[Upgraded] Car Cup Holder Phone Mount Adjustable Gooseneck Automobile Cup-Holder-Phone-Car-Mount for iPhone 12 Pro Max/XR/XS/X/11/8 Plus/6s/Samsung S20 Ultra/Note 10/S8 Plus/S7 Edge(Black)


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[Upgraded] Car Cup Holder Phone Mount Adjustable Gooseneck Automobile Cup-Holder-Phone-Car-Mount for iPhone 12 Pro Max/XR/XS/X/11/8 Plus/6s/Samsung S20 Ultra/Note 10/S8 Plus/S7 Edge(Black) Description

EVEN TOP, GOAL BETTER Our storyHow we got our start? As a company of mobile accessories dedicated to Northern America market. Founded in 2016 by BRB, TOPGO is influenced by the dynamic innovative culture and mobile lifestyle of San Francisco. What makes our product unique? All TOPGO products are developed by our professional, elite team of designers and engineers. TOPGO products are designed to be easy to use, multifunctional, simple to install, and use only the highest quality materials and manufacturing methods. Why we love what we do? Our Mission is to create high-quality, innovative products that consumers will want to use every day as they drive, travel, communicate or even stay at home. We aim to expand beyond the car and be a brand that fits into a consumer’s complete mobile lifestyle. 🏆[2020 Upgrade More Adaptable Phone Holder]: More DEEPER phone holder (up to 0.9″) with WIDER space (up to 4″). Featuring one-button release curved arm and extendable feet, they all with soft silicone pad. Let your phone without scratch first. Secondly, hold your phone securely without shaking or wobbling. 🏆[Unique Infinitely Adjustable Base]: UP to 4″ diameter, after attached rubber extender. You could adjust different sizes to fit your various cup holders in car, truck, RV, boat, golf cart, etc. The most adaptable base with modern design knob, made with durable plastic. Just little twist, not like open bottle caps. 🏆[Flexible Adjustable Gooseneck]: Up to 8-inch long neck. You will get the best angle, the best position through adjusting the flexible gooseneck. The phone mount part can be rotated 360-degree. You could easily adjust the view you want, not just only vertical mode. 🏆[Drive Now Text Later] Safety first! Keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road while conveniently using your phones GPS navigation and hands-free features. You will worth try it if you have a car. It is the most reassuring choice to give this as a holiday christmas gift to someone you care about. 🏆[Broad Compatibility]: Suitable for all types of 2.2” – 4” wide devices, such as iPhone 11 Pro/XS Mas/XR/8/7 Plus/6s, Samsung S10/S9+/S8 Plus/S7 Edge/Note9, Huawei, HTC, LG, MOTO, GPS, Google Pixel, Nexus, Nikia, etc. Note: You might not need to remove phone case, socket mount or something attached your phone when using this product. It will max support totally 0.8″ thick device. Great phone holder. Fits very securely, great mechanism for adjusting to phone size and angle. Couldn’t be happier. Had thought about the Weather Tech but saw you needed to use a little device to adjust that I’m sure would be easily lost and then you have to store the other “sleeves” somewhere or lose your ability to move from vehicle to vehicle. This is a cinch to adjust and is secure. Much better price point as well. I was excited when I found this phone cup holder on Amazon. However, I feel like the actual phone holder piece I received is incorrect. It will not snap on the arm. I have tried, my roommate has tried, my father tried; it will not snap on so it’s useless. So disappointed. Delivery was fast, boxed very nicely, but for an upgraded model it’s useless because it cannot be used. I feel ripped off and I cannot recommend it. It’s not even a 1 star rating but zero is not an option. A few months ago I purchased the previous model and when I put my phone in it the first time I discovered that the support-prongs at the bottom did not extend outward far enough not securely hold my Samsung Note 8 while the phone was in its Incipio case. TopGo was very appreciative of the feedback, upgraded the design, and notified me when it became available…the upgraded model is in my car and I love it!! Great customer service; great product; great company! I loved this when I got it. Now I’ve had it for about 6-7 weeks and the place where my phone goes spins and doesn’t stay upright and the arm won’t stay up. I’m completely bummed because I needed this to work for my job. The bendable piece broke. I too had difficulty attaching the gooseneck plate to the back of the phone holder. The pressure needed to “click” the locking slots is more than bare hands can apply. My tool of choice was an Irwin soft jaw ratcheting bar clamp. While holding the two plates flush I positioned one jaw on the top edge of the phone holder and the other jaw in the lower edge of the gooseneck plate. I gave the clamp a couple of gentle squeezes and the plates “clicked” and were solidly locked together. Once assembled and installed this phone holder performs flawlessly with no wiggle or bounce while traveling – the gooseneck is solid. I love the cup phone holder. It fit easily into the cup holder and was easy to install. However, sliding the phone holder part into the arm portion of the holder was a little more difficult. I couldn’t get it to snap in and realized that one of the brackets on the phone holder back was bent and was preventing the entire thing from snapping into place. I was able to bend it into its original shape but was worried it would snap off since it was plastic. Eventually after multiple tries I was able to snap the two pieces together and the entire piece has held up well. I have only been using it for a week but so far it is working as stated. The adjustable sides and bottom on the phone holder cover the microphone on my phone ( I listen to audible and Pod casts and have an older car with no blue tooth capability). This phone holder is for my Samsung Galaxy S-7 Edge. While the phone holder is very well made, the most important factor to consider is the type of cup-holder configuration on your car or truck. My car, a 2008 Buick Lacrosse CXL sedan, has the “moveable” separator device on the car’s cup-holder configuration. Basically, the “moveable” separator has been designed by Buick to retract forward, or rearward, which would then allow for a larger cup or thermos. A good Buick design, but the “moveable” separator cannot be disassembled from the car. The result: Using the new Upgraded Car Cup Holder Mount properly requires a placement of a sturdy glass or cup within one of the car’s console cup spots. I know, sounds confusing. Still, the new piece works great! Was not able to assemble. The pieces did not fit.

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