Scosche VW03B Compatible with Select 2002-05 Volkswagen Power/Speaker Connector/Wire Harness for Aftermarket Stereo Installation with Color Coded Wires


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Scosche VW03B Compatible with Select 2002-05 Volkswagen Power/Speaker Connector/Wire Harness for Aftermarket Stereo Installation with Color Coded Wires Description

Product Packaging:Standard PackagingWire Harness to Connect an Aftermarket Stereo Receiver to Select 2002-Up Audi/BMW/Volkswagen Vehicles. Designed specifically to fit the compatible vehicles. Plugs into the factory harness without cutting any wires. Made from OEM quality materials. Harness is used when installing an aftermarket stereo Select 2002-Up Audi/BMW/Volkswagen Vehicles Connects the aftermarket stereo harness to the vehicles factory harness Made from OEM quality materials Standard color coded wires provide a consistent and simplified installation Works with 03 MK4 GTI that had the Monsoon double din radio. (installed an aftermarket single din with this). Problem with MK4 GTIs is that the stock radio has some funky solid state thing that somehow turns on when the ignition is on. Don’t ask me how it works. Long story short, you will have to run an ignition line from your ignition power to your radio in order to have the radio not be constantly powered, unless you want to remember to shut off your radio manually with the button every time. As long as you “remember” you won’t have any problems with your battery dying. Both Amazon Garage and Scosche (through a Q&A response) indicate this adapter fits the Sprinter van’s radio harness. It does not. Please see the photo I’ve attached of the Metra 70-9401. This is what you will need. Compare to this item and you’ll see the prong layout and spacing is all wrong. I was able to remove the prongs and manually line them up with the factory harness, but what a pain. It took a 30-minute job and made it take 120 minutes. Learn from my mistake and don’t assume you are being given correct information by Amazon and the manufacturer. On my 05 Jetta, you have to use a separate switched power line and not use the one on this harness. VW has their own special “power on/off” control of factory radios, and the red wire in this harness is always hot, instead of turning off with the car. I ran a fuse tap from the fuse box and all is good. Everything else on the harness works great.keep in mind: you’ll need an antenna adapter also. VW has a special antenna connector which is not compatible with most aftermarket radios. It works great for a clean install. However, you will need to create your own power source. The cars computer will not shut the stereo off when you turn off the key other wise and your stereo is on all the time unless manually powered off. Not really this parts fault but it would be nice if they noted that in their description. Not knowing added unexpected time to the install and lots of research and testing for why the stereo would not shut off. Nice Wire Harness.. But DO NOT BUY IF YOU HAVE A 2006 – VW JETTA.. There is this harness which is a good harness and then there’s one for 90$ that has a converter with it.. I checked around and everyone said this one would work and I didn’t need the one that cost 90$ and I’m like ok 20 some dollars bam ill get it. Which I wired it up and it worked except when I shut the car off the radio would never go off.. So long story short.. If you have a 2006 VW jetta 2.5 do NOT buy this harness.. You will need to get the other harness on Amazon thats around 90$ and has a Small Blue Convert attached to the harness.. But for everyone else this Harness is really nice and each wire is labeled nice and the layout is form fitting.. Good quadlock adapter for the price. Wires are even labeled for their specific connection. Slides in and attaches firmly to the wiring harness of my 2004 Jetta with factory monsoon system. With the correct pin tool you can even remove the leads that aren’t required for your system. 2004 VW Jetta Wagon with Monsoon stereo worked like a charm. So much easier than hacking up your cars harness. With this and the pigtail supplied with the replacement radio I was able to sit at my workbench and solder everything together in no time then just snap it in. Super simple. There is no wiring on this harness to support external CD changer or satellite radio though. So if you’re looking to retain that functionality you may need something else, I’m not sure. Eliminates need to cut off factory stereo harness plug to connect your aftermarket stereo. Only problem was a bit of difficulty getting the bulky plugs off to the side so I could get the radio in all the way. Be advised that you may need to buy an antenna plug adapter since the OEM VW radio uses a non-standard one. Also I found that the radio stays on when the key is turned off and removed, so you have to manually turn it off and on. This might possibly be fixed by switching the red and orange wires, but haven’t tried it yet.

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