Metra 95-6528B Double Din Dash Kit for 2006 – 2010 Dodge Ram (Black)


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Metra 95-6528B Double Din Dash Kit for 2006 – 2010 Dodge Ram (Black) Description

The Ram Truck 2006 to 2010 Double-DIN Installation Kit from Metra lets you change out the head unit for something more modern and still have a factory-looking fit and finish. All Metra kits come with the needed hardware–all you have to do is provide the tools. Metra recommends disconnecting the negative battery terminal before beginning any installation. All accessories, switches and especially air bag indicator lights must be plugged in before reconnecting the battery or cycling the ignition. Installation Dash Kit for Double DIN Radios For 2006 – 2010 Dodge Ram Accommodates ISO Double DIN mount Included components: Installaion Kit Used this to install a double din stereo in my 06 Dodge Ram 3500. Was easy to install and works great. Doesn’t quite match though, I have the wood laminate interior and this sits on top of it but it looks ok. By using this you have to cut part of the dashboard (sides of the stereo and remove the piece that sits between the stereo and storage) and loose the storage right below the existing stereo The bezel piece is too small and won’t fit with my radio, nor do I think it would fit right with any radio. Double-DIN spec standard is 180mm wide, which is slightly over 7 inches. The opening on this piece is roughly 6.75 inches, which 1/4 inch too small to fit any double-DIN that I am aware of (where did they get pics of this installed? Does some radio manufacturer make a double-din that’s 3/8ths of an inch smaller than spec?). I’m not making this up – see the pics I attached, it’s 6 and 3/4 inches wide, where it should be AT LEAST 7, and technically a whisker wider than 7 inches to meet the spec of 180mm.Really upset with this, and of course I waited too long from the time I received it till the time I had a free weekend to work on putting the radio in the truck, so now I can’t return it. The only thing I am happy about is that it was only $16, so I didn’t waste that much money on it, and that I test fit it to the radio BEFORE I sawed up the bezel on the truck (which is part of the install directions on this). Otherwise, I am hating everything about it.EDIT (since amazon doesn’t allow outside linking): Google ‘double din spec’ and you will see, it is indeed 180mm width.See attached pics. As other’s have mentioned this does not fit a standard double din radio. It fits good enough but looks a little off because it is recessed because the trim does not fit around the double din as it should. Also you will need a dremmel, cutting tool to make the modifications to your dash piece as it will not fit otherwise. After looking at a few different options I choose to give this one a try. It does involve modifying your dash, which was simple. The Fitment was nice, but as others have stated the radio does sit inward a bit. I Didn’t like this look. So after some cutting with a dremal with a plastic blade and a bit of filling on the plastic skirt, I managed to get the double din to sit in nicely. It is now flush and looks pretty good. Over all I’d recommend this kit, although it takes some tinkering to make it perfect. The unit I installed was a boss 6.2 BV9384NV Fit my truck as described. There is one modification that need to be done to make this fit and it is part of the installation instructions Love it! Fit was perfect for my 06 Cummings. Get the correct wiring harness and you can install yourself. Way too easy! Looks great installed black trim against silver bazel. Needed quite a bit of modifications for existing bazel and radio fit as well. This is a great solution for putting a Double Din stereo into a Dodge Ram vehicle. The alternative for me was to buy the navigation dash panel but it was $200. This kit is a nice alternative and looks good. I did have to alter the dash panel to install this but it was very easy to do with a Dremel tool.

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