TICONN 200PCS Heat Shrink Butt Connectors Kit, Insulated Waterproof Electrical Marine Automotive Wire Crimp Terminals, Butt Splice (3 Colors / 3 Sizes)


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TICONN 200PCS Heat Shrink Butt Connectors Kit, Insulated Waterproof Electrical Marine Automotive Wire Crimp Terminals, Butt Splice (3 Colors / 3 Sizes) Description

Easiest wire connector on the market – TICONN Heat Shrink Connectors Whether you are working on your boat, vehicle, home or scientific projects, TICONN heat shrink connectors will ensure strong crimps, increased current flow and waterproof connections every time! Specification: Shrinkage ratio 3: 1 Minimum shrink temperature: 175°F (80°C) Full recovery temperature: 265°F (130°C) Operating temperature: -65°F–255°F (55°C – 125°C) Note: For best results, please choose the right connector, use a hot air gun, heat evenly until connector reduces in size and the adhesive flows, filling gaps within the terminals. Evenly Shrinking Evenly Shrink when heated, no deformation or burn. Waterproof Two ends completed sealed after shrinking, waterproof. Thickened Copper Layer Thickened tinned copper layer, better conductivity and shape. Interior Structure Delicate interior structure. Read more Instruction TICONN 200PCS Butt Heat Shrink ConnectorsTICONN 250PCS Heat Shrink ConnectorsTICONN 150PCS Solder Seal ConnectorsTICONN 240PCS T-Tap ConnectorsTICONN CrimperPCs2002501502401Types32446CrimperCrimp Required✓✓✓Heat Required✓✓✓Waterproof✓Heat Shrink Tubing Part✓ Read more Make sure this fitsby entering your model number. ✔️【PREMIUM QUALITY】Thick copper barrel ensures strong secure crimping every time, providing minimal voltage drop, high current flow, and less heat. These will prevent short circuits and problematic wiring that inferior connectors are known for ✔️【DURABILITY】Each terminal features a thick tinned copper barrel that resists corrosion to hold the wire tight when crimped. The barrel is created from one seamless piece of copper that eliminates the problem of the barrel opening. Your wire will never slip out of the connector ✔️【WATERPROOF】Insulation tubing has unique dual-walled design. High quality 3:1 shrinkage tubing has a heat-activated sealant lining to provide a 360 degree secure seal. It’s flame-retardant, waterproof, and can be used underground ✔️【WIDE APPLICATIONS】Compliant with all electrical standards, Perfect for marine and automobile applications, whether you are working on your boat, Vehicle, Home or scientific project, our electrical crimp connector will ensure strong watertight seal to make sure everything bond correctly. The connector assortment includes red (AWG 22 – 16), blue (AWG 16 – 14) and yellow (AWG 12 – 10) butt connectors that can be used on wire AWG from 22 to 10 Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I suspended a 45lb weight for 24 hours using 16 gauge wire with one connector in the middle and it simply would not budge eventually by swinging and twisting it the wire broke And the connector looks as if I just put it on As described, I’m not usually a fan of butt splices, but when there’s no other alternative these seem good. Not sure how long they’ll hold up in hot or cold or exposure to chemicals like oil, gas or grease, but they seem like good quality.I needed to use these on the underside of my truck so my primary concerns were if the connection will pull apart and if they’re truly weather proof. I tested one out, pulled the wires on each end as hard as I could, it held. I then used my expensive Fluke insulation tester, submerged the connection fully under water and did an insulation test on the submerged connection, no current leaks so they do make an actual water proof connection. Well I didn’t hang anything anything from these or yank the wires hard to test them. But I did give a pull on each side before applying the heat shrink and wires stayed on just fine. I used these to splice an oxygen sensor connector to the wiring from the pcm/harness side of my car. (I had managed to quickly fry my old sensor connector when I replaced the O2 sensor but didn’t secure it away from the exhaust. Lesson learned.). Anyway, I used these to crimp the existing copper wiring to the copper wiring on a pigtail replacement connector. In my car, the PCM sends a bias/reference signal down to the O2 sensor. So when I checked for voltage coming from the PCM down the sensor signal wire to the end of the repaired/spliced connector I got 1.67V. I went ahead and checked the signal on my undamaged 02 sensor connector and got 1.61V. Suffice to say there was no detectable voltage drop using these to crimp copper wire to the copper barrel and back to the copper wire. (You might even say my repaired connector had even less resistance compared to the unrepaired connector!) For the most part I am not a fan of heat shrink and connectors in one but having to do a number of splice connections made me try these. Overall good quality and shrink well. One minor issue is that at time it can be difficult to determine the center point for crimping one side or the other. But other than that they are great. Only not on the smaller gauge wires shrink is at the limit and I am not convinced in the smaller ones you get a complete watertight seal. Great kit for a great price; excellent communication from vendor and fast shipping! I’ve used heat shrink connectors in the past, and based on my experience, these connectors take a little bit longer to shrink under heat than previous connectors I’ve used. Perhaps that means they are better quality or stronger than the ones I’ve used in the past, but I’m not sure.I really like the clear labeling on the connectors. I haven’t, nor will I test the “water resistance”, since I used these connectors for car audio install. However, I am confident that these hold well. Saves a lot of time and effort to use these, rather than regular connectors and heat shrink tubing. These are good. They compare with more expensive domestic options. Inner barrels are well made so the wire doesn’t snag on the way in. When you crimp them, they stay crimped. They shrank down tight enough against the matching sized wire jacket well enough for me to trust outside. For severe service (boat trailer, etc) I would put a layer of shrink tube over the butt connector anyway. But these could stand alone in a lot of applications with their own extended outer tube shrinking. Glad I got these… they have already been very handy. Simple process to use these: insert wires to be joined, crimp on both sides with crimping pliers then heat with a small heat gun (fire blackens the sleeve). They shrink and seal on to the insulation of the wire, adding strength and waterproofing. I used about fifteen of them to connect in a replacement stereo in my truck and all if them worked flawlessly. Used these to splice a stereo harness for my boat. Clean professional connection.

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