Scosche GM2500B Compatible with Select 2005-Up GM ISO Double DIN & DIN+Pocket Dash Kit Black


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Scosche GM2500B Compatible with Select 2005-Up GM ISO Double DIN & DIN+Pocket Dash Kit Black Description

Style:Dash KitFor 40 years, Scosche has been producing high quality, affordable Car Stereo Dash Dash Kits, Vehicle Wiring Harnesses, Adapters, Interfaces, Amplifier Wiring Dash Kits, Cables and other 12V installation accessories. We know how you feel about your vehicle, so we will not design, engineer or deliver a product that does not meet our extremely high standards. When you purchase a Scosche installation accessory, we have you covered. We offer Lifetime Tech support which means our knowledgeable tech team is available to answer any product questions you may have for as long as you own the product. We are so confident in our product quality that we back all Scosche 12V installation accessories with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Allows new aftermarket stereo to be installed in factory location Fits Double DIN stereos with a maximum screen size/faceplate opening is 3 13/16″ x 6 13/16″ (96.8mm x 173mm) Precision designed for a gapless fit between the dash and the Dash Kit Color and Texture matches the factory dash Easy to install. No special tools are required. Includes step-by-step instructions It’s a nice looking dash kit and it’s pretty sturdy.Issues are listed below:1.DOES NOT fit as a double din2. Product DOES NOT fit the 2011Chevy HHR even though that was the year model selected3. The precut holes, tabs and slots are not all precut or drilled. Thank God I had a dremel set and im a pretty good handyman.4. When installed the kit was not machined correctly and thus will cause you having an issue getting your trim back on the dash panel and if you’re not careful you will break the tabs on your factory trimming and molding.5. If not for my previous experience the instructions would have made absolutely ZEEE-RO sense.In conclusion I would give this a fair rating of -1 due to the shabby construction machining and possibility to damage your cars factory trimmings and moldings.Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time or money purchasing this product. It will frustrate and infuriate you. Spend a couple extra bucks an purchase quality. I promise you’ll thank yourself later. Will not fit 2013 GMC Sierra SLT and will not work with a 7″ Double DIN head unit made overseas. Scosche product. The front of the package and website say 2005 and up. However turn the package over and the directions say 2004-2011. Of course I have a 2012 Silverado 1500, the door says 03/12. I havn’t tryed to install this yet, I am waiting for an interface for the head unit from Amazon. Considering I will have to get a new kit if this is the wrong part and delay my project further I’m not to happy about the situation. Also I’m assuming I will not be able to return once I open the bag it comes in. Just a heads up! But this kit is very nice, solid looking. Pro: I needed it to fit in my Saturn Ion 2006, and it fits.Pro: Short instructions told me which pieces to use to mount to my car.Con: Does not come with the screws necessary to mount the stereo to it, or even to mount the pocket to it. The screws needed (for my installation) were 10-24 x 3/8″. The lack of these screws meant I needed to make a trip to my local hardware store.Con: The entire kit is made of plastic. The pocket in particular seems especially bad, and was somewhat warped on the top. I was going to mount the pocket on top and the stereo underneath, however the warping would make it very noticeable if I did that, so I mounted the stereo on top and the pocket below so ti’s difficult for me to see. It is the base for the radio. It comes with different installation to fit the one you need. That for me was a plus because I tried the first one and it was not it but the second one was perfect. Thank you Perfect fit for 2009 Chevy HHr, no gaps or spaces. Follow the instructions for my model car. About 30min put together and mount stereo. Would by this product and brand again. Have bought these before at Walmart and such and none have ever worked as good and easy as this one. Perfect fit, easy indtallation. We work on vehicles and recommend all our customers to purchase these. Directions are also easy and if you can read, you can install this is about 5 mins. Fit perfect! The extra pocket definitely comes in handy to hold all your little extras!

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