USB C Car Charger, 2 Sockets Cigarette Lighter Splitter 12/24V 80W Dual USB Type-C Ports Separate Switch LED Voltage Display Built-in Replaceable 10A Fuse Compatible Mobile Cell Phone GPS Dash Cam


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USB C Car Charger, 2 Sockets Cigarette Lighter Splitter 12/24V 80W Dual USB Type-C Ports Separate Switch LED Voltage Display Built-in Replaceable 10A Fuse Compatible Mobile Cell Phone GPS Dash Cam Description

Read more WHY CHOOSE OTIUM CAR CHARGER FOR YOUR CAR? Three types of charging ports selection 2 cigarette lighter sockets,2 USB ports,1 Type-C port, you could charge 5 devices at the same time without worrying about how to distribute the charging port. * Two 12V/24V cigarette lighter sockets: They provide a total power up to 120W, used to plug two FM Transmitters simultaneously or multiple car appliances. * Two USB ports: It provides 2.4A current output/port for charging requirements for ipad, Samsung, Huawei, tablet PCs and other electronic devices. * Type-C charging port: it provides 1.5A current output for charging Android devices, and 1A current output for charging IOS devices. Safety System Ensures Your Reassuring: With the over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuit protection, the built-in fuse of the car charger would timely cut off the current to protect your car. And the LED display would shinning to remind driver if the car battery voltage is too high or too low, help you monitor the car voltage. Shiny in the dark: Two cigarette lighter sockets with the embedded blue LED lights would shiny once the vehicle power center is on (the independent switch is on), which helps you easily find it even in the dark. Replace&Return Policy: Otium provides 5 Year replaceable & 30 days no-questions-asked return policy. Please be assured of the purchase, we Otium always stands on our clients’ side! Attention: 1. Two cigarette lighter sockets could NOT light the cigarettes. 2. The car charger is compatible with voltage between 12V~24V, please do not try other range vehicle. Specification: USB output: Smart 2.4A current output port, total 4.8A Type-C port charging: Android – Maximum support 1.5A charge IOS – Maximum support 1A charge Working temperature: 0℃-60℃ Power MAX: 80W Read more Read more C46 Multiple USB-C Car Charger Adapter, 80WC46 Pro Multiple USB-C Car Charger Adapter with Quick Charge 3.0, 150WNumber of Ports55Connector TypeUSB-A + USB-C + Cigarette Lighter SocketsUSB-A + USB-C + Cigarette Lighter SocketsMain FeaturesQuick Charge 2.4, Type C port, 2 Sockets Cigarette Lighter Splitter, Replaceable FuseQuick Charge 3.0, Type C ports, 2 Sockets Cigarette Lighter Splitter, Replaceable FuseTotal Wattage80W150WReplaceable Fuse✓✓LED Voltage Display ✓✓ 【2-SOCKET CAR CHARGER & INDEPENDENT SWITCH】 Convert and increase your car cigarette lighter socket from one to two 12V / 24V sockets with independent switch for each cigarette socket,Max 80w/socket,supports GPS and other car products at the same time. 【TYPE-C CHARGER & DUAL USB CAR CHARGER】 1 Type-C charging port with Max 1A output current/IOS or 1.5A output current/Android.2 USB charging ports with total Max 4.8A output current enables you to charge 2 devices. Supports iPhone iPad Samsung Kindle,ect. 【MULTI-PROTECT SAFETY SYSTEM & REPLACEABLE FUSE】 Built-in replaceable 10 A safe fuse and smart recognition chip,timely cut off the current to prevent the product and your devices from over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuit protection. 【VOLTAGE MONITOR & LOW VOLTAGE INDICATOR】 With LED display for monitoring your car battery automatically once the vehicle power center is on. Let you always keep battery state of health and safe by using a negligible amount of electricity. 【WIRELESS CONSTRUCTION & COMPACT DESIGN】Plug this Otium car outlet adapter into your car cigarette lighter with no more extra wires.All-in one design with flexible rotation,makes your car neater,brings you more convenience activities in car. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I have had issues in the past with cheap chargers.. this isn’t cheap. Having 2 sockets and 2 USB ports is honestly one of the reasons why I bought this. I like being able to charge my phone and power my dash cam at the same time.. I was really impressed this came with a spare fuse too Omg, i love everything about it. Rich features and fits in any car, any space. I can turn it any angle i want. From the picture, i decided to tuck it in the small compartment underneath the radio in my 2017 subaru outback. It saves me bunch of space. Love this thing. I can’t ask for more lol. Get it, you will be satisfied. I start to like this company a lot now because i have bought several items from them and they deliver the quality and rich features in their products. OK, for most people there is nothing exciting about having a 2 socket cigarette lighter splitter. However, if you have either an electronics or automotive electronics background this socket has one standout feature…..the ability to provide the driver a constant voltage reading of your car battery terminal. Why is this important. Car batteries have a voltage of +12V when the engine is off. When the engine is on the alternator in your car raises the voltage to between 13.2V to 14.0 Volts; – this is how your battery gets