SCOSCHE MAGWDM MagicMount Magnetic Suction Cup Mount for Mobile Devices


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SCOSCHE MAGWDM MagicMount Magnetic Suction Cup Mount for Mobile Devices Description

Style:Flex Neck SuctionThe MagicMount is a new magnetic suction cup mount for conveniently mounting your smartphone and devices to the dashboard of your car, countertops, desks, tables and other surfaces. The powerful neodymium magnets hold your phone and device securely in place. The 4-Axis, 360-degree adjustable head and mounting arm allow for optimal viewing. Cradle-free design permits safe, easy one-handed device use and access to all controls and ports. Wireless compatible suction cup mount with plate placement magnets will prevent from interfering with Qi wireless charging phones. PHONE MOUNT FOR VERSATILE USE: Safely and quickly secure a mobile device to any flat surface in the car, home or office MAGNETIC SUCTION CUP MOUNT: This phone mount comes with stick grip material and powerful Rare-Earth neodymium magnets that provide a secure grip to your devices OPTIMAL VIEWING: With 4-Axis, 360 Degree adjustable head and enhanced soft touch rubber lock-nut, this dash mount allows viewing from any angle CONVENIENT DESIGN: Integrated cable clip secures the charging cable to the SCOSCHE MagicMount and the cradle-free design permits safe, easy one-handed use and access to all controls and ports INCLUDED IN PACKAGE: (1) Phone Mount, (2) MagicPlates, (1) Adhesive Mounting Disc and (1) User manual; Comes with 3 year warranty Poor quality, weak design/construction, not durable. Noticed it getting loose after only 1 week of use, then broke about 2 months thereafter at the point where arm connects to the base, which is plastic (see pics). This is not acceptable material to be using at the part that is subject to relatively high torsional forces. You don’t have to be an engineer to know that this is just simply piss poor design. I would advise avoiding this brand and consider something that is built to last more than a few short months. I bought the Scosche dash mount version and it was a 5 star – perfect. But since my truck didn’t have a smooth dash, I bought this version which is inserted into the cigarette lighter. The magnet works great (just like the other one) but the part that goes into the light hole is not firm enough to stay put. What happens is after 30 to 60 seconds of driving, the phone (still attached to the magnetic holder) has gradually tilted downward until the magnet can’t hold the phone and it falls to the floorboard. If there was a way to adjust/tighten the inserted part into the lighter hole it would probably work great. I almost gave it one star but the magnetic hold and charging capability work great. Overall, I’m disappointed in this one. ORIGINAL: I did a lot of research to try to find the magnetic car mount that would be the strongest because I have a large battery case around my phone which dramatically increases the weight. This magnetic mount turned out to be very strong. The battery case I have is the “iPhone 6 Plus Battery Case, Foxin 8000 mAh Extended Battery Case Rechargeable Power Bank Charging Case for iPhone 6 Plus.” I use it for my iPhone 6 plus (the bigger/heavier one). If you look up that case or look at the pictures I posted, you can see how large the case is and why I thought it might be too heavy for a magnet. I drove around all day making sharp/fast turns to see if I could knock my phone off this mount and it did not slide in any direction at all. Coincidentally, I almost got in an accident on the highway when a guy in front of me went from ~ 55 mph to ~ 10 mph in about 1.5 seconds by slamming on his breaks. I slammed on my breaks and made a jerking turn into the shoulder. The stuff in my passenger seat hit into the dashboard and fell onto the floor but the phone did not slide or move. So the magnets they use are about as strong as any phone could need. The mount came with two metal plates (one big and one small) which have an extremely sticky adhesive on the back. The little pegs on the back of the mount are very strong but CAN be bent under enough force. I bent mine slightly (while intentionally trying to bend them) but I don’t think any vent would bend them or someone could accidentally bend them.UPDATE: The vent mount did not hold to the vent after about a week or two. I bought the dashboard adhesive version by the same company with the same magnet strength. The new, dash mount is great and I have no complaints. Because the new mount is good I have decided not to deduct any stars but I do not recommend the vent version of this car mount. Exactly what I was looking for. Very sleek, very sturdy. Perfect.Let me start by saying that I make deliveries and use my phone as a GPS. As such I don’t want to leave the phone in the care while making the deliveries, so I wanted something that was easy to remove my phone. I also use a company car that I share so I need to place and remove the mount every day.The first mount I ever bought was a claw type. It had a tack substance on the pad that stuck to the windshield. While it did hold well, it was not easy to remove the mount or the phone from the mount. It required two hands.The next mount was a magnetic vent mount. Better but it failed over time because you never knew what size vent fins you would find.So finally I decided to spend a bit of money (not that much) and got this mount. After the first two days of use I am extremely happy. It solved ALL of my problems. Easy to mount and remove from the windshield. It has no tacky substance on the suction cup. But it hold very firm. I was worried about the long goose neck but it is very ridged. Almost a solid piece of metal. Does not shake at all or very little. But still flexible enough to adjust the position of the mount. Also, the magnet is perfectly strong. Not too hard, not too soft. I have a large phone (OnPlus One, 5.5″ screen) and it did not move or fall off over bumps.Overall very happy. Easy to mount/remove, sturdy, secure. Feels like it was made very well. Epic piece of crap!The idea behind this is pretty cool, however the plugin is weak at best. My wife bumped it and the plug broke off in the socket and actually damaged the socket to where it no longer works. The goose-neck portion works great, looks good. I had to remove the cover and the magnets as my wife uses a pop-socket and a phone case which holds a credit card (magnets against the card would be bad). I pulled the cover off and removed the magnets and epoxied a pop-socket holder in place. I figured that might be the weak point, but no…If you want to pay to get your car fixed when this busts off then by all means, this is the mount for you. If however you don’t like flushing $16 bucks, plus the cost of a replacement outlet down the drain, then move on and find something else. If had not tweaked the thing I would have demanded my money back, as it is I should make the seller fix what their product broke.

99 is one of the most affordable and stylish options on our list, with a refined aesthetic that doesn t look cheap or plasticky. Size Matters. Comes with an anti-shake stabilizer, it safely hold the device without vibrating and wobbling even on rough roads. Strong suction cup with sticky gel super strong vacuum suction cup features a layer of sticky gel and a locking lever which can maximize the stability and keep the mount in place. The automobile mount can securely connect your smartphone cellphone between three. Install the Magic Plate behind your case or battery cover, directly to your rugged case or directly to your device.


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