Qibaok 840PCS Electrical Wire Connectors, Insulated Wire Crimp Terminals, Mixed Butt Ring Fork Spade Bullet Quick Disconnect Assortment Kit


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Qibaok 840PCS Electrical Wire Connectors, Insulated Wire Crimp Terminals, Mixed Butt Ring Fork Spade Bullet Quick Disconnect Assortment Kit Description

Qibaok 840pcs Insulated Terminals Crimp Connectors Butt Ring Fork Spade Bullet Piggy Back Assortment   Specifications : ▲ Quantity: 840PCS ▲ Colors: Red + Blue +Yellow ▲ Material: Copper + PVC + Tinplate ▲ Red: Suits cable/ wire sizes: 0.5-1.5mm² (22-16AWG) ▲ Blue: Suits cable/ wire sizes: 1.5-2.5mm² (16-14AWG) ▲ Yellow: Suits cable/ wire sizes: 4.0-6.0mm² (12-10AWG)   Features: ▲ Durable insulated crimp connectors. ▲ Assorted crimp terminals and come with case. ▲ All are enclosed in plastic case for easy access, a wonderful connector collection for your work! ▲ Copper barrel provides increased current flow, and ensures less voltage drop, preventing wiring failures and reducing equipment downtime. ▲ Ideal for garages, auto electricians, mechanics, workshops, etc.   Package Included: ▲ 1 × 840PCS Assorted Crimp Wire Terminals with Case Make sure this fitsby entering your model number. Standard Materials – Copper + PVC+ Tinplate. Wire Range: AWG 22-16 (Red), AWG 16-14 (Blue), AWG 12-10 (Yellow) Package Included – 840PCS Wire Terminals – rings, forks, butts, semi-insulated male spades, semi-insulated female spades, fully-insulated female spades, male bullets, female bullets, piggy back crimp terminal connectors. Strong Copper Barrel to hold the wire tight when crimped. Copper is an extremely powerful electrical conductor which can easily withstand a range of temperatures and resists corrosion. Various Applications – A handy assortment of terminals connectors comes with all you need to make quick solderless electrical repairs around home, garage, workshop or outside. I needed some ring connectors so I decided to try this super cheap multi-pack. Well you know the old sayings are usually true: You get what you pay for, and If it seems to good to be true, it probably is… I tried some of the butt connectors using two different professional crimping tools and even 8 inch needle nose pliers. In all cases the crimped connectors would pull right off the wire with minimal effort. I completed the job with connectors from my dwindling stash of auto parts store acquired connectors with no issues. Cheap junk! These were of very low quality.I compared them to some others I had on hand and the metal was twice as thick. So I was concerned that they’d break off.The plastic was extremely brittle as well. I doubt that they’d survive a crimping.The others I have were purchased through Amazon, but were only a few cents more per item and easily 10 times the quality.Item is being returned. I filed off the plating to see if these were copper with plating. No copper used in this product. The writer up is false! Not sure what the metal alloy is which cannot be soldered if you want secure connection rather than crimping. Guage thickness is also less, Not copper, weird alloy, not solderable, less material in make up ( thinner gauge). Cannot be used when working with resistance or corrosion issues. USE FOR BASIC IN DOOR PROJECT HOOK UP ONLY. PRICE POINT IS GOOD EXCEPT FOR FALSE INFORMATION GIVEN BY VENDOR I enjoy organization, and that’s the name of this game. All your connectors are in one place. No more looking through a plastic bag, it’s all sorted and each has it’s own slot. I had plenty of connectors, I was just tired of going through a bag of connectors looking for the one I needed.Do yourself a favor. While there were a lot of terminal ends in this box, the steel material was extremely thin. I thought Harbor Freight ends were thin, these were worse. I’m sure they’re perfectly fine for stationary electronic use, but for automotive usage where everything vibrates, I’m not willing to risk a failure because of a terminal end. Nice storage box with plenty of connectors. I wish the metal material was more stout, as I would be concerned about the fitting coming loose or letting go in dynamic setting, but for the fixed connections I used them for, they work just fine. This kit has a very nice layout assortment and have all sizes for automotive needs and the material seem to work fine. The connectors are very good quality and made my wiring job very easy. Was able to tap the wires that I needed to grab power from and allows for an easy disconnect if I ever need to service the rest of the wiring. Compared to buying locally, this is an absolute no brainer in regards to price meeting product and quantity. These connectors have not cracked on me once while crimping and that I can not say about the brands I’ve acquired locally at a big box store. With each piece costing less than $0.0275 cent’s you can’t go wrong.

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