Suction Cup Phone Holder for Socket Users, pop-tech Dashboard Car Phone Mount for Collapsible Grip with Adjustable 360°Rotation, Includes 3M Sticky Adhesive Replacement for Expanding Stand – Black


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Suction Cup Phone Holder for Socket Users, pop-tech Dashboard Car Phone Mount for Collapsible Grip with Adjustable 360°Rotation, Includes 3M Sticky Adhesive Replacement for Expanding Stand – Black Description

Pop-Tech Socket Car mount Suction Cup with Adjustable Arm Why Choose Us? Simple & Compact Design: The adjustable arm of suction cup phone mount is made of high quality ABS plastic and the silicone socket grip head with soft rubber material to make your collapsible grip stand easier slide into. There is a locking mechanism on the mount that applies pressure for the suction cup.Strong Suction Power: Secure suction pad sticks tightly on the car dashboard, desk and most flat surfaces. Simply put your cell phone on and take it off. Remove easily by pulling the suction pad without leaving any residues on your dash board.Rich Replacement Kit Included: Extra 2pcs original 3M sticky adhesive replacement for your socket grip as backup, 2pcs alcohol pad for better cleaning the surface, 2pcs 23mm 3M sticky adhesive for use with suction cup. Compatible with All Smartphones: i Phone 12 Pro Max / 11 / 11 pro / 11 Max / XS / XS Max / XR / X / 8 / 8 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 6 / 6 plus / 6S / 6S PlusSamsung Galaxy S20 / A20 / S10 / Note 9 / Note 8 / S10 / S10e / S10 Plus / S9 / S9 Plus / S8 / S8 Plus / S7 / S7 Edge / J7 / Huawei P30 / P30 Pro / P20 / P20 Pro / Nexus / HTC / LG / Nokia / Google Pixel 3 3XL etc Important Notes: Make sure install on windshield or a flat surface in the car dashboard and clean it with alcohol pad. Doesn’t work on leather.Please make sure your expanding stand collapsed when sliding it into the silicone car mount.Please use with 23mm sticky adhesive for better holding after using the suction cup mount about 5 times or in high temperature.Compatible with any smartphones while do not support with thick otter box case.Not compatible with metallic diamond socket, glitter sockets, acetate powder sockets and mini grips. Package Includes: 1 x Socket Phone Holder Suction Cup2 x 3M Sticky adhesive replacement for Expanding Stand and 2 x 23mm 3M sticky adhesive for stronger suction2 x Alcohol Pads Dashboard pad mounting disk4 Pack 3M Double Sided Tapes for Magsafe ChargerDashboard Phone Holderpop-tech 3 Pack USB C Female to USB Male AdapterPop-Tech Glass Lens Bi-Convex 34mm Diameter 45mm Focal Length Lens3M Adhesive Sticker Tapes Accessories Pack Replacement for Magnetic MountHigh-bond dashboard padStrong 3M Adhesive & Alcohol PadsUniversal dashboard suction cup phone mountType C Female to USB 3.0 Male Converter Support Data Sync & ChargingGlass Lens for DIY Google Cardboard VRAccessories Pack Replacement Kit for Magnetic Phone Car Mount Strong Adhesive with Suction Power – Suction cup phone holder for socket mount comes down off the dash and doesn’t block any view out the windshield and holds your smartphone securely in place while on bumpy road. The suction is very sting with a sticky base to ensure it doesn’t slide around. Adjustable socket holder with sturdy and washable gel base for high and low temperature resistance. More useful car accessories for Lyft & Uber Drivers! Simple & Effective Design – Small size will not block your view while driving or air outlet. The flexible and adjustable arms with knob allow you to tighten or loosen the silicone mount for optimal viewing. Silicone car phone mount for socket users we design makes your socket grip easier slide into. Great for keeping you hands free while driving as one hand operation phone holder. 360 Degrees Rotation – The dashboard car phone mount with swivel ball joint feature allows you to adjust it any angles for GPS navigation or making calls and rotate your cellphone horizontally or vertically. It’s more convenient for you to drive in the car and keep your eye on the road for safer hands-free driving. Best cell phone holder for car dash! Easy To Install – Simply put the phone on it and take it off. Make sure install on windshield or a flat surface in the car dashboard with the locking suction cup. There is a locking mechanism on the top of the mount that pushes the suction down on the chosen surface and secures it in place. Sticky gel pad of suction cup phone holder can be washed with water and let it dry fully to re-stick it. What You Get – pop-tech suction cup phone mount for collapsible grip stand, 2 Pack extra 3M sticky adhesive for phone expanding stand, 2 Pack Alcohol pads for cleaning the installing surface. Our worry-free 1 year warranty and friendly customer service. NO-RISK PURCHASE! UNCONDITIONAL 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you’re unsatisfied with this item for any reason or need any assistance, we’ll immediately refund your purchase price or help you out of the issue. