity, but the sealed bags at my local Best Buy were wired with the polarity reversed. A few people have reported that the adapter they received from Crutchfield was wired correctly, but nobody at Crutchfield was willing to actually do a physical check when I called them. One other note is that the contact pins in the Metra 72-5600 Ford adapter connector can be removed, BUT you need the correct contact pin removal tool to do the job right. You have to release a lock (flare) on the side of each pin then it slides out from the rear. It can then be re-inserted in the correct polarity position. I noticed that in the Crutchfield reviews that some users reported that the adapters they received were wired correctly, but that the pins were pushing out when the 72-5600 was plugged into the OEM Ford connector. If Crutchfield is removing the pins and re-inserting them in the correct position, they may not have been done correctly. The lock (flare) on the side of the contact pin has a spring effect to it. Cheap China made contacts don’t always have good spring tension once they have been compressed, removed, and then re-inserted. That would explain the complaint in the Crutchfield reviews.Check out the Metra 72-5600 photos in this post and see how I corrected my adapters. Although these are advertised as for Ford only, these also fit the 2013 Chevy Cruze. The polarity at which they are wiring may or may not match your vehicle. Please check online or with the dealer for the pinout of your particular application. Also, you can confirm fit by downloading the Metra App on the Apple App store or Google play or visiting metraonline.com. I have installed car stereos for over 25 years. I can tell you that if these are reverse of your vehicles polarity, you can pull the keeper out of the end of the harness, reverse the wiring, and reattach the wires. Before replacing panels, make sure your speakers flex outward with music instead of backward into the panel. I bought these for a speaker upgrade on a 2012 Mustang. I checked the OEM speaker and wiring polarity as I’ve read that these adapters can be wired up backwards and will degrade speaker performance.Having removed the factory speakers, I connected a 12V battery to one of the speakers and observed which way the cone moved. If the polarity of the battery connection is correct (battery positive to positive speaker terminal), the cone should move outwards. If reverse polarity, it will pull inwards. Using this method, I established that the RH terminal was positive when viewing the speaker from the back with the connections at 6 o’clock. I noted which pin in the connector on the speaker was therefore positive and confirmed the which pin and hence lead in the door connector was positive. Looking at the adapter, it was clear that the white “+” lead was actually the negative lead and the black wire the positive. Since the Lucar connectors on the ends of the white and black leads are different sizes, that meant the speaker could not be wired up correctly. I cut each lead in half, swapped the wires and hence ends and re-soldered, using heat shrink wrap over the connection. Job done! When the speakers were powered up in the vehicle, I confirmed the newly configured adapters were pumping the cones outwards.Even the photo of the adapters on Amazon shows the white wire in the wrong location. I’ve attached photos showing the incorrect and correct assembly, as shown in one of the Ford forums on this harness kit.Note, I only know the Mustang configuration. Check other Ford models as they may be reversed, requiring no adapter modification.UPDATE: I ordered a second set for the rear speakers in my car. These arrived configured correctly, with NO modification required !!!

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