USB C Car Charger Adapter,QGeeM 36W 2 Port Fast Car Charger with Power Delivery & Quick Charge 3.0 Compatible with iPhone12/12 Pro/Max/12 Mini/iPhone 11/Pro/Max/XR/XS/Max/8/8P,iPad Pro 2020,MacBook


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USB C Car Charger Adapter,QGeeM 36W 2 Port Fast Car Charger with Power Delivery & Quick Charge 3.0 Compatible with iPhone12/12 Pro/Max/12 Mini/iPhone 11/Pro/Max/XR/XS/Max/8/8P,iPad Pro 2020,MacBook Description

Power Delivery 3.0+ Quick Charge 3.0, Dual Device Fast Charging Simultaneously Super fast charger: Provides 4x faster charging speed to compatible devices,up to 60% in 35min,Fully charged the mobile phone in 1 ~ 1.5 hours. Always provides full batteries even thought you are using power-draining music or navigation apps. *If you fast charging for your iPhone you will need an MFi-Certified Type-C to Lightning charging cable. (Not included ) *For Quick Charge, please make sure your phone support Quick Charge Technology, and use the original charging cables of your phone or Genuine Brand charging cables supports Quick Charge Technology. *You can charge your laptop urgently when you are out, but fast charging is not supported. Will be slower than original charger. Read more Compatible with: 36W/6A car charegr charging your USB-C and standard USB phones: iPad, iPhone , iPod, HTC, Galaxy, HUAWEI,Blackberry, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, PDA; Most 12-24V DC vehicles such as cars, boats, bicycles, SUVs, ATVs, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, etc. Maximum power: 36w ;Output current: ≤6A;Output of each USB port: 5V3A;9V2A;12V1.5A. Read more Built to take up as little space on your dashboard. Coin-sized small package but big power convenient for you to carry around and charge at any time. QgeeM car charger ensure safety. Built-in Power management chip , protect your devices against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging. Easy to plug and unplug,fits firmly with most cigarette lighter. Materials: ABS+PC Read more USB A & USB C Car ChargerUSB A & USB C Car ChargerUSB A x 2 Car ChargerUSB A Port112USB C Port11/Power Value36W36W36WSupport Fast Charging✓✓✓ High-Speed PD & 2 Charging at the same time: QGeeM cigar socket USB: Compatible with USB-C, iPad, MacBook, iPhone, iPod, HTC, Galaxy, HUAWEI, Blackberry, MP3 player, digital camera, PDA, etc. 36W/6A car charger charging up to 60% 35 minutes, fully charge your smartphone in 1-1.5 hours. You can charge two smartphones at full speed at the same time. Safe and Highly Reliable: The gold-plated circuit suppresses heat generation during charging and protects the device from overcurrent, overheating, and overcharging. Maximum power: 36w; Output current: ≤6A; Output of each USB port: 5V3A; 9V2A; 12V1.5A. Dual Smart Power Delivery ,Quick Charge 3.0: Equipped with a super fast and PD port, it easily identifies mobile devices and provides optimum charging efficiency up to 4 times faster than conventional charging. Compact design: The QGeeM smart usb PD car charger is smaller than a credit card, and the soft blue LED light is useful for finding USB sockets and driving safely in the dark. What You Get: This item comes with lifetime friendly customer service. Please email the QGeeM-authorized store first for a solution, we will be sure to provide a satisfying solution for you. I just purchase my iPhone 12 today. I order my car charger before the purchase. Wen I open my phone the charge on the phone was less than 1/2. Conectes my phone 20minutes full charge. The cigarette charger design it’s take good. I purchase the blue phone. Matches really good with the phone. I recommend this charger. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This works perfect it allows me to connect my new IPhone 12 to MagSafe charge for my car! Hands Free no plug-in to Iphone required! Perfect for the new iPhone 12 quick speed charging. Dual outlets only take up one space so I can charge my iPad or Galaxy at the same time. Lights up as well, so easy to see. Sturdy and durable, not cheap material. Love it! With aging car chargers and newer phones, I’ve found myself needing to update what I have in my cars. I’m constantly finding that when I need to replace something I look for an item that will not just meet my current needs but what might carry me through to the future as well. Displeased with the charging port in my car I went and bought at the time, a 2.1A, 2 port car charger for my little car. What I didn’t realize was that it was rated at a combined total output of only 2.1A, not 2.1A each port so when charging 2 high power needs items, either 2 Note 9 phones or 1 Note 9 and an iPad that it was gonna take FOREVER to charge. Tired of that situation I did a little research and found this current charger that offers 18watt x 2 output. One port as a PD USB-C port and another as a USB-A port. This charger paired with an appropriate data/high-speed charge cable rated at 100W/5A gives me fast charging on 2 Note9 phones.With that said things that I really enjoy about this car charger: –> Fast Charging for 2 devices –> The blue-lit ring and ports are non-distracting –> It’s compact, built well, and looks good –> I can charge my 13″ MacBook pro This little car charger works as good as those made by big names, I compared it side by side with an Anker car charger. I can easily get the power that I need just as from the Anker. As in the pictures. I got about 5.02 v and 1.86 Amp out of car battery, measured by an “USB doctor” meter. In the meantime, for safety reason, input amp was measured 0.89 Amp by a multi-meter. There is no way that mine in particular would fry a car fuse, usually 15 Amp. I used this with my Pixel 4 XL. I used a USB-c to c cable. In a 13 minute drive it charged my device 20%.Device feels more solid than I expected. I like the blue light. It’s subtle enough not to distract at night and keeps the inputs clearly visible.I will get another one of these for the rear area of my car. Package was super secure as not to damage with all the crazy shipping that our packages go throughVery well made, easy to locate even at night or in dark places. Not only is the side light up but the adapter connections are also light up so you can see what your connecting.Not to big and it fits right in and doesn’t take up too much space When I got the charger today and went to the car to install it. The previous charger I had for this car worked, but would not allow the door on the convenience tray to close. Even when I removed it from the cigarette lighter port, it would not fit well in the tray with the door closed.My charging cord is USB-C with both male ends This charger worked perfectly for my USB-C charging cord.Now, when I say it worked perfectly, it was esthetically perfect. Because my phone was charged 100% before I got into the car to test, I can not say that it will charge as fast as they say. But for me, local car trips are few and short. The real test is when I travel out of state. But even then, I am sure it will completely charge in the 6-8 hour trips I take.I thought of buying a similar item from AliExpress. They had one that looks exactly the same it it was cheaper, however it was not that much cheaper, and the wait time is draining

One holder for multiple purposes. Parametros Logistics specializes in providing high standard warehousing, distribution and transport services for temperature controlled products in Greece since 2005. You will not be subject to a restocking fee in this case, but you still will have to pay return shipping. Payment Security. It supports both landscape and portrait modes, and the ball joint pivots so you can easily adjust your phone to any viewing angle. Mpow Car Phone Mount, Dashboard Car Phone Holder, Washable Strong Sticky Gel Pad with One-Touch Design Compatible iPhone 11 pro,11 pro max,X,XS,XR,8,7,6 Plus,Galaxy S7,8,9,10,Google Nexus, Gray. Hi, if you have questions or at any point your re confused or too annoyed to dig through this page to find the answer your looking for, just call or email us at support wixgear. iOttie s super strong and reusable suction cup installs on smooth or textured surfaces to accommodate your viewing preference. Good quality product. also easily removable.


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