Phone Holder for Car,Universal Long Neck Car Mount Holder Compatible with iPhone Xs XS Max XR X 8 8 Plus 7 7 Plus S10 S9 S8 S7 S6 LG and More


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Phone Holder for Car,Universal Long Neck Car Mount Holder Compatible with iPhone Xs XS Max XR X 8 8 Plus 7 7 Plus S10 S9 S8 S7 S6 LG and More Description

Can use with phone case but not too thick is more suitable. (Pop socket, wallet case,OtterB* Defender Series SCREENLESS Edition , Moph* Juice Pack Access are not suitable) Step 1 to Operate the Suction Cup If the button was locked, you should open the button first , rather than to stick directly to the dashboard or windshield. Step 2 to Operate the Suction Cup After opening the button, press the base until there is no air gap between the base and the suction,then lock the button tightly.(Please pay attention to the correct use of the suction, so that it can stick stably.) Read more Read more Read more Read more 【Super Sticky Gel Pad】Attach to windshield, dashboard or most smooth flat surfaces. They will not fall off even in turns, bumps or when the speed too fast. The car mount can be restored to its mint condition by rinsing it with warm water and allowing it to air dry. 【How to Use the Suction】Keep clean where you install the phone mount. Open the lock lever before using, press the base until there is no air gap between the base and the suction,then lock the button, rather than stick directly to the dashboard or windshield.(Note: try to avoid direct exposure to the sun.) 【Telescopic Arm】 Adjustable telescopic arm accommodates desired length up to 6.3 inches, you can adjust the distance as your wish. 【360°Rotations & Adjustable Height】Swivel ball head allows 360°free rotations to your desired viewing angle. The adjustable Fixed switch helps you adjust the car mount to the perfect height. 【Warning】Due to the flexible nature of the gel, some discoloration or residue may be left depending on the type of surface that it is mounted on. Please note, most likely will not work on leather/ vinyl dashboards. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase. I have mine on the dash of my Ford Edge. I only had to follow the directions one time to get it installed and holding correctly. It holds my iPhone 8+ in an otter box case like a champ! I purchased another one for our ambulances & the crews have the same reviews about the device. If it will hold strong in an ambulance during emergency driving – I’d say it will hold for pretty much anybody else, lol!! Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  LOVE how this holder automatically locks to hold any size phone. My older one used a magnet but I couldn’t have a case to charge on pads. I wish I’d of switched a long time ago. This is solid and holds your phone well with a very powerful suction cup. First of all, I did not receive this product for free or discount, I’ve never communicated with the people who make it, etc. I.e. this is a real review. I say that because I am going to very highly praise this product. After buying 5 other car cell phone holders of various types, I FINALLY found one that works in every way.I have a smaller car, a 2002 Miata SE. It has smaller circular air vents. Its dash has very little smooth flat space at all. And I didn’t want something stuck to the windshield since, as a small car, that would obstruct too much view. I”ve purchased 3 air vent phone holders. They all had the issue of eventually sliding off of the air vents, no matter how much I tightened them down, as I hit bumps in the road, adjusted the phone, etc. Plus they obstructed the air flow of the vent. I then tried a couple of holders that went into the CD slot on the CD player. But both of them covered the digital clock/radio station display.So I read a lot of reviews and tried this one, honestly without very high expectations. But it stuck easily and VERY firmly to the spot on the dash I selected, even thought it wasn’t perfectly flat. It is stuck on there VERY solidly. The mechanism for holding the phone is brilliant, simple but secure and doesn’t require any magnets in the phone case back. The phone adjusts easily in terms of positioning the arm, the tilt of the phone, etc. Oh, and the phone holder mechanism provides plenty of space for any charging cord to attach to the phone.I wish I’d purchased this one before my cross country drive 4 months ago! Where my phone holder twice fell out of the air vent it was attached to (And I was constantly having to readjust the phone position.) 5 stars all the way. Be happy to answer questions. This phone holder is EXCELLENT. I am able to transfer it from one of my vehicles to the other for continued use. The suction remains very good. The extension arm is useful. I am able to adjust the screen by rotating the screen around. The phone remains secure during travel. I have not had any negative experience with this holder. Highly recommend this to others who are looking for a vehicle phone holder during travel. The phone is easy to attach to this phone holder with one finger…. and also easy to remove the phone upon leaving my vehicle. Easy to attach the charging cord to the phone while in the holder. I purchased this item for my wife to hold her iPhone XS in her minivan. The suction cup is very strong. The holder has inexhaustible tilt, telescoping, and viewing angle options. She likes, unlike some holders, that the apparatus that holds the phone stays in a fixed position instead of being spring loaded so that it’s always what the way you need it every time you put your phone in it. The design is accurate, intimate, the mobile phone is very stable, drive to see the navigation, do not worry about falling. Very good bracket WILL NOT WORK IN HOT CLIMATE!!This concept seemed really good. Also had incredible reviews. But it literally lasted half of a day. Granted i do live in Arizona and it’s hot. I was super surprised to see it not last even 24hrs. Absolutely everything changed shape and it was a complete waste of money. Maybe if i still lives in Seattle this would work, but now I’m not so sure it would even work there. Great concept, cheap quality. In the past, I’ve used the CD holder mount, magnetic holder, and the air vent clip. The CD holder mount worked best between those 3 options, but now with a new car, I didn’t really stretch out where the CD goes in. I’ve been using company cars in the past, and now having my own, I’m definitely more cautious what I use. Plus, using the CD holder mount made a few buttons harder to access (this was on a Ford Focus hatchback). The magnetic holder I really liked, but was weary about a piece of magnet so close to my cell phones components. Air vent clip was the worst since the ones I used weren’t so sturdy.Even though the suction cup is likely to leave some ‘damage’ or melt a bit, I am okay with since I hope to be using this mount for a long time. I now drive a ’18 Forester, and found this mount to be great! Being able to adjust the length is very helpful, and it mounts very securely! Very happy with this purchase!

The mount s Arms will automatically close on contact, securing the device firmly while you drive. FUNSHOWCASE Faceted Geometry Flower Pot Silicone Molds 3-Count for Epoxy Resin Concrete Clay Succulent Planter Bowl Ashtray Candle Soap Pen Holder. I don t even have an otter box case. Since it uses magnets instead of a standard base, you ll need to attach a protective sticker and metal plate to your phone or phone case. WixGear is a high-quality manufacturer and supplier of tech accessories that go the distance. The AINOPE Car Phone Holder Mount 22. Robust adsorption the magnetic cellular phone automobile mount adopts a high-quality adhesive pad and 6 items of n52 magnets. com to request a refund and we will assign you a tracking . Adjustable cup base the cup holderâ s base is easily adjustable, having a wide compatible size with most cars. Victor Nwokoye.


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