Universal Car Phone Mount Magnetic – All-Metal iPhone Car Mount for Any Smartphone or GPS – Truly One-Handed Cell Phone Holder for Car Dashboard


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Universal Car Phone Mount Magnetic – All-Metal iPhone Car Mount for Any Smartphone or GPS – Truly One-Handed Cell Phone Holder for Car Dashboard Description

Searching for a handy good quality Phone Car Mount, but you do not feel like spending time choosing the best option? You don’t have to, we have done it for you! We have thoroughly studied all car phone holders on the US market, carefully looked through all reviews and complaints, and developed our own CAW.CAR Accessories Extra-Thought-Out Universal Super-Handy Magnetic Phone Car Mount! HERE ARE SOME COOL FEATURES OF OUR MAGNETIC CAR MOUNT: Uses a neodymium magnet, it is super-strong and absolutely safe for your cellphone or GPS. Mount and unmount your device with one hand in just a second! No cradles, clips, clamps or suckers, just the magic of the magnet. Looks awesome! This stylish all-metal iPhone car holder seamlessly integrates into any car interior. Universal – suits any phone or GPS and can be installed in any car! Use it with your family members or mount the whole set of your gadgets – three Ultra Slim Discs for multiple devices included. Read more WE HAVE THE RICHEST PACKAGE BUNDLE IN A BEAUTIFUL GIFT BOX: 1 x All-Metal phone car holder with super-strong & safe magnet;3 x UltraSlim metal discs (2 small & 1 large);5 x Reinstall Kit Components (2 small 3M VHB Stickers, 3 large 3M VHB Stickers). So, what are you waiting for? As you see, we have thought everything out, our car cell phone holder is just what you need! Enhance your driving comfort and consider getting a couple of items to have a discount (use code IWANTFEW)… one for you and one as a gift for a friend! OUT AND OUT UNIVERSAL – we mean it, this car holder works with any cell phone or GPS and can be installed in any car! Use it with up to 3 different devices (3 disks in set). Installation is easy as pie. ONE-HAND & ONE-SEC MOUNTING – just bring your phone to the mount and feel it securely lock into place. No clips or cradles, just the magic of the magnet. The mount provides 360˚ ROTATION AND VIEWING ANGLE FREEDOM. It’s handy and holds tight. All-METAL & LOOKS AWESOME – our small and stylish magnetic phone car mount looks awesome and performs even better. Thin metal disc can adorn your phone or hide under its case. +100 TO SAFENESS & COMFORT – this car phone holder keeps your device visible and near at hand on the dash. 28 US states prohibit windshield phone mounts and handheld phone talks. Protect yourself – get a phone mount for car dashboard KEEP PHONE HANDY & COPS HAPPY OR GET A REFUND – if, for whatever reason, you don’t absolutely love your new car mount, we’ll refund you every penny (or replace it, if there is an issue). This product works great. I installed them in my home made phone holder that puts my wife’s and my phones so the screen is always pointing at the user and does not block truck dashboard controls. My coworker recommended this product to me because he LOVES it. I purchased one online after supplies were restocked. The Customer Service rep I spoke to was great when I contacted him asking about it being on backorder and when it would be available again. He alerted me the second it was available for sale again which was really appreciated and not a normal practice I have received from a Customer Care team before. Anyways, I got the product and it adhered well to my car, looks great, tilts well, BUT the magnetism isn’t that strong. Granted, I did put the magnet underneath my pot socket because I like the design on my potsocket and don’t want to cover over it. So I am sure if I put it where they recommend, it would work as designed. So if you are facing the same issue as me with not wanting to cover your pot socket design, expect to have a phone that falls every time you hit a bump while driving. There’s almost no good place to put a phone mount on a Jeep Wrangler. I tried literally four different car mounts to no avail. Most have suction cups that are 1.5-2 inches in diameter, and there isn’t a single spot on the console that is that wide, flat, and smooth. You don’t want to mount it on TOP of the dash, because the field of vision through the windshield is small enough as it is without obstructing it even further with an iPhone, which seems to grow in size with each passing year. I tried one that plugs into the car charger adapter, and the arm was surprisingly strong enough to hold up my phone, but the rougher ride of a Wrangler meant the phone shook like crazy. I tried two different vent mounts, but the all-direction swivel feature on the Wrangler vents just meant it would end upside down or dumped in the floor entirely when the weight of the phone pulled the whole mount off the vent when it inevitably ended up pointing downward.This mount is the perfect size, the magnet is strong and sturdy. It fits PERFECTLY, and it’s not a huge garish piece of plastic hanging off my dash. I’m very pleased. I don’t recommend putting the magnet on a popsocket, because the phone will still tip over due to the 360* rotation design of Popsockets, but that’s really a minor inconvenience all things considered. I’m really glad I gave it a shot. I’d buy this one again and again. I just purchased this as a Lightning Deal ($16.95) because I was sick of my current car phone mount. I’ve been using one that goes into my CD player for years. I’ve been looking for something else because I don’t like that my old one blocked most of my dash/entertainment console and came out so far. I tried a sticky pad but that lasted about a week. When I saw this product, I was hopeful it would solve those problems without compromising the security of my phone while mounted. I installed it easily, neither the pad that goes on my phone or dash has any signs of loosening, and the magnet is quite strong. (I have an iPhone 6 for reference). So far I am very happy with my purchase. The only thing to be mindful of before purchasing is whether you have a flat surface on which to stick to the mount. I only had one little spot on my dash but it works. Recommend! Best car mount I have used. I used the slide in models, the clamp on models, the cup mounts, all are clunky or put the phone in an inconvenient or unsafe location. My Caw Car mount grabs the phone instantly and the phone stays put, even in my motorhome that shakes like crazy on some of these rotten roads. It’s super easy to stick to a dash that is not perfectly smooth. it doesn’t block the vents, although for travel I do use a vent mounted caw car mount, small and easy to pack. Easy to use in my different cars without having to reconfigure for different phones. I love it. You will too. It takes a little testing to make sure you place the metal plate correctly, so it doesn’t interfere with inductive charging. But once you find it, it works really well and it’s so much nicer with its small footprint than other bulky, ugly phone holders that clutter your car’s dash. It was exactly what I needed. Holds my Galaxy 8 as well as my wife’s iphone 8+ very well without any extraneous pieces. Pivots well also. So far no problems sticking to the car surface even thouugh it is textured… though apparently the ideal surface is hard/smooth. Will order two more for gifts soon. The best designed magnetic car phone holder I have found. Aesthetically nice, functionally the best I have found. Also, when product sold out, caw.car customer service was awesome…kept me advised of supply chain and let me know when they were available again. Try one or two or three…don’t think you will be disappointed.

Ailun Car Phone Mount Air Vent Cellphone Holder Cradle 2Pack Universal for iPhone 11 11 Pro 11 Pro Max X Xs XR Xs Max Galaxy s20, s20 S20Ultra s10 S9 S8 Plus Note 10 and More Smartphones Black. Designed to fit perfectly in your car s DC outlet, without getting in the way of other ports, the radio knobs, or your coffee. LG V30 G7 G6 G6 Q7 Q6 QR Plus K11. Sturdy Structure The stability of the mount on the dashboard relies both on the super suction cup with sticky gel pad and the specially designed structure to reduce the whole force moment. Aukey Car Phone Mount 360. The Easy One Touch 4 Dash Windshield Car Mount includes 1.


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