Metra Electronics 70-5520 Wiring Harness for Select 2003-Up Ford Vehicles


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Metra Electronics 70-5520 Wiring Harness for Select 2003-Up Ford Vehicles Description

Product Packaging:Standard PackagingWiring Harness for Select 2003-Up Ford Vehicles Plugs into car harness. METRA Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis Marauder/Expedition (Late Production) 03 Turbowire 705520 Power/4 Speaker 24-pin connector For select 2003-2007 Ford, Lincoln, Mercury vehicles Allows for the installation of an aftermarket radio using the existing factory wiring and connectors EDIT;This didn’t fit my 04 Mercury Grand Marquis as stated it would.I’m editing this hoping to help if you have a Grand Marquis.Heres what i found after digging deeper.Theres 2 possible adaptors ,It could be this one or 70-1771.So before ordering this one,Even though it says it’s compatible,it may not be.Pull your radio and look at your plug first.If its smaller than this product than you’ll need the 70-1771.This photo is of my plug,and it needs the 70-1771 even though Amazon and the Page will say it’s not compatible it will be.So look before ordering.The adaptor manufacturer should have known and stated this.So I’ll give them 3 Stars now instead of 1 for not warning there’s another possible adaptor for this car,so it’s important to look and match it up visually first.If your radio plug looks like mine,you need 70-1771….————————————————I was assured EVERYWHERE I’ve read that this will fit my 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis.WRONG It doesn’t fit this car. Do yourself a favor, make sure you don’t have a premium sound package before you install this. I used this on my 07 mustang replacing the after market radio that was installed when I got the car. They cheaped out and used a harness much like this one, which is why I also used the cheap one.Turns out my car has two external amps for the door subs, and two external amps for the trunk subs (the trunk setup was missing when I got the car) so all I was driving was the door tweeters, and the back seat tweeters. I upgraded to a proper $50 harness, and got the full range of my sound system. These harnesses are great, but the information online isn’t always what you’re led to believe. This was a perfect fit for my dads 2008 Ford Taurus X. I did need to move a couple of pins to setup the steering wheel controls. This harness has a block plate over the pins which I had to peel out in order to move the pins. That was a bit of a pain but the harness did its job. I was hesitant, but decided to trust Amazon suggestions. This harness was worthless as I had to purchase a $100 Maestro (factory radio replacement hub) and then Maestro’s $30 wiring harness. I wasted half a day thinking I mis-wired something. Thank goodness for actual people/installers at Best Buy, they even price matched Amazon! Fits my 2005 F350 Lariat perfectly. I was originally concerned about which wires were for what but the package it comes in has a reference to every wire. I installed a new touchscreen in a really short amount of time. I would suggest using heat shrink butt connectors as I was having some issues with the regular crimp ones. It’s much cleaner and you have a much better chance of maintained contact with metal on metal. Over all, very happy with this purchase. To the sellers: May festering chancre sores afflict your privates from now until your death. And all of your descendants. I hope it burns every time you pee. And I hope you only poop every 5 days. And I hope you get thrombosed hemorrhoids. And horrible body odor that won’t wash off. I hope your toenails get a fungus and grow in a bizarre manner. I hope your teeth turn yellow. I hope you always feel like you gotta sneeze but can’t. Oh and I hope you get plantar fasciitis and every step hurts. And bunions! And ingrown toenails! I hope your eyelashes fall out. I hope you get audited by your local and state tax authorities and the IRS. You are rotten, nasty, no-goodnicks. I fart in your general direction. Unit arrived as expected and installation was as noted in other reviews, simple with patience and attention to detail. I alsoInstalled a back up camera and that works well, placement is key. If you have a pick up spend the extra money and get a tail gate camera it’s well worth the extra penneys. The unit responds well to finger touch, although a little slow during colder months. The Bluetooth functions well but will occasionally take a moment to connect, not enough concern to warrant a downgrade on the review. I’ve not been able to get the video to work as advertised, but for me not a big deal as I’m not sitting in my truck watching movies. The biggest ding on this unit is the handsfree mic, this sucks and no one can hear me clearly. It may be my placement on the instrument panel and I will move it later to see if the sounds gets better. Most of the factory units are above the drivers head..hint hint. All in all good deal for the money and direct fit for the f150 Ford. Worked perfect on my 2008 Ford F150. You will need this for a factory look and fit and easy disconnect should you sell your vehicle and want to put the factory radio back in.

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