recharged while you are driving. If you are driving and notice the voltage is 12.0 volts or less, you know you are in trouble. Either your alternator failed or something failed in your battery to cause a drain. This little feature on this product will let you know immediately if you have a problem. Great idea and great product. Does what I want. I traded up to a new Ram w/o the overpriced FCA nav so I had to get out my trusty Nuvi with lifetime maps. I also.have a dash can Verizon MyFi and an Echo Dot, all of wich require power. I was using a cigarette lighter power adapter with multiple USB power outlets but the truck only has one cigarette lighter plug easily accesible. So this works good for me. Unfortunately it does not support high speed charging so I got out the original car charger for my MyFi and plugged it into the other port on this unit and everyone.appears to be happy. The switches did concern me at first as some devices will shut off when the car is turned off. The AC power plug in my last RAM did that. This unit doesn’t work like that. Once I switch a port in it comes in automatically the next time the truck is started. I love this!.I can charge my phone, hubbies phone and both my boys portable dvd players when on a trip. There are never enough ways to charge in the car without this! Great quality and doesnt take up a lot of space. This one is a real deal. I’ve used a number of splitters in the past, but all had flaws. Earlier products would often overheat and die and the later generations had different design flaws that would limit the convenience of usage. This one is definitely a product that addresses the issues I had with other similar products. The unit itself is compact enough to improve usability while big enough to allow 2 plugs to be plugged in simultaneously. It also has 2 USB and 1 USB-C ports. The entire family could charge their devices while running a Garmin or Amazon Echo Car unit. The car battery strength display is a smart addition for those who get nervous about connecting so many devices simultaneously. Highly recommend it. It is important when ordering sight unseen for the description and photos to be accurate. Here are two items that should have been in the description in our opinion. The blue light is inside the lighter recess so is only seen when nothing is plugged into the socket. The switch that controls the 12 volt recess also must be in the “on” position for the blue light to work. So if the blue light is to help find the recess in the dark, the switch that controls the cigarette lighter recess must be in the “on” position.The other item is about the voltage readout. One of the reasons we ordered this particular item was to get the “red” voltage display rather than the amber. The amber was associated with the “old” design and we received the amber display. While we found this model sturdy like the new design is supposed to be, we wanted the red voltage readout to match other displays in our car. Also, the voltage readout “blinks” about once a second if the car battery voltage is below 12 Volts. I did not find this fact in any of the advertised description. It only blinks when the car engine is not running and the car battery is below 12 volts. For example this could occur when trying to sleep in the car at night with the engine off. It does not blink when the car engine is running as the alternator is producing more than 12 volts to charge the battery. This should be in the written description in our opinion.We appreciated the sellers desire to improve this model based on feedback from customers as shown by the comparison table between models in the written description. We could have paid a few dollars less to get a similar model but I wanted our business to go to a seller who has been responsive to the customer. We really wanted the “red” voltage readout as shown and described in the description for the new model. Since we received the amber rather than the red, we deducted a star from five to four. Needed a twin socket to power mobile phone and dash cam. This product has the great benefit that you can switch off each socket. My car power socket does not turn off when ignition is off so ideal for phone and dash cam. Good quality which is what you would expect for for the price. I was unable to use a normal USB cable.Cool adaptor which neatly fits in the car. The Blue LED effect matches the car’s display. and gives you a live reading of the charging rate.. With the explosion of gadgets needed to be charged these days, it’ll be well used! The Adaptor looks solidly built and “plug and play”..Very useful, I use it for reverse camera, and sat Nav, excellent idea being able to switch each off independently, and to charge from the two usb. Really handy piece of kit for charging/using a number of appliances at once.

a quick release button means you can single hand the operation with your phone. Telescopic Arm extends from 4. iPhone XS XS Max XR X 8 Plus 8 7 Plus 7 6S 6 iPad mini 2 3 4, iPad Pro 10. 0 port, charges devi âš all metal material safer security the solid full aluminum alloy body features exquisite texture and durable lifetime, and protects your devices from over heating, over-voltage, over-current. The foldable holding feet allow hassle-free charging on the go.


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