Scosche MDMRK-XCES0 MagicMount Magnetic Mount Replacement Plate Kit for Mobile Devices – Black


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Scosche MDMRK-XCES0 MagicMount Magnetic Mount Replacement Plate Kit for Mobile Devices – Black Description

Style:QI Plate KitThe MagicMount replacement kit is designed to be used as replacements or additional plates for smartphone and other mobile devices. The compatible MagicPlates are great for use with MagicMount car cell phone holders and MagicMount Pro systems. The MagicPlates easily installed directly to your device, on a rugged case or behind the battery cover. The large mount plates are designed for larger devices and ensure a secure hold with a holder, while the small thin plates are perfect for small devices and tight spaces. Make sure this fitsby entering your model number. REPLACEMENT KIT FOR VERSATILE USE: MagicPlates work with any device and can be used as replacement plates for a strong secure grip MULTIPLE MOUNTING OPTIONS: Easily attach MagicPlate magnet directly to a device or behind a rugged phone case COMPATIBLE WITH MAGICMOUNT: The MagicPlates can easily be used with all MagicMount cell phone holders PROTECTIVE FILM: Easy mounting and removal of the metal plates without damaging your phone The little plates had terrible adhesive. On the back of my phone case, both of them ripped off as soon as I attempted to pull my phone off the magic mount. Aside from that I installed the larger plate on the back of my phone case. The larger one not only sticks to the case better, it allows my phone to still charge wireless through the case and plate. I purchased this kit thinking the longer plastic strip was magnetic along the entire back of it. Nope, wrong!!! It’s only magnetic on the top and bottom only. Absolutely useless for the Scosche mount I have in my car. I already have a magic mount plate on the back of my car that works just fine. This was a complete waste of money. I wouldn’t recommend buying this if you’re going to use it with a Magic Mount for your car. These worked alright on my iPhone Xs. Eventually they fell off on a hot day and I had to buy a replacement set. I bought another set in hopes of using this $100 phone mount (with ProClip) with my new iPhone 11 Pro. Unfortunately due to the design of the additional camera humps on the 11 Pro, the top magnet has nowhere to go. It might work if they offered a cutaway version of the top magnet (would also help with proper placement). Package only has the large and two smaller plates. The half-plate set is not included, despite what the picture would suggest. Called Scosche and they didn’t even hesitate, sending the half-plate set free of charge.If Scosche would just fix the photo, they wouldn’t have to send out free product. It’s a great product, however, if you planning to use a case, it might not hold. It’s great if you don’t use the case and will use just this magnetic mount. Overall, reasonably good magnetic suction, adhesive in the back is so so. This mount worked amazingly well for my iPhone XR with a Merkury case on. I used the wireless charging piece that’s officially only made to attach directly to the phone and it still charges through a case despite that! Works good for holding and charging your phone. I use it to charge my phone so I can play music through the lightning port in my car and it works well but I find it charges pretty slow. I’m still very satisfied with this product and will probably be buying another for my jeep. My iQ adapter works for my desk lamp at home but will not work with my iQ charging mount in my car. No matter how i adjusted or tried it simply wont connect a charge. I mainly bought it for my car use to avoid plug and unplugging cord. Seems this just made it bulkier and not work at all. Luckily my desk lamp charges it i suppose, but only when im at home which isnt often.

This product also provides a 360-degree magnetic wireless charging capability rated at 99. as well as, it consists of two steel plates for cell phones. Wide Compatibility 4. please assume twice concerning the location. Выберите Управление настройками , чтобы узнать больше о доступных вам вариантах настройки. ATTENTION THE ATTACHED USB C TO C CABLE IS NOT FOR IPHONE. The iOttie Easy One Touch 4 is a smartphone holder for dashboard windshield surfaces engineered to safely enhance your driving experience. additionally contains a two-lock locking mechanism for that additional safe maintain. From the manufacturer.


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