Nite Ize Original Steelie Dash Mount Kit – Magnetic Car Dash Mount for Smartphones (Packaging may vary)


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Nite Ize Original Steelie Dash Mount Kit – Magnetic Car Dash Mount for Smartphones (Packaging may vary) Description

Style:Dash | Color:OriginalThe beauty of the Steelie Dash Mount Kit is in its simplicity. Using trusted Steelie magnetic mounting technology, this popular phone mounting system lets you be hands-free so you can keep your focus safely on the road. This all-inclusive kit includes one Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket with 3M VHB adhesive, one Steelie Dash Ball with 3M VHB adhesive, an alcohol prep pad, and easy installation instructions. The 3M VHB on the Dash Ball allows it to be secured to just about any smooth, hard, flat or vertical surface in your vehicle. The Magnetic Phone Socket also uses 3M VHB, so it adheres steadfastly to your phone or rigid case, but can be removed if you get a new Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, or other phone or case. The socket features a powerful neodymium magnet and a smooth silicone ring that articulates with the steel ball on the Dash Mount. This allows your device to be tilted and viewed in landscape, portrait, and everything in between. This design ensures the phone stays securely in place, until you detach it from with a simple twist or tug. Speed bumps, potholes, quick turns are no match for Steelie’s magnetic holding power. Because of its fumble-free, secure design, the Steelie Phone Mounting kits are legal in all 50 United States. Plus, when you reach your destination and detach your phone, the Magnetic Phone Socket on your device means you can still attach it conveniently to other metal surfaces: refrigerator doors, metal shelving, other Steelie Mounts, and more. Steelie neodymium magnets are safe for use with mobile devices but should be kept away from magnetically sensitive objects like credit cards, pacemakers or computer hard drives. MAGNETIC CAR PHONE HOLDER FOR YOUR DASH, HANDS-FREE VIEWING – Dock your phone to your dashboard in a snap, with a sleek and compact design using Steelie magnetic mounting technology. Secure just about any phone to most any car dash UNIVERSAL, SECURE ATTACHMENT TO PHONE, CASE, AND CAR – The Magnetic Phone Socket with 3M VHB adhesive secures to most any phone or rigid case. Stays on as long as you want, but can be removed. The Dash Mount is also equipped with 3M VHB adhesive ADJUSTABLE VIEWING ANGLES – The Dash Mount features a steel ball that articulates with the Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket on your device allowing you to tilt your phone smoothly from landscape to portrait and everywhere in between POWERFUL, HIGH-STRENGTH MAGNET – The neodymium magnet and silicone center create a strong grip and smooth glide when paired with the Steelie Dash Mount for safe use even when driving on bumpy roads SAFE FOR USE WITH PHONES – The powerful magnet will NOT damage your mobile device. It can also be paired with GPS and MP3 devices. However, do not place it near magnetically sensitive objects such as credit cards, computer hard drives, or pacemakers Won’t work with a Galaxy Note. Not if you use the pen anyway. The pen wont write where the magnet is on the back of the phone. Might be OK in a car but not in a work truck. The magnet isn’t strong enough to hold my iPhone when I hit bumps and the phone would either swivel down so I couldn’t read it or fall to the floor. Then the adhesive wouldn’t hold to my dash in spite of me carefully cleaning it with alcohol then letting the adhesive cure for two days before using it. Total fail for lack of a good adhesive pad and a weak magnet. I owned one of these for several years that functioned perfect. I bought a new phone and case and decided to just buy the entire new kit instead of just getting new double sided tape. I received the order fine. Upon trying to use it however I found the build quality to be poor. Magnet came off its base and I tried to put it back on but still failed. I contacted Niteize customer service and they believe it to be a fraudulent product. Brian offered to send me a new kit and I will be returning the fraudulent one back to them. Although this appears to be working out. It is frustrating that I should be using what I had bought instead of dealing with problems. I am unable to find a way to contact Amazon about it other than trying to return it and likely getting another defective one. This is more of a problem with Amazon than anything else. **edit** I attached the ball do the dash exactly as the instructions asked, including waiting 24 hours. And the ball came unattached after a month of use from the dash dropping my phone while I was driving yesterday. I was glad my phone screen didn’t crack, but the one thing this still had going for it was that it didn’t drop my phone. I don’t know if mine is just a dud, or they are all like this. I’ll add that the temperature for the last month was about 10f to 50f, so there were no crazy temperature extremes that would have weakened the adhesive.**edit**I’ll start with the good parts. It adheres firmly and easily to the phone and dashboard. The design concept is great and is much simpler than fiddling with some kind of phone clamp. The magnet is rather close in size to 3 dimes stacked, which is very noticeable, but not too bad.However, I have an lg v20, and this will not hold my phone in place. It doesn’t fall off the ball, but within a minute or less of driving on a regular smooth road, the phone droops down and angles away from where I had it until the bottom of the phone touches the dash and it can’t droop any lower. Really wish this product had better magnets or that I had sprung for the stronger magnet version (which is a shocking twice the price for just having a stronger magnet) I purchased the Steelie Dash Mount Kit through Amazon back in May. In just under 3 months, I’ve already gone through the 2nd foam adhesive tape to stick the mount to my dashboard. This tape does not work very well because it keeps peeling off while my phone is mounted. The summer heat does not agree with it. It stays fine for about a month or so but it pulls away after awhile and then causes my phone to drop off my dash. I don’t want to spend any more money on additional tape if this is what is expected to happen every time during the summer months. Plus, the bottom of the phone will tilt back and top of the phone tilts forward especially when you’re driving a bumpy road. This is annoying but not a deal breaker for me. It’s the fact that the mount doesn’t want to stay on. I can’t return this via Amazon because I’m already outside of my return window. I’ve contacted the Nite Ize company about this issue by email 1 week ago and I’m still waiting on a response from them but so far nothing yet. Super disappointed because the concept is great but poor execution in material quality. I never post reviews, but I am very happy with this product! I bought 2 of these to mount my iPad mini in the car. I opted to go this route because I really like having navigation, prefer to listen to mp3 via bluetooth in my car (as opposed to radio), and the quoted price for navigation installed aftermarket was $1600! I already had an iPad and thought the navigation was pretty solid, so I decided to pursue a mount that was clean, and didn’t overwhelm my dashboard. I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews. I also bought an iOttie (which I thought held my iPad pretty well, but because of the way my dash is set up, blocked a lot of my controls, so I returned it). The Steelies are PERFECT! They were super easy to install, my iPad is stuck to those like superglue, and when I am not using it, the Steelie mounts aren’t that noticeable. I was really nervous about my iPad falling off with every bump I hit, but that is not the case. The reason I bought 2 mounts was because I didn’t want my iPad to block the heat vents and the way my dash is configured, 2 mounts made the most sense. I believe one mount would be sufficient for the mini iPad, but would go for 2 mounts if you intend to mount a regular iPad on your dash. I have to admit, I wasn’t thrilled with sticking stuff to the mini or the car dash, but after the initial shock of having to do that, it doesn’t matter to me. I usually keep my iPad in a case when not mounted and the “magnets” are covered by the case. The best parts? Siri is voice activated and can talk all my commands without me taking my hands off the wheel, and I since I live in the ghetto, I don’t worry about my fancy nav system getting stolen! I just grab and go!

PLEASE NOTE It is recommend that use the square pad on the back of your phone case. Release the lock to rotate the mount 360 degrees on the base. We ve gathered our favorites here, along with some tips to keep in mind when shopping. 6 inches to 6. 2_ The vent mount rotates 180 degrees so you can use your phone in.


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