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This phone mount is like no other I have had! With other phone mounts I would first have to take my phone case off because it wouldn’t fit due to the PopSocket on the back of it. However, with this mount I don’t have that issue because my PopSocket slides right into the socket holder. 😩🙌🏼 Such a smart idea! Also, while this product is advertised as a dashboard phone mount and works great as such with its crazy good suction cup, you can see in my pictures that I don’t have the best dashboard to use it that way in my Jeep Wrangler because it kinda sits behind my steering wheel. I could definitely make it work on the dashboard but I figured I would play around with it to see if it would work on my windshield and OH MY GOODNESS, that made this mount that much better! This may not have been advertised as being a versatile mount but it my case it definitely was, just look at the pictures and you will see! I would definitely recommended. For the most part, this product is fantastic. Sits and suctions to my dashboard perfectly. The issue I have however must be due to the placement of my socket on my phone. If I go around curves or hit bumps, my phone swivels and falls so that it is upside down. This defeats the purpose of hands free driving since I’m having to correct it so many times during my drive. I can’t get it to hold my phone upright very well. I’ve considered making some sort of contraption to help hold it, but wanted to make others aware in case they place their sockets farther down their phone backing. Great product for my Jeep- have tried other products but not many options on where to place the holder, so this one is great cuz it goes right on the dashboard and is adjustable! I could not find a phone holder for my new car that worked right before this one! The ones that stick into the vent were no good because of how the vents are in my car. This one goes over the top of the vents, so it doesn’t block the heat or cool. It has my phone at the perfect position, so that I can see if for my maps, but doesn’t block my view at all. I’ve been using it for a month or so and so far it has stuck on the dashboard (which is a little textured) very well. The pop socket holder is tight, so you have to pull out your pop socket a notch, insert it into the holder, then collapse the pop socket to get it tight to the holder. I am so happy not to have my holder fall out every day and fish for my phone on the floor of the car (which happened daily before.) I love this thing! I am amazed at what this can stick to! I have a very textured dash and it stuck with no problem, I needed to move it over slightly and it came right off with no residue and stuck well again. I have had it for several months now and it works perfectly. I love my pop socket so this was a great mount for me. My pop socket has glitter on it and it doesn’t always slide in the holder easily but it does say that it is for slick pop sockets in the description so I can’t complain, it still works well. I followed the directions to a T, wouldn’t stick. Tried my own method, wouldn’t stick. Tried something I found online, STILL wouldn’t stick. I have a Jeep Liberty and my dashboard has a very slight texture to it…maybe that’s it but who knows? It’s a shame because it would have made a great phone holder as it’s very versatile and the suction part would have been very strong if the adhesion ever stuck. this thing is built very sturdy, the arm is strong enough to hold my iphone xs max with no problem. the suction cup is INSANE, it has the gel pad that grips onto smooth and flat surface like on a octopus! ( the surface must be smooth for this to work, if your dash board is textured, i would not recommend this holder). i also like the base (where the pop socket sits in) is silicone and not hard plastic so it won’t break easily. I have tried all kinds of mounts for my phone with a Pop Socket, vent mounts, mounts that stick to the dash (which hold up well, but do not allow my phone to be as visible as I would like), and more traditional mounts. I saw this on Amazon and figured I would give it a try.I installed this Pop Socket friendly phone mount yesterday morning and I have to say, so far I am pleased. My 14 year old Chrysler has this annoying domed console area that this mount sticks to really well, despite the angle and weight of my phone. I haven’t experienced my phone rotating much in the part where it connects to your PopSocket. I will update if anything changes.

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