Scosche CR02B Car Speaker Wire Harness Aftermarket Radio Connector for Select 2002-2008 Chrysler/Jeep, grey


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Scosche CR02B Car Speaker Wire Harness Aftermarket Radio Connector for Select 2002-2008 Chrysler/Jeep, grey Description

Product Packaging:Standard PackagingWire Harness to Connect an Aftermarket Stereo Receiver to Select 2002-2008 Chrysler/Jeep Vehicles. Designed specifically to fit the compatible vehicles. Plugs into the factory harness without cutting any wires. Made from OEM quality materials. harness is used when installing an aftermarket stereo 2002-2008 chrysler/jeep vehicles connects the aftermarket stereo harness to the vehicles factory harness made from oem quality materials standard color coded wires provide a consistent and simplified installation BUYER BEWARE!!! I purchased this wiring harness after looking for one to use in my ‘07 Jeep Compass. At the time I believed it was as simple as wiring this harness up to the stereos bare wires as it had been with my past few vehicles. I didn’t realize the factory stereo actually had some proprietary communications with the car and required an interface adapter (to the tune of $60) and purchasing the interface came with one of these! (Although the one included with the interface was MUCH better quality). Speaking strictly about the quality of this harness and not it’s inherent uselessness to me (I’ll take that for not doing my research) the wires seem very thin and frail, and wobble quite a lot in their respective pins. One of them actually came loose and fell out of place while I was admiring the lack of security in how they’re inserted. Overall not the worst harness I’ve purchased but far from the best. I would expect so much more from Scosche branded products I recently changed out my factory radio for a newer bluetooth head unit and I needed a connector that would unlock the power amp capabilities offered in my Grand Cherokee. Though it’s registered as Laredo Special Edition model, this Jeep had the Infinity Gold Sound System like the Limited, and therefore needed a different wiring harness that unlocks the power amp – which only came with the Laredo model years 2002-2004. Connecting the wires was as simple as matching the correct color wires to each other. Once installed, I turned on the stereo (power amp is already powered up when the head unit is on), and the sound is amazing. worked well. but the brown mute wire on pin 14 is not a mute wire on most all dodge/chrysler vehicles, it’s serial data link from the radio/dash/ecu. so if you connect it to a radio that has a brown mute wire you will get a “bus err” code on the dash and some of you gauges will not work. Other than that it worked perfectly and made the install a breeze This harness is for a dodge that has 4 speakers rbk radio . Says the model on left side of radio . All the wires have labeling print even though they all aren’t the same colors as the stock harness, its correct. The wires are made of copper and the connector went into the stock end perfectly. I included pics of the wire harness break down , even for the second harness which I believe controls steering controls and other stuff . Hope this helps I had a hard time finding the correct part, but I believe this is the one that fit my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK) with nav and amplifier. Be warned that my stereo, with the amplifier, does not support directly wiring in a new stereo without can BUS stuff or whatever. I ended up running speaker wires all the way from this harness all the way back to the amplifier where I tapped directly into the speaker wires. This meant bypassing the factory amplifier, and the sound quality was relatively poor. I was going to add an amplifier, but I ended up going another way because my new head unit was bad. This Wiring pigtail covers many years and models of dodge, jeep, and Chrysler vehicles. On the 01-05 Town and country with the NBS (Name Brand System, aka Infinity sound system) there is extra wire you have to run to the front fuse box next to the battery. Because of that you have to fashion an extra plug to the wiring or hard wire an extra wire to the fuse box from the acc line.( about 7 feet of wire) Still worked well just not as plug and play as it should be with no warning. The picture under the connector is a list of vehicles it supposedly fits including 2002 – 2005 Dodge Ram. Did not work with my 2004 Dodge Ram 1500. Wires in this connector go to empty pins in the stock connector and visa versa. Deceptive, waste of time and money. Dash all apart, no radio installed. Looking for another connector now. Fits, works. OEM radio is wired up weird son unless you get the other type harness that is much more expensive you will need to connect the power wire from your aftermarket radio to the cigarette lighter or another 12v line, but otherwise this works great. And that is a Dodge problem, not the fault of this harness.

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