Ogrmar Car Sound Deadener Noise Filter Application Wheel Roller (Black)


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Ogrmar Car Sound Deadener Noise Filter Application Wheel Roller (Black) Description

Car Sound Deadener Noise Filter Application Wheel Roller. Material : Rubber roller, Wood handle, Metal connector. Color : handle-black, Rubber roller-light green, Metal connector-silver. Roller Size :(LxD) 2″ x 1.4″ ; Handle Size : (LxD) 4.7″ x 1.2″ ;Total Length : 6.9″ Weight : 5 ounces. A practical tool for an easy and effective aplly to your sound deadening mat. Make sure this fitsby entering your model number. Car Sound Deadener Noise Filter Application Wheel Roller. Material : Rubber roller, Wood handle, Metal connector. Color : handle-black, Rubber roller-light green, Metal connector-silver. Roller Size :(LxD) 2″ x 1.4″ ; Handle Size : (LxD) 4.7″ x 1.2″ ;Total Length : 6.9″ I failed to read the reviews before ordering…but later saw where people said the screw in the end of the roller shaft would loosen up and come out…so i planned on really securing it when mine arrived. Well to my surprise when i opened the cellophane package and remove the roller…there was no screw even in the shaft. Well I found out why when i tried to replace the missing screw…the threads were damaged and the shaft wasn’t useable. But they packaged and sent it out anyway. Amazon pitched me to buy this along with the Noico sound deadening mats I bought, and it’s not at all good for that purpose. First, the main problem with using this product on sound deadening is you can’t exert the necessary amount of pressure. With such a short handle you get no leverage and have to be right on top of the mat. What you really need is a roller on an extended arm so you can stand and use your body weight to press down the mat.While this is not necessarily a fault of this roller, the roller also happens to be junk. It fell apart after about an hour of use and, unlike some of the other reviewers, I was lucky enough to find the screw and put it back together. Bad product. Rolling a tuna can on the mat would work just as well. Absolutely horrible. This thing is completely worthless when applying Noico. Wound up ordering the Noico roller, but missed the return window on this one.Wound up using a piece of cutting board while waiting on the noico roller. I couldn’t reach half the sound deadening material I put inside my car door with this. If I had it to do over again, I would have probably just tried to roll a metal socket over it with my hand instead of buying a tool. In any case, the spindle that the roller is on came off after about an hour of use, and the screw that held it in went flying and I didn’t find it for quite a while. This is my initial review what’s up July 23, 2019. I ordered it Monday, and it came in Tuesday around noon. As far as the quality it’s OK, I guess. But by the way it looks, it does not seem to have passed a QA inspection. My order had scuffing marks and dirt on the side, checkmarks on the rolling surface, and some left over from the molding. It does not look brand new at all. I’m reviewing this product as I see it but I think it could be better. Do I think it’ll do the job? I think so. But based on the reviews and what I see in this product, I will be keeping an eye on this screws. They do not look very secure in there. Overall, they probably do the job. No sense of returning it, it’ll just be too much hassle for both me and the seller. My suggestion, if you are a DIYers, it’ll probably work. But if you’re a pro considering tons of job do you sing this, I have my doubts. I was not expecting a good quality roller , but what I received was a very good quality roller, it is made with at least medium duty roller wheel and the metal construction of roller holder is better than expected and then there is the handle and it is well made as well !!! I am very satisfied with this purchase !!!! I got this roller to use in gluing the headliner and side panels into my 1930 Chevrolet car. It did a great job. It is just soft enough to follow the contours but still solid enough to press the parts together. It held together well and gave me no problems. Used to install sound deadener in my car. Got the rear seat backs and seat bottoms done before the screw fell out. Good luck finding that sucker… it’s about the size of an eyeglass screw. Tried using the handle to press the rest of my sound deadener for the install, which was actually working better than the hard plastic roller part. The metal brackets from the roller dug into my palm though, so I tossed it in the trash and used a screwdriver handle, which worked even better. Save your $7 to $10, it doesn’t work very well even before it falls apart.

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