Rexing Suction Cup Mount for V1, V1 3rd Gen, V1P, V3


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Rexing Suction Cup Mount for V1, V1 3rd Gen, V1P, V3 Description

Suction cup mount compatible with Rexing V1, V1 3rd Generation, V3 and V1P NOTE: This mount does NOT support the V1P 3rd Generation, V1P Pro or V1LG Suction cup mount compatible with Rexing V1, V1 3rd Generation, V1P, V3 NOTE: This mount does NOT support the V1P 3rd Generation, V1P Pro or V1LG Works and looks GREAT with my Rexing V1. I was reading the reviews about people having problems getting there’s to stay on the window but mine worked excellent the first time I tried it. I agree that it should have been included with the Dashcam with purchase. This mount does exactly what it says it does. It mounts your V1 dashcam to your windshield via suction. It allows you to be able to rotate your camera 360 degrees and adjust the tilt so you can properly see the screen from any angle mounted (see photos). It is a little bulky and puts the camera farther away from the windshield, but video clarity isn’t an issue. Also, if you are worried about the charger taking up space for your phone charger…don’t buy a separate splitter. If you swivel the front of the plug, you have a USB outlet (see photos). Inside the box, you’ll also find a tool for removing trim in case you want to hide your wires. There are plenty of videos showing this process. Make sure to get a high endurance memory card made for dashcams and home security cameras. Works well. Got this so I could put the camera in my truck when my wife wasn’t using it in hers. Point of interest: you will need the power cord from said wifes truck to operate the camera in another truck. The same powercord you spent two hours and 30 millimeters of blood installing behind the plastic flanges because you were too stupid to realize the orange tool they gave you in the package was for that exact purpose, not your fat fingers that look like exploded hotdogs now You HAVE to mount the dash cam on the suction mount in order for it to swivel/pivot easily. A lot of reviewers are stating that you can’t move it by hand. I found a trick that works. Slip the camera on the suction mount like what it was designed for and voila! This windshield mount works perfect with my rexing V1 3rd Generation and works perfect in my car. I can set it at just the right angle where I can swivel the dashcam to the left or to the right in case I want to record something that is out of view in front of me. For 6 bucks I went on ahead and I ordered two more just to have as spares in case it breaks or gets lost. This is a great suction cup as long as it is moistened before applying to the windshield. It’s been used in hot sun in both Louisiana and southern California, just falling down one time in that period. I would have given it five stars but the nuts that hold it rigid tend to vibrate loose with normal driving and need to be re-tightened on a regular basis. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because about once a month it falls off the window. Usually when I am not driving.It is small enough that it does not take up a big part of the window, and then with the camera on it obstruck my view. The Rexing V3 Plus Dashcam comes with two flat mounting brackets which attach to the windshield with 3M double-stick adhesive tape mounts. I felt that using those glued on mounting brackets was less than optimal for several reasons including achieving the optimal mounting angle for the camera (elevation angle) as is governed by the angle of the windshield glass, inability to relocate or reposition the mounting brackets to another location on the windshield, potential temperature induced failure of the adhesive given the extreme temperatures that the windshield is often exposed to, and being limited to mounting the dashcam in only two vehicles, unless additional adhesive mounting brackets are purchased for the additional vehicles (and that precludes using the dashcam in non-owned vehicles such as rental vehicles or loaner vehicles from a car dealer, etc.)The obvious solution for the aforementioned limitations and deficiencies is the Rexing Suction Cup Mount.The Suction Cup Mount readily accommodates easily moving the dashcam among multiple vehicles as well as facilitating easily repositioning the dashcam on a windshield to obtain the optimum mounting position for camera visibility, accessibility to the driver and avoiding impairing driver visibility.The suction cup is large and has a powerful grip on the glass. Rather than just pressing/pushing the rear of the suction cup, the mount has a lever which compresses the rubber suction cup and “locks” it in place.The Suction Cup Mount is a hinged bracket which allows adjusting the elevation angle of the dashcam with broad latitude. The hinged section is secured at the selected angle with a knurled adjustment nut on the bracket. I find this feature to be particularly useful and helpful since the elevation adjustment of the dashcam lens has a limited range which might not be sufficient when using the glue-on mounting brackets. Using the elevation angle adjustment of the Suction Cup Mount in combination with the elevation angle adjustment of the dashcam lens allows me to easily and quickly achieve the perfect camera angle in every vehicle.Once mounted to the windshield, the Suction Cup Mount is very firmly adhered to the windshield glass with a strong suction grip. Removing the dashcam from the windshield requires releasing the lever which maintains pressure on the rubber suction cup. However, the grip is usually so strong, that it is also necessary to lift the small “ear” on the rubber suction cup away from the glass, in order to release the suction grip.I genuinely like the Rexing Suction Cup Mount. It is the only mounting method that I use because it works so well and is so flexible and utilitarian. I think that Rexing should include the Suction Cup Mount as a standard accessory with their dashcams. I really believe that it is the best way to mount their dashcams.The only question is that of durability and longevity, since I have not owned the Suction Cup Mount long enough to make a determination. Obviously, I hope that the Suction Cup Mount does not fail. However, if the Suction Cup Mount does break, I will be disappointed, but I will immediately purchase another to replace it.I believe that the Rexing Suction Cup Mount is the best mounting solution for the Rexing V3 Plus Dashcam. Thus far, I am really pleased with it, and would certainly recommend it. This is a replacement for the mount that came with the Rexing cameras I bought for my car and my wife’s car. I had to buy a replacement mount last year because my wife’s original mount broke. The replacement has a mounting knob that is slightly too large, making it difficult to attach the camera. Then, just today, my original mount broke — the plastic that connects the rubber to the actual mount broke. I’m guessing it warped over time from heat and eventually gave out. I am chagrined to buy another replacement mount for my own camera, knowing that the mounting knob will probably be too large, but there aren’t many good alternatives that would work with our camera model.